Wednesday, May 31, 2006

carbs and food

Hi All,
I'm working with a young lady who is at this moment training to go under 2 hours for a half marathon. I know she will do it, she has already been successful at an Ironman!! She came to me needing to drop 20-30 pounds and this is what has happened in just 3 weeks!!! I asked her a hard question to think about.Her response is below. I think many can relate! Thanks for sharing!
  ***I have seen some improvements - an eight pound weight loss which I am really pleased with and more energy when I am exercising. 
I have been working at my nutrition and know its still far from 'dialed in'.  I have been thinking about your question...You can grave carbs and eat carbs, but why do you pick the bad ones? what do these food fill in your heart, what is missing and the real issue? 
I eat these foods when I feel lonely. They're require little to no preparation, they are tasty to me, they feel indulgent and in this strange way, I feel independent when I eat these no one can tell me to do otherwise. Lame to admit because I know how I feel after I make these choices, but those are the feelings I could identify over the past two weeks. These foods have long been a vice for me. 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

new race, it looks great!

 Registration is opening today (31 May) for the first Run the Caldera! 
June 17, 2006 
Sponsored by Los Alamos National Bank 
Additional Support by The Running Hub 
Start times 
Marathon - 9:00 AM 
10 mi - 9:30 AM 
5 mi - 10:00 AM 
Marathon - $40 
10 mi - $30 
5 mi - $20 
5-mi race will be primarily single track, 10-mi single track and dirt road, marathon will be all dirt road. Aid stations with water, gator-aid and some food will be provided at regular intervals along each course. 
All races start at the Banco Bonito entrance to the Valles Caldera National Preserve, which is approximately 3 mi east of La Cueva on State Route 4. Please plan to arrive at least 30 min before your event to check in. 
To register - on the web at under Special Events or call 1-866-382-5537. 
For more information contact or call 505-661-8027 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

better today

I feel much better today, weak but better. I went for a short walk and still have plans to run the SP 50 mile this weekend in Utah. I leave Chicago on Thursday morning and Jay picks us up in Utah. Annabella is so missing her daddy! I love the quote below:
Have a great day
 God determines who walks into your's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go."
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Look at what Terri Marino is up to!

 Hi All,
Look what Terri is up to! This is such amazing news for Habitat For Humanity and a real tribute to hard work in progress.


Contact:     Terri Marino, Executive Director



May 26, 2005 - Jackson Hole, WyomingHabitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area is proud to announce a special guest for our second Women Build event of the year. 
This Saturday, June 3rd, Nancy Freudenthal, First Lady of the State of Wyoming, will be working at the Habitat for Humanity construction site in Melody Ranch.  First Lady Freudenthal and local women from the community will be working alongside future homeowner, Dawn Webster, to complete a home that will be purchased by Dawn next week.
The public is invited to join the First Lady for opening remarks and coffee from 9:00 to 9:30 am.  The site is located at 786 West Morgan Lane in Melody Ranch.  For directions, call 734-0828 or visit
Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program empowers women to address housing issues in their community, and provides an opportunity for women to learn construction skills in a supportive environment. 
For more information, please call 734-0828 or visit  Also, Habitat asks that volunteers carpool whenever possible as parking is limited. 
Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area builds simple, decent homes and sells them at cost with a no-interest loan to low-income families.  Homeowners are chosen based on their need for housing, their ability to make a mortgage payment, and their willingness to invest 500 hours of ‘sweat equity’ into the construction of their home.  Habitat homes are built primarily by volunteers and with the support of local donors.
Terri Marino
Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area
(307) 734-0828
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

1st ultra!!!

photo of Anthony running in his first Ultra!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

another race result

Jen ran her first half marathon this weekend!!! You go girl:)
Well, I did it!!!!!!  Yippee!!!!!  I finished in 2:05:30.  I was happy with the time.  I came in 166 out of 512 Half Marathon runners which I felt really great about.  The race was difficult…the weather was very hot and humid which I think affected me a bit.  I had been training outside at 5 a.m. with very cool, dry temperatures so I definitely could feel the heat.  My body (back, stomach, legs, everything) was extremely sore on Monday which surprised me considering I had run 2 hours numerous times before the race.  I must have been pushing that much harder and probably very tense (I get very nervous about the unknown). 
I also sacrificed 2 toenails which surprised me because they had never been affected in my 2 hour training runs.  However, with that said, it was all worth it.  I almost feel proud of the toenails (like they are battle scarsJ).  The last mile I did as you said and put my head down and go.  A friend who was running beside me kept repeating that over and over.  She was wonderful by my side (she could have finished much earlier but held back to be with me – a true friend).
During the race, I kept remembering that Jim, Samuel, Thomas would be at the end and I kept pushing myself to see their beautiful faces.  I am so incredibly lucky to have such support behind me.  The boys said they had butterflies while they were waiting for me.  Brought a tear to my eye!
I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.  I appreciate you taking the time to make up schedules for me.  I appreciate you listening and responding to my questions.  I appreciate your insight, strength, commitment, just everything.  I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me.
Being part of a group like that is wonderful.  My friend would break out into loud shouts of joy as we ran along proclaiming “We are doing this!!!!!!!”  At one point she and a bunch of others started singing “We are the Champions”.  What fun!
Thank you Lisa.  You are one amazing woman and I am so glad that our paths have crossed!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen


 My weekend did not turn out the way I had hoped it would and I never got any training in.
I ended up having to go to the emergency room on Sunday night.
I felt great all day and then from 1 minute to the next I felt like someone had hit me with a truck.
Back pain that was worse than anything I have ever experienced and just sheer sick. Next blood in my urine.
My brother called his friend who is a Doctor and lives next door said, take her to the hospital.
Yikes...Needless to say I had kidney stones!! One had passed and I had another one that passes last night.
I have a very good diet and now want to research why I got these. My father has had them and they say they are hereditary. Right now I feel very weak but the pain is 75% gone and I am thankful for this and thankful that I am here with my family who helped me get through this.
I hope to be able to just go for a walk on Wed. and to run the SP 50 mile this Utah.
I'm looking forward to getting home this weekend, the girls miss there daddy (Jay) and I do to!
On another note we have had some awesome race results from some of the Dreamchasers!
Here are just a few:
Jackie F. ran here 1st 50 mile at the Bishop 50! Others who ran this race and did well were
Marie Boyd who is the RD of this race!!! Her wonderful husband Andy, George( one of my lead crew for BW), Mark W., Nancy W.
Kira ran the OD 50 mile in Virginia and broke 10 hours!!!!
Alex ran the Cleveland marathon last weekend. His best time before this was 3:59, this time he ran 3:35..he stuck with the plan and did all I told him to do and it worked like magic!:)
More results to come.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Saturday, May 27, 2006


 Happy Holiday weekend.
Sunny, hot and humid here in it:)
I was able to do a great 1:30 run today and it felt fast...:)
I really feel like I am getting fit, it is all coming together and this makes me smile. The core work I'm doing is paying off and this is lots of jumprope!
My focus is not on the BW double my focus is on one day at a time and one workout at a time.
Really enjoying the process,going from point A to B and not thinking about A to Z.
What a difference this makes.
The tire.I want to clarify the use and the purpose of this workout. I use the tire because it is very flat where I live in the valley. The roads are flat but of course the trails on the mountains are full of hills. I do have 2 long pass roads but these are several miles from my house.
I use the tire to help with hill work and to build power in my legs and core. You MUST have a belt around your waist that keep your core in perfect position or you can hurt yourself. If you have back pain, knee pain, hip pain or any kind of pain this workout is not for you.
Doing all the cross training tricks we use are great but you need to have the correct form so you don't get hurt.
Coming to one of or camps allows you to learn it all.
So, be careful!
Have a great day
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Friday, May 26, 2006

endurance radio

happy friday!
here is my interview on endurance radio!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Thursday, May 25, 2006


 Hi all,
what a day, what a day it has been. I thought training to run 300 miles was hard work.
I left Lousiana this morning at 8am and it took 10 hours to get to Chicago with thunder storms and delays.
Having both girls alone doing this is hard work.
I have Annabella is a back pack and Gabby in a stroller and a diaper bag! People look at me in the airport and say,wow you have your hands full! I think to myself..well I usually have a tire that I pull as well:)
I have much to say about my trip to see my father and the training I was able to do the last few days...cousins started to come and want to play with the kids and they brought me a tire!
Thank you Jackie for large tire...I miss it already.
We are now in Chicago with my brother Michael and will be here until next week.
Ed a client who lives in this area is coming to run with me on Friday and then on Monday at 4 am for 6 hours...Thank you Ed!
Sat. my brother is having a BBQ here at his house and many of my High School friends and coaching clients from this area will be able to come.
Very blessed we all are to have so much to look forward to.
Good night
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi all note sent to coaching clients

Hi all,
If you got my update note you are one of my coaching clients.
I said I was not sending daily updates to my blog, what I meant to say was that I will be sending daily updates to my blog.
Lisa Smith-Batchen
Peace and Joy
PO Box 222
Victor, Idaho 83455

on top of the world

Hi guys,
Our friend Noel has sent his dispatch from the top of the world!
Nice job Noel!!
We are so proud of you and thankful you are safe.
Love the Batchens <>
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

love this!!!

 Don't cry because it's because it happened. (Anonymous) 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

very funny

you all have to read this and get a great laugh. I sent my crew a list of questions and somehow my friend here got a copy of them sent to him...he is a real joker and came up with his own list!
 i know,i know i should be crewing this year but my shrink says I'm not ready. i have read over the questions that Lisa has come up with. and i have a few of my own.

1) if an ice cream truck left bad water at 6 a.m. carrying 300 Popsicles and traveled at 25mph and arrived in lone pine the next morning. how many Popsicles would be left?

2) if you were an sexually transmitted disease, which one would you be and why?

3)if bob offers to let you sleep while he drives and all the windows are rolled up and doors are locked do you agree?

4) if you were asked to get a tattoo of Lisa's name one your body would you do it and where would it be located. This is money well spent tattoos last a life time plus six months.

rules of the road.
1) an automatic car should be put in park before jumping out of it to make a bottle hand off.
2) the runner is the god. your just the priest.
3) music is your friend but keep in mind not everyone likes Barry Manolo.
4) this may be tough. but try running 94 miles and then spend 2 hours in the ER being filled with fluids and then telling your spouse your fine to fly to DEATH valley and crew your friends. all in a 30hour period.
5) this is suppose to be fun and being a wee bit mentally ill will help everyone.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen


Hi All,
I am over the top with emotion today as I open my emails from so many who opened up to talk to me about parents. Thank you for sharing with me! Each day I am here with my father is a new learning and so much is going on. God is really working hard here.
My father had triple bypass last year and he has not really been the same since.
I spent 18 days with him while he was in ICU and we really thought we were going to loose him then. My sister and I were in his hospital room, I was sitting at the foot of the bed rubbing his feet. He was a mess and I have never been so scared, feeling death around me.
I prayed as I rubbed his feet. I saw and felt my fathers will to live leaving his body. I fought with this will telling it I was NOT ready to let my father go and that he needed to back away..really, this was a true conversation. I had way to much unfinished things that I needed to work on with my father.
After several days of touch and go my father started getting better. This is when I had such respect for the human bodies ability to repair itself and to watch someone fight for his life. I told my father that I was not ready for him to go and to fight, the mind is so powerful in the healing process.
When my father was moved to a rehab center I came back here to see him. He told me something that still to think about gives me chills.
You see he does not remember much about the 18 days in ICU but what he did remember was that he was suspended from the bed and that he was looking down at his body, he was looking down at his feet and that I would not let him go!!!!! you tell me that this is not powerful stuff!!!
My father is a smart man, he may not have gone past the 4th grade but he received an honorary college degree from the University of Louisiana and he was the VP of Beltone Electronics for years! Hard work and hard work ethics...
Below is an email from a friend about his parent.
I say we all pray for our parents this week and for each other that we all find the courage to reach out and love the way God asks us to.

All I know is this.  When a parent does not love their children and
does not tell them that they are loved, then that child carries a lot
of unnecessary garbage through life. It clouds their thinking and
their judgment. Some of us find ourselves doing "wild and crazy"
things to test our bodies and minds and I believe that is our
survival mechanism to fill the void that their love should have

I've been down that painful road of telling my mother about the very
simple thing that I needed to hear from her. Those three little words
"I love you" have so much meaning, don't they? Heard too much they
lose their meaning. Never heard they can wreak havoc with someones
entire life.

Nonetheless, I truly was pleased you were able to open those lines of
communication with your father. I know this will mean greater clarity
and bring lightness to your life. Most of all there will be NO
REGRETS in your heart when your dad goes to be with God.

As to my mother, only God knows what is really happening in her head.
Perhaps, he is testing her, me, or both of us. He has been known to
do that a time or two, hasn't he? I suppose time will let me know
what that test was and whether I responded with an open heart and
good conduct.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Monday, May 22, 2006

end of story

 so..the end of the story is that my father may not have been around for me as a kid but he is sure doing his best to be the best poppy he can be!
At this time in my life I am so thankful to be able to say that my father is one of my best friends. I have made a big, big effort to spend as much time with him as possible. I have forgiven any pain that I may have felt and I want to know everything about both of my parents so I can be the best possible parent.
Guess what, I get to go and run for 3 hours today. My Aunt is here to watch the kids.
This area is VERY hilly and its going to be hot.
How thankful do I feel?
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

the big 3 words

 Is it hard for your parents to tell you that they love you. I mean actually look at you in the eyes and say the big 3 words? I LOVE YOU.
It is for mine. I think my parents generation and the one before were never verbally told that they were loved. My parents never told us they loved us either and most of my friends say that theirs never did either.
I was going to run the Bishop 50 mile race over the weekend but decided I really needed to go and spend that time with my father, I'm still here. Calhoun Louisiana! It has been sunny and 90 degrees everyday and its going to be like this all week!
My father has not lived here long. He was living in another little town which was 25 miles away from any store! Now he lives right next door to his sister and other family.
My father is the oldest of 8 kids. He never went past the 4th grade due to having to stay home and work the farm to help support money for the family. When his mother died while being pregnant with her 9 child she was my age, 45! At this time my father never went back to school. All he ever knew how to do was work and help take care of his family.
He never really had a childhood with playing, swimming or all the fun things my kids will get to do, God willing. All he did was work as a kid and all he did when he became a father was work to support our family.
My father was never around, he was always working! I'm one of 5 kids. I have 3 older brothers and a younger sister. My parents were able to give us a great life full of trying every sport that you could try. I feel blessed and fortunate. My mother was the driver she drove us to all the sports, watched them and still had dinner on the table every night and we ate as a family. But, my father never came to any of the sports for any of us 5 kids.
I had a full time job when I was 13 years old and I still have several full time jobs but I have learned that balance and my husband and kids are much more important than any job, thank goodness.
Who did I learn that I had to work all day? you got it, my father.
I can hear his words telling me right now, You have to be tough girl, you have to be tough.
Well just this weekend I was telling my father about the BW double and why I was doing this journey and what it meant to me. I looked right through his eyes and asked him if he thought I was tough enough yet? He said, well what do you mean.
I explained to him, that I spent half my life trying to be the best athlete I could be, the best at anything I could be just praying he would come and watch me. The better I got, he still never came, the older I got he still never came.
I thought when I was younger I was not loved by my father the way I needed to be loved, I was looking for approval from my father to just girl you are good, I love you.
During this time this past weekend, Annabella looked at my father and said, grandpa your getting old huh? you don't feel so good do you? She ran and jumped in his lap and grabbed his checks in her little hands and said, I LOVE YOU poppy! He looked at her and said, me to.
Well, she was not going to take that for an answer, she said again..I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, POPPY! He said, me to...
I was across the room with tears just falling to the ground. I said to my father, poppy she wants you to tell her the 3 words I waited all my life to hear from you. I LOVE YOU!
Saying me to is just not going to cut it. He looked at Annabella and then at me and he had tears. He squeezed her very tight and said I LOVE YOU TO!!!
What a moment for all of us. My father has told me he loved me in a card but never with words.
This opened up a conversation about this and my fathers response was, I have always loved you more than you could ever know and I thought you knew this. I said that saying the 3 words is very important for us all and why is it so hard for some to say?
My father parents never told him they loved him, he just thought they did.
I said well, I know you love me but I needed, I think we all need to hear the words, don't you?
Annabella made history this past weekend in many ways, more I will talk to you about at another time. She is black down here in a very southern place where my relatives were taught to dislike black people growing up. She has changed the mind set of all my relatives and she has them all telling her how much they love her.
I think we can all learn a very powerful lesson about this. Verbally saying I LOVE YOU will make the world of difference in everyone's life.
According to my father, I am way to tough:)
Many Blessings
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen
This is very true. I hope you had a great weekend. I will tell you more about mine soon
   **God determines who walks into your's up to you
            to decide who **
            **you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to
            let go."**
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Sunday, May 21, 2006

article in Mens Health

Hi all,
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.
I'm still in Louisiana, its been sunny and over 90 degrees each day! Loving it!
More to come.
This article was just sent to me about our camps..I think you will enjoy it.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Saturday, May 20, 2006

knee question

Hi all,
I hope you are having a good weekend. If you have any information about the questions below please let me know.
Thank you
  It would be interesting to see if any runners have had two meniscus surgeries and can still run????
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Thursday, May 18, 2006

crew members

 This was sent to me from one of my BW crew members! Love this!!!
Have a great day
As quoted from the book "Treat People like Dogs" by Robert Norton "Your crew will define you, what you do and how you behave.  Your crew will save your life.  They will take you through adversity.  They will give you purpose and they will teach you continually."  I am so looking forward to this I cannot put it into words.  It is going to be a very special time for everyone. 
I think you are going to look back on this after you have completed this journey with many wonderful memories and I truly believe you will find this attempt to be your easiest.  It will be hard but you have a great crew behind you and each of us will bring you strength in different ways.  The key is going to be placing those individuals out on the course with you at the right time.  I will let you handle that !!  Just know I will be there when you need me......
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bill Graney!!!

 Bill Graney just ran a 26:48 at the MMT 100 this past weekend. His goal was 28 hours so this is just awesome. His results are below.
Nice job Bill!
27th out 151 starters (113 finishers).
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Wed. update

 Hi all!
Well Tue. I never got out of my PJs! I spent the day on the computer doing training schedules, taking care of my kids and feeling low about being here with my father and watching him not feel well. It is so hard to watch your parents get old, sick and not be the way these used to be. My father is one of my best friends at this time in my life, I feel so thankful to be able to say this. I can say this about my mother as well.
I know many of you have lost your parents, I have a friend and client who lost his father last week and another one who told me he was going home for the weekend to say goodbye to his father and that his mother would soon pass after him. He needed to go and tell them how much he loved them. I'm balling as I write this and look at my father across the room and know that my time will come to, it will for all of us.
Live life, don't let it pass you by.
Love to you all
nice quote below sent to me today
Growth is not steady, forward, upward progression.  It is instead a switchback trail; three steps forward, two back, one around the bushes, and a few simply standing, before another forward leap.
Dorothy Corkville Briggs
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dreamchasers Sandy Powell

Hi all,
I just got this article sent to me! I have been coaching Sandy for over 3 years now.
This was one amazing race for Sandy and one where she stood tight to her race plan of running and walking and it worked like magic!
Sandy will be going for the 24 hour record this Sept.:)
Happy reading
Rain Brings Sparkling Performances at the Houston Ultras
Scott Demaree
Many runners made use of our fast course to notch impressive results again this year, but it was the women who seemed most ready to take it to another level. With light to moderate rain all day Saturday as the only problem counterbalanced by reasonable temperatures and low winds, runners would be free to maximize performances.
We had the smallest field ever for the 48-Hour, and three of the six exited well before the end. When leader Peter Birckhead stopped with severe foot pain, Mark Fraser found himself the sudden recipient of a seven lap lead over Heather Kick. After taking a couple of longish sleep breaks, Mark's lead shrank to three laps as he passed 112 miles. Mark reversed that trend by reeling off a series of very brisk mid- to low-twenty minute laps, and then coasted to victory. We cannot leave the 48-Hour without mentioning that third place finisher Corrie Muench was competing in her first race beyond the half-marathon.
The gem performance of the weekend began on Saturday morning with the 24-Hour start. Jody-Lynn Reicher and Pasi Kirkilahti provided the early fireworks as they clocked sub-15 minute laps for the first 12 miles. It seems winter in New Jersey or Finland may have been good preparation for the drizzly conditions. After a 3:43 marathon, Jody-Lynn led by four minutes. As Pasi faded with knee pain, consistent pacing moved Brad Smythe, Glenn Turner and Sandy Powell up in the rankings. Former champion Jackie Nolen was also giving chase.
After 40 miles in 6:21, Jody-Lynn took a long break and gave up the lead to a surprising Sandy Powell. By 50 miles in 8:16, Sandy was nine minutes ahead of Glenn and another six minutes up on Brad. Metronomic pacing doubled her lead by the time she reached 100 kilometers in 10:26. Shortly thereafter, the race for first was over. She hardly slowed, reaching 100 miles in 17:56. From 100-K on, Glenn and Brad were locked into a tight struggle for second place. For the remainder of the race, Sandy's lap times strayed above 26 minutes on only four occasions as she completely redefined steadiness in ultrarunning. Her final total of 129.3 miles was an all-comers course record. The men's division came down to a one lap difference with Brad eking out a one lap victory at 106 miles. Sandys pacing must have been inspiring, as six of nine starters surpassed 100 miles in the 24-Hour.
For the third year in a row, Colorado sent speed to our 100-Kilometer, this time in the form of Karen Scott. Although the race was marred by the absence of France's Henri Girault for the first time in it's history, Karen turned in a stellar performance with little direct competition. Instead, she competed in her mind with a pacing chart on which times of other contenders for the 100-K national team were divided into even two mile splits. This approach brought her an impressive 8:22:14 and a five hour victory over men's champion Phil Wright.
With three-time champion Ryan Loehding missing at the start of the 12-Hour, the race might have been up for grabs. However, Nicholas Meza made it look easy while winning by over 16 miles. Jane Ftacnik took the women's 12-Hour.
After tying with Ryan in last year's 12-Hour, Carlos Ibarra returned this year to try the 6-Hour. His race was surprising on several counts. His early pace was impressive, averaging just over 14 minutes per lap, giving the impression he might be trying for a sub-6 hour 50 mile. Then, after a 3:10 marathon, he slowed down markedly, leading to speculation whether he would even reach 40 miles. Finally, with another burst of speed, he completed his 21st lap with barely three seconds on the clock to win in a new course record. Nancy Crane paced herself nicely through the event to become women's champion.
For best overall performance of the 2005 Houston Ultra Event Weekend, Sandys 129.31 mile 24-Hour and Karens fast 100 kilometer were the top contenders. By our calculation, Sandy takes the prize.
Entries were down this year, perhaps due to rumors of race director problems. After two great stints as race director, Wes Monteith took a job that placed him out of Houston for the race and a couple of months prior. Great credit must be given to Joe Sellers, who took over as RD on short notice and ran a flawless operation with the help of the usual cadre of quality volunteers.

Pictures can be found on this link:  Photos
"Pick "Create an Account Later" or "View Photos without
signing in" to view the show without having to signup." 
All photos by Russell Meyer.
Selected photo descriptions:

DSC06        531        RD Joe Sellers
        532        Scott Demaree & Chris Rampacek
        534        24-Hour start group
        537        Sandy Powell
        538        Peter Birckhead
        540        Pasi
        541        Phil Wright
        544        Yen Nguyen
        546        Karen Scott
        550        Brad Smythe
        555        Pasi
        558        Jody-Lynn
        566        Karen
        569        Vicente
        570        George Basher
        579        Brad
        585        Heather Kick
        589        Scott Demaree & Joe Sellers
        590        Ron Kallinen
        597        Lap counting area
        598        Sandy
        604        Karen
        605        Glenn
        611        Patrick Shannon
        615        Sandy
        616        Yen
        686        Mark Fraser at the water crossing
        690        Carlos Ibarra
        697        Heather
        713        Carlos
Houston Ultra Event Weekend
Bear Creak Park, Houston TX 2/25/05 - 2/27/05
Main loop = 2.008 miles with smaller loop for last hour; both certified
1. Mark Fraser, 48                             140.56 miles
2. Heather Kick, F, 28, MN                126.51
3. Corrie Muench, F, 33, MN             86.34
4. Peter Birckhead, 50                       82.33
5. David Luljak, 49, MD                     76.3
6. Vicente Ledesma, 54                     70.28

1. Sandy Powell, F, 47, VA                129.31 miles
2. Brad Smythe, 26, NC                    106.02
3. Glenn Turner, 45, CO                   104.01
4. Jacqueline Nolen, F, 39                102.41
5. Patrick Shannon, 53                     100.4
6. William Phelan, 57                        100.4
7. Jody-Lynn Reicher, F, 42, NJ       74.3
8. Chris Rampacek, 53                      62.25
9. Pasi Kurkilahti, 25, Fin                 52.21

1. Nicolas Meza,                                 60.64 miles
2. Mike Ftacnik, 31, OH                    44.18
3. Jane Ftacnik, F, 34                       42.17
4. Stan Lambros, 39, CO                   34.14
5. George Basher, 80                        32.13
6. Richard Ryznar, 52                       26.1
7. Norma Dunn, F, 52                       20.08

1. Carlos Ibarra, 34                           42.17 miles
2. Santos Hernandez, 48                  35.14
3. David Drescher, 45, FL                 34.94
4. Lee Greb, 51                                 33.33
5. Nancy Crane, F, 62                       30.52
6. Dick Hogan, 58, IA                        26.51
7. Mike Huff, 42                                24.1
8. Robert Beck, 66                            20.08
9. Judith Neufeld, F, 69                   18.07

1. Karen Scott, F, CO                        8:22:14
2. Phil Wright, 61, CA                       13:46:16
3. Yen Nguyen, F, 42                        13:52:29
4. Ronald Kallinen, 57                      14:37:59

Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Great stuff on climbing and then some!!!

Jackie Florine was one of our campers in DV and she showed us her slide show of her climbing the nose! She is the ONLY women to ever do this the way she did it! It was so impressive watching her show that I was brought to tears.
Below is all the information on her husband Hans, might be some great stuff for some of you.
 I finished my multi-media product for climbing the Nose easier/faster!
"Fortune is infatuated with the efficient."
Be fast, be effective, bring good fortune into your life.

Hans Florine Inspires people:
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Hi all,
Below is an email from a friend who was at our home a few days ago doing some work with me. She rode her bike to our house! As she left our house my daughter Annabella yelled out to her, Hey..go fast!
I was out pulling my tire up the bike path and now you can see that I am not alone:)
I spent all day Monday traveling to Louisiana where I will spend this week with my father.
It is going to be a sunny, beautiful day. Hope you have the same.
(By the way, as I took the bike path home tonight, I saw someone on horseback pulling a tire. I couldn't believe it. So I had to ask him what the heck he was doing. He explained that he and his horse were in a competition this weekend and this strategy allowed him to teach the horse proper form for her front legs and to build strength. He went on to tell me that one of his friends told him that earlier today, he saw a woman on the bike path pulling a tire. Imagine how funny I thought that was!) 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

CAMP DAYS 3 AND 4 and home

 Hi gang!
Boy today was great! Erik, Colleen and myself did 5:20 total time of power walking only.
I feel that this year doing the BW double I will be doing tons of walking so I want to focus on my weakness. It was great and we covered about 21 miles, which is wonderful.
I feel so thankful to have friends to do this with.
The moon was so bright and beautiful, the smell of the morning was just what my soul needed today. When the sun came out, it became an even more glorious day! I am thankful:)
Last week at camp is still fresh in my mind. We have had many sign up now for the August camp here in the Tetons! Don't miss out on this one.
Day 3 we Power walked (PW) all the way up Father growleys! These campers walked it faster than Marshall and I ever have and they all just learned how to walk!!!
Wow, is all I can say:)
It is amazing to me to watch people transform with just a bit of coaching and form changes.
We had enough time to come back and do a short trail workout and then one of my famous cross training workouts with stairs, jump, leaps and bounds. Wont tell you all the secrets you just need to come to camp and learn them!
We spent time in the classroom talking about troubleshooting in races, forces of nature and footwear and foot care. Great stuff.
We finished the day showing the Outdoor Life Network of the Marathon des Sables the year I won, it made me cry to watch this, I was so happy and thrilled. The year and race I met my wonderful husband Jay!
Day 4: We spent on trailing running techniques and went up Telescope Peak which is about 5:30 round trip. We worked on uphills, downhills and flat section as well as how to place your footing. Needless to say these campers once again shocked us with there learning ability and enthusiasm. We even had to cross a few snow fields and it was 100 degrees in Death Valley!
The classroom was spent going over clothing and race gear, pacing, crewing and finding balance in your life. Again,great stuff.
The last day was Sunday: These campers did not stop for even 10 minutes the entire time.
They wanted us to take them on an all night run! I thought about this and yes, it would have been fun but we had done more miles that we had set in place. So we made a compromise with them and left the hotel at 4am to do a 4 hour workout. We walked and ran until the sun came out and then spent 1:30 total time going up and down the sand dunes! These dunes are full of magic and beauty and it just made the start of the day even more wonderful. We had breakfast and then met at the pool for one of my kick butt cross training workouts in the water. They are not swimming laps, but deep water running and all kinds of kicks and pulls that really work you to max but also recover your tired body.
This was the first time I saw anyone take a rest. The workout was over, we all sat on a lawn chair and about fell asleep!
Time to pack and head back to Las Vegas or home.
It is still so fresh in my mind and heart, the wonderful people who come to learn from Marshall and myself, little do they know all we learn from them to.
I look forward to the next camp and I know that some of the campers we just had will be back, Alex is not what we call a camp groupie, he has been to everyone of them!
Many Blessings
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

smoking fast in just 1 year

Hi gang,
this is an email from a friend of ours who is going for the marathon trials! Read and see where he was 1 year ago and where he was today running a 5:05 mile!
Pray for Chris and send energy to him for a healthy, fast race and that he completes his goal and dream!
Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful mothers.
 Hopefully the weather will start getting more springlike for you guys.  Back here in MN we had wonderful weather for about three weeks and now it's back to being 40 degrees, rainy, and windy.  Oh well, what can you do?  I had my last law school final of the year yesterday, so I celebrated this morning by running a 90 second PR in a 1/2 marathon!  It was cold, windy, rainy, and hilly but I managed to run 1:10:25 with the last mile being the fastest mile, about 5:05.  And now there are only 5 weeks until Grandmas Marathon so I have to start dropping my mileage.  Training over the last five months has gone so well, my fitness has come around much faster than I expected.  From here in I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping to stay healthy and have somewhat reasonable weather for the marathon.  To top off all of that the guys on our club team are really getting excited about training and racing and we're picking up new members all the time!  At today's race we had three guys who recently signed up to run the Twin Cities Marathon in the fall kick off their training with the 1/2 marathon in an attempt to get seeded in the first wave of the race and they all met their goals today.  It was especially fun as the three guys were my dad, my brother, and one of the mythic runners from Carleton that graduated before I arrived there!  It's so strange to think that exactly one year ago my body was so screwed up that I couldn't run more than three miles at about 9 minute mile pace and now here I am in the best shape of my life!  It seems amazing things can happen in a pretty short amount of time
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

great articles and tips

 Good morning!
It's 3:40 am MST and I am about to go out for 4-5 hours with 2 friends to head up Targhee hill, which is about 5-7% grade. Anything kind of training I do now is all about completing the BW double in July:) I am so thankful to Erik and Colleen for getting up so early to come and do these workouts with me. The hardest part for me of any long endurance race are between the hours of 1-4am, so I will try to do several runs during this time. It might be harder to find running buddies at this time:)
Below is a link to some amazing articles and tips from a new friend! I have found them all the be very helpful!
Have a great day
 my ‘Tips for Ironman Rookies’ were just published on  What to do  before and during, at least the pesky details like setup and nutrition.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Friday, May 12, 2006

power of giving

This is the power behind giving, sharing and doing something to make a difference. If we all gave one bar of soap this would help them for a year!
Many Blessings to you all
  I am a  friend of Lisa Smith Batchen and I saw your operation on her website this afternoon and wanted to contact you and offer you my support.  I am a board member for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society here in Dallas, Texas.  My primary role is to support Team In Training that supports the Society by training individuals to compete in marathon, cycling events, ironman and many other events.  I want to help you forward your mission in a way that best supports your efforts.  I saw that you need non-iron vitamins for children or vitamins with iron for adults and soap.  I would like to ask my team members in the North Texas Region to bring a bar of soup or a new unopened bottle of vitamins, iron or no iron to our training sessions.  I will package them up for you and send them to you.  We can all afford a bar of soup or a bottle of vitamins and I know my teams would be willing to help.  I have about 1600 members this season.  My question is do I forward them to the address below.  Please let me know and I will begin to collect these items immediately.  I will do this over the next several weeks and ship what I can at one time.
Best of luck to you
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen


 Good morning,
Below is an email from a friend of mine who is in Calcutta India working.
Pam is doing such amazing work! She will be on my Badwater crew in July and it will be wonderful to learn about all she and her co-workers are doing. If this is something dear to your heart or you know anyone who might want to join her team pass this along.
Sunny and beautiful here today. It looks like a short run day. Sat. morning at 4am I will do 5 hours on the Teton pass with my friends Erik and Colleen. It is so nice to have people to meet for these runs! We PW (power walk) up and run/walk down.
Have a great day

Gladly i will share the details...

I'm here to establish a Peacework Medical clinic for February, 2007...seems like
a long time away, but it takes that long to recruit a team of medical
professionals and raise the funds for medicine and supplies.

KNow any good hearted, adventurous physicians, PAs, or RNs willing to spend two
weeks in the heart of the Bengal region of India??

Once we are here, we will be attending to the primary care needs of ten select
villages about 2 hours outside of Calcutta. The poverty is intense, and these
people never receive medical care due to cost and to the lack of doctors who
will choose to go there.

I was working out in one village all day today, and what my group will need to
pack , first and foremost, is vitamins and soap. Sounds too simple, but many of
the disease processes are a result of malnutrition and poor hygiene. It's my
hope that a benefactor would donate a case of vitamins or soap, or funds for me
to buy them...remember, NO iron in the chioldren vits, since an overdose can be
toxic. Adult vits, iron is ok.

The more complex problems, of course, will require medicine. I purchase meds at
a very very steep discount, and I'm able to fully supply a clinic for about
$5,000 USD. We see over a thousand people in a clinic period. For this. monetary
donations to Peacework are needed. All gifts are tax deductible, since Peacework
is a 501(c)3.

Thanks so much for bringing attention to what we do. More details (and some new
pics) are on the website:

All the best, pb
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Quote sent to me from a friend

"I ran hard because I wanted to have the best race I could possibly have. Success isn't all about the finishing position - it is about the effort, the pace and the pleasure of the race."
Lisa Bentley after the 2006 St. Croix Half Ironman
Have a great day!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

indurance radio

Hi guys and gals,
I was interviewed on endurance radio today. The Interview date is below!
Today was sunny and beautiful here in the Tetons! I did 1:45 tire pull with my 14 year old niece and then a short core workout!
Great day.:)
 Your interview will be on our home page (
Wednesday, May 24, 2006 for one week and then will remain in archives for at
least one year.

I would be very grateful if you could spread the word about
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

oops camp

 time sure does get away from you!
Thursday night at camp the Race Director of the Badwater 135, Chris Kostman came to talk to the campers and show some wonderful clips from past races. The campers got to ask him questions and talk a bit about there goals. I really feel that most of them in the back of there mind are dreaming of running BW to! It was a great opportunity for all.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

The first 2 days of camp

 We had the most wonderful group of campers, we always do! Most people think our camps are for great athletes, well they are for all levels. If you are just learning to run or even exploring the idea our camps are for you. If you are dreaming about winning a race our camps are for you.
Wed. night we had our welcome dinner, gave out goodie bags and talked about each campers goals. Love the goals, its the part that makes me smile knowing that I get to help someone else achieve and accomplish a dream and goal.
Wed. after dinner most of us went out for a 2 hour PW (power walk). It was so NICE to be wearing a jog bra and shorts, no ski jacket, hat or gloves. I bet we walked 4.5-5 mph.
This was a great time to talk to each camper and get to know them a bit. Right away they all seemed to get along well and told stories that made you laugh until your belly hurt.
Thursday morning I woke up at 5am, this is my favorite time of the day as most of you know. I left the room that I was sharing with Marshall and Heather and went to the pool to swim laps. It was not open yet but the wonderful people at the front desk opened it for me. I had not been in a pool to swim for so long. I sat on the edge for a long time, so it seemed having a cup of coffee and just smelling death valley. Death Valley has this amazing smell to me, sitting here at home I can close my eyes and still smell it.
I love this place, I really feel like I may have traveled or lived there in a past life. I know that sounds crazy to most of you but for me it is a real feeling.
I swam for 45 min. non-stop, it was so wonderful!!! Another camper Barb showed up to swim to! Barb is training for Ultra Man in August which is 1.2 mile swim x3, 112 mile bike x 3 and then 26.2 mile run x3!!! This women is amazing to me doing 3 Ironmans back to back.
We spend the day on the road working on downhill running, power walking techniques and gait analysis.
The campers got so good at this that Marshall and I were having trouble keeping up with them! It was a long hot day but the smiles never left the faces of any of us.
We were out of the road for a good 5 hours. Back to the hotel for dinner and then classroom where we did power point presentations on Nutrition, hydration and electrolyte balance. Next we talked about race strategy and training and last the mental aspects of racing and training.
What a wonderful day from start to finish!
Soon we will have updates and photos on our web site for you to all look at.
Makes you want to go out for a walk or a run, right?
Have a great day...
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Book, check it out!!!

 Great book for all of you that are going to run any race in Death Valley!!!
At last, our book that we talked/consulted with you about through the early months of the year is available!  The press release (attached to this email) announces the book’s availability and describes it for you. 
Denise and I had a lot of great help and contributors-from artists, photographers, desktop publishers, and subject matter experts like you.  We are pleased with what we created and believe that it will be useful for people interested in crewing a successful Death Valley ultra. 
The book is available at for $19.99.  You can view the guide’s table of contents on the webpage to see the stunning amount of Death Valley ultra crewing content in this guide including Denise’s comprehensive step by step desert foot care instructions with photos!  If you would like a copy to review so you can publish your review on this webpage like you would on Amazon, let me know and I will have a copy sent to you. 
If you think that this book is relevant to visitors to your website and your goals for your website, Denise and I would appreciate you including the link for the book, possibly the book cover (attached as a jpg), a brief description, and most important your endorsement of the book since you are a significant DV ultra veteran.  Here’s a short description you could use if you don’t want to write one.
Death Valley Ultras: The Complete Crewing Guide is a collection of everything runners and their crew need to know to crew a successful Death Valley ultra compiled into one well-organized, easy to use reference.
Let us know what you think of our book!  We feel like mothers of a new offspringJ
Thank you for your help in promoting our book.  I think we all benefit from successful DV ultras.
Theresa and Denise
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

Fwd: fund raiser

Good morning,
Below is a note from a friend and client who is doing a fund raiseing that is worth reading about. Please email Jim is you have any questions. You will need to read all the way to the end.
Also- please make sure that people understand that all money goes to Harbor House Shelter- In addition- anyone who contributes at the Gold level or higher will get a choice of a Atacama Dessert Crossing  T-Shirt, a hat or a Buff- And corporate sponsors can get there company name on my shirt or pack- or I can take photos with a flag etc.- and at the pace I compete-I can guarantee Maximum product exposure. Thanks for doing this- I think this is a really good cause. Also- people can email me directly if they have any questions.

Board of Directors



Marven Jones
1st Vice President
Charmaine Sims
2nd Vice President
Linda Lippold


Mileen Joines


Mary Bricker


Alberta Burton
Scott Billadeau
Ellie Guenette
Diane Jurina
Mike Lockwood
Gerry Morgan
Nancy Payne
Raelynn Roman
Lee Sharman
Darrel Smith
Robert Williams
Senator Debbie Halvorson
Dr. Jim Simone


Executive Director

Robin Savage
Outreach Coordinator
Buffy Neveau
Family Violence Services
P.O. Box 1824 w Kankakee, Illinois 60901
CRISIS (815) 932-5800 w Office (815) 932-5814 w FAX (815) 935-3551
100 East Walnut Street w Watseka, IL 60970
CRISIS (815) 432-3500 w Office (815) 432-3523 w FAX (815) 432-3414
E-mail:  w Resale Store (815) 432-3525
Dear Friend & Supporter,
This summer Dr. Jim Simone, a Harbor House honorary board member, will be competing in the 2006 Atacama Desert Crossing in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.  This is a 150 mile, 7 day ultra marathon that begins July 23, 2006.  He has competed in many grueling events, and has traveled the world in an effort to continually challenge himself, but more importantly, to raise funds for deserving charities.  This year all pledges will be given to our organization.
Harbor House is a not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.  Harbor House has been in existence for over 25 years, and the need for our unique services continues to grow.  Unfortunately because of budget cuts and shifting governmental priorities, Harbor House funding has not increased proportionately. 
In order to expand our services to meet the needs of our community, we are asking for your pledge dollars.  Not only will your involvement sustain Dr. Simone’s efforts to complete this race, but your generous donation will also aid survivors of domestic violence in their own journey. 
Please do not send any money at this time.  This is simply a pledge form.  All we ask is that you indicate the level of support with which you are comfortable, and we will contact you in the near future to collect your tax deductible donation.  Please feel free to keep track of the race or email Dr. Simone at  Your correspondence and encouragement are sure to be a great inspiration to him.
Harbor House Board, Staff, & Volunteers
Yes, I would like to support Harbor House.  I am willing to make a tax-deductible donation at the following level:
 Corporate:       $1000                       Silver:               $100
 Platinum:          $500                         Bronze:             $50
 Gold: $250                         Other:               ______________ (Please indicate amount)
Street Address:_____________________________________________________________ 
Phone Number:_________________________ Email:_____________________________
Thank you for your participation, we will be contacting you in the near future to collect your tax-deductible pledge. A receipt of your donation will be provided.