Friday, June 29, 2007

Grand Teton Races PRICE INCREASE on July 2nd

Hello Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder... the entry fees for the Grand Teton Races (Trail Marathon, 50 Mile Race, & the 100 Mile Race) will increase at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 1st. The savings is a reward for those who sign up early (because early registration makes our job easier!)

GTR Registration

Or, you can download an application from our website.

**Consider flying into SALT LAKE CITY for this race. I know airfares can be quite expensive, so I am always looking for options. In addition to flying into Jackson, WY and Idaho Falls Airport, you – and your friends and family – can also consider flying into Salt Lake City. It’s a little over a four hour drive and there is also a shuttle service. We want you to be at this race – let’s find a way to make it happen!

If you've already registered, thank you for supporting the events! If you haven't signed up yet (or you have friends who keep swearing that they are going to join you on race day, but have been dragging their heels), well now would be an EXCELLENT time. All the details, beautiful pictures from last year's race, and vital propaganda at:

GTR Main Website

By the way, you CAN register for the races up until August 27, 2007 11:59 PM Pacific Time, but sign up now and save yourself some cash!

Also, please be sure to book your rooms now at the Grand Targhee Resort at 1-800-827-4433. You'll be able to walk to the starting line (and hobble home from the finish line). There is limited space at the Resort and it will sell out again this year. Mention the Grand Teton Races for a discounted room rate.See you at the races!

Jay & Lisa

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I will vote for Dean!

Good morning!!!
The sun is just coming up in the Tetons and it is going to be a beautiful day and 90 degrees!! Yes..I just might have to go up and down the Teton Pass again:) Really loving the climbing part. One month out from Badwater, I feel good.

Many of you know last week Dean ran on the treadmill for 24 hours to try for the record. It was not all he thought it would be. I spoke to him a few days before the run and was excited for him to give it a try and the best part is that Dean does run to raise money!! He has and will continue to raise money for kids and I have such respect for this. Below is the story about the treadmill run.

Next...Dean has been nominated for the:

ESPN ESPYS Award in the category of Best Outdoor Athlete. Votes matter. Any help in circulating the word and encouraging people to vote would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the voting link. It’s a bit confusing in that you have to scroll down to see the Best Outdoor Athlete category:

Dean is the only runner that was nominated, and I think it would be really great if a runner actually won something like this. It is a tremendous honor just to have been nominated.

Dean...see you at Badwater and I hope you have at least 1 toenail by then:)


Monday, June 25, 2007

Wow What a week it has been!!! Go team Go!!

The weather in the Tetons continues to be hot which is so crazy for June. This weekend it hit 90 degrees as 4 of us hit the top of the Teton Pass for the 4th time:):) Yes that is right..we did it. 11 hours and 45 minutes to do just over 42 miles. Power walk up, run down..close to 5.6 or 5.7 miles one way with 10% grade. Nattu kicked my butt on the first up and down and kept telling me he was sure he was going to slow took him about 11 hours to slow down!!!
At the end we soaked our legs in the nice cold river and went out for Mexican food!

Most of the long workout this weekend was spent thinking about several of our Dreamchaser coaching students who were running all over the World...just amazing energy when thinking about everyone, how are they doing, how are they feeling and where are they on the course they are running.
SUCCESS Is the best word I can find for all the Dreamchaser runners this past week. The good, the bad and the ugly. Most completed the races they set out to run and some were just short of the finish line. With both of these come growth, learning, determination and the spirit is tested in many, many ways. None of us start a race thinking we are not going to finish. It is the obstacles along the way and a series of things that take us to the finish line or not.
The one thing I do know is this: you can ONLY think about the things you can control right then and there at the very second it is happening. You can't change what happened 2 seconds ago or the last step you can only think about the next 2 seconds and the next steps you will take.
You can't sit and worry about how hot it is or complain that it is to can ONLY control the steps to help keep yourself as cooled down as possible..the heat is not going to go away just because you want it to:):)
Success come with following a race plan that is set up for you, your nutrition plan is set for you and then you have a back up plan if all else fails...And sometimes the only answer for some is to stop the race and not continue.
If you make the choice not to continue make sure you have thought long and hard before you pull yourself out. My friend Marshall told me once to make a list in my mind of why I needed to pull out and if I could say I would be fine the next morning when I woke up and have no regrets then ok..pull out. But if you feel you are going to wake up feeling the could have, would have, should have..then you best carry on to the finish even if it was not the day you had dreamed about!!!

Why do I tell you all this today...its about learning to deal with what Gods gives you on each given day and to be thankful for the good, the bad the ugly. We all have these times and moments in our life. The great thing about Ultra Running is we all have each other who love and support us through it all to. You can only control what you can control and that is it.


Bob Haugh ran on a team with Marshall and Mark (Team Stray Dogs) in the Gobi March and were 3rd place team overall.

Alex and Frank ran the Gobi March together and ready for this..they were 28the and 29th overall!! I have been coaching both of these guys for a few years and watching the go from these words over and over..I am never going to do anything like this again to placing in the top 30:):)

Ed: ran his first marathon in Alaska in 4:30..this was a very hard marathon with lots of trails and steep hills..Nice running Ed!!!

Tom, Laurie,Colleen, Tess, Richard,Kathereen and Jim all ran the Desert Rats 150 mile stage race. Tom was 2nd overall and Laurie was 4th overall. What the web site looks like is that the others DNF the race but this is not the right facts..They did not run the entire 150 miles but most,,,ran almost most of it..I think Jim missed 10 miles..The course had many issues and I hope that each of them will share there story with you..It is amazing that all did so well, such strong individuals with so much heart and grit. We are so, so proud of all of you..

Leigh, George,Marie, Bill,Mark,Mike and Adam...talking about sitting at a computer waiting for results:) It was amazing coverage watching you all run the Western States race...right down to the last few minutes when for me it was like this..all of my baby ducks were accounted for. I could go take a nap..but guess what? I went and cut the grass and pulled weeds. Now this is great cross training.
Amazing efforts, courage and determination..Great running to all of you!!!

I leave you with 2 great quotes that were sent to me this week:

As TS Elliot once said “only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

“Unless you test yourself, you stagnate. Unless you try to go way beyond what you’ve been able to do before, you won’t develop and grow. When you go for it 100%, when you don’t have the fear of “what if I fail,” that’s when you learn. That’s when you’re really living.” Mark Allen, world champion triathlete

Many blessings for a wonderful day

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dean is at it again

Hi All,

I spoke to Dean K. last week and he told me about this run he is doing right now!!

You have to check it out..pretty cool.

It is such great weather here:) About to go up and down the Teton Pass again..I am feeling very strong and fit, actually much better than last year. I think it is the more time on the bike that has really helped me!

Keep your thoughts going for all those running the Gobi, Desert Rats and Western States is about to begin!!

Have a great day

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dreamchasers Running All Over the World!!

Good morning!

My training is going ok! The Teton Pass has become my friend..5.5 miles up one way with 10% grade and it has been sunny here every day. Yeah!!
Most of my BW crew is either running Western States this weekend of being a pacer.

So many of my students ran last weekend or are running races all over the World.
Right now the Gobi March is going on in China! Alex, Frank, Bob are running. Bob is running on a team with Marshall and Mark whom I used to do adventures races with. They are all doing really well. Here is the link to check it out.

Desert Rats is going on right now as well. 7 of my students are running! Laurie, Tess, Colleen, Jim, Richard, Katherine and Tom.

And this many of the gang will be running at Western States and I will be here going up and down the Teton Pass with several friends and even some others running Badwater this year. Bill, George, Mike A., Adam, Marie, Leigh, Mike E.

Congratulations to you all for your amazing efforts.

Have a great day

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Come on..send running shoes ASAP!!!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Your “trash” = your old running shoes. For runners in Kenya their “treasure” = your old running shoes!

Yes, that right! Now you can DO SOMETHING with your old running shoes. Send them TODAY to:

Marshall Ulrich
515 Brook Drive
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Letter sent to Marshall!

Well I have some program back here in Kenya for athletics and I would kindly request you to help me if its possible with you. I have a team of about 20 Athletes whom I am training and most of them come from disadvantaged families thus they depend on me to support them in providing them with training equipments e.g. training shoes and running kits.

So I would like to request you if it’s possible with you, because I will be coming to Swizz in July you try and collect for me used training shoes from your friends so that when I come I can get them back for these Athletes. I have talk also to Betsy and she will also try to get me some. Otherwise thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in athletics
Jackton Odhiambo Wasiema.

Now, it may seem strange for you to send your shoes to Colorado, so that Marshall can carry them as luggage to Switzerland, and then Jackton can take them home as luggage to his runners in Kenya. But, that is the way of the world – or, the way of Africa. You see, last year Betsy purchased shoes and shipped them to Jackton in Kenya, but he never got them. What happened to them? Well… that’s hard to say. But, by having Jackton carry them back as luggage the shoes have the best chance of getting to his runners.

We don’t want “totally trashed” shoes, of course; but, good shoes with “too many miles” for YOU will be better than no shoes to Jackton’s runners in Kenya.

Marshall departs for Switzerland on July 2, 2007, so please send your shoes TODAY. The runners in Kenya will benefit greatly, and your generosity will be truly appreciated.

Jay and I know first hand what a gift it is to do something with the shoes that are sitting in your closet. We have taken bags and bags of shoes over to Morocco with us so that Lachen could give out to the many runner's who are running in bare feet. You can make a difference by sending your shoes and remember that one small act of kindness makes the World a better place.

Happy Fathers Day to all of you!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Montrail Runner's featured!!!

We would like to announce the release of the new documentary called Dancing the Bear.

It features many Montrail sponsored runners including Karl Meltzer, Ty Draney, Kirk Apt and Leland Barker.

Available at information and Quicktime Trailer at:

Read more about Dancing the Bear on “Movie of the Month” at: http://www.runningmovies.comMovie database information at:

The ancient tradition of long distance trail running continues in modern times, stripped of its mythology but still potent as a transformative event. The Bear 100-Mile Endurance Run is the backdrop for the story of two women and their emotional journey through southern Idaho’s Bear River Mountain Range. Pushing their bodies to the limit, they strive to accomplish the impossible, to run 100 miles of wild mountain trails in less than 35 hours.

Please visit our website at

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pool Running

I encourage many of my students to pool run especially for recovery or for injuries but it is also a wonderful way to cross train.

Here is a very good article on pool running!

Off to run a few steep hills today..sunny and warm just the way I love it.

Happy day

Saturday, June 09, 2007

BW Crew: Putting Faces to Names!

Look at what an amazing crew I have coming out to help me in July! :-)

(I couldn't be luckier!!)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our friend Mike Wardian..World Record

Good afternoon!!!

Here is one of my students blog that is very good..Jeff is amazing with all he is doing!

Mike Wardian is a friend and past coaching student that I worked with for 2 years..He has set the World Record for pushing a baby stroller in the marathon:)

Must read!

Getting To Know... Michael WardianThis Arlingtonian has an unusual running partner:

his 10-month-old son.By David SchultzJune 5, 2007Running a marathon is grueling enough in itself. There’s no need to make it any more difficult than it already is.But Arlington resident Michael Wardian disagrees. He recently set a Guinness world record in the Fredrick (Md.) Marathon for running while pushing a stroller.Wardian broke the previous record, set in 2004, by running the 26.2 mile race in two hours, 42 minutes and 21 seconds — all while pushing his 10-month-old son Pierce in a stroller.Unluckily for Wardian, the winds were high on that early May day and the stroller, which had a plastic wind cover over it, acted like a parachute and created a tremendous amount of drag. Wardian, a highly-experienced runner, said it was one of the most difficult races he has ever run.In an interview with the Arlington Connection, the alumnus of Oakton High School in Vienna spoke about his outlook on running, his Olympic plans for the future and his son’s awareness of the historical implications of the race.Arlington Connection: How did you get involved with running?Michael Wardian: I was a lacrosse player growing up and running was always part of the game but I did not do much running outside of lacrosse.AC: When did you run your first marathon? What was that like?MW: My first marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon and I ran [it in] 3:06. My goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon which I did (the cut off was 3:10). My first marathon was terrific but hard, I had trained but it was still a challenge and I will never forget it.AC: How did you come up with the idea of running a marathon while pushing your son in a stroller?MW: I came up with the idea of running with Pierce because I had seen it happen at the Toronto Marathon a few years ago when the record was established. I said to myself during that event if I was ever lucky enough to have a child that we would try and break that record.AC: What was the reaction of your wife and the rest of your family to this idea?MW: My wife and family's reaction was positive and supportive. They always support me and I could not have done it without them.AC: Do you think your son was aware of what was happening during or after the race?MW: I think that Pierce did have some idea that we were going for a long run but don't think he knew that we had set a World Record. He is only 10 months old.AC: What was going through your mind during the race? Were you afraid that you might fall over and injure your son?MW: My mind was focused on the task at hand, just like it always is during a race. I had mile goals and I was determined to hit them, even with the wind battering us. I was concerned that something could happen during the race and I wanted to make sure that Pierce was comfortable. But I was not more concerned than when we go to the store in the car, for a walk with the dogs, etc.AC: You also used to hold the world record for fastest marathon on a treadmill. How did that come about?MW: Yes, I did used to have the World Record for fastest marathon on a treadmill and I hope to get that back soon. That came about because I saw Josh Cox set the World Record at the Boston Marathon and I said that I could beat that time so I trained for it and I did.AC: Was that more difficult than running with a stroller or less difficult?MW: I would say that the World Record with the stroller was more difficult because of the wind, the wind was very strong with gusts up to 35 mph.AC: Have you ever sustained any serious injuries while running?MW: I have never had any serious injuries while running. I am lucky in that respect. I hope to continue to be healthy and run for a long time to come.AC: What's your favorite race that you've ever run? What's your least favorite race?MW: My favorite race is always my next one, I love competing and being given the opportunity to test myself. My least favorite race is one when I don't perform up to the goals I have set for myself. However, these races when you fail are sometimes even more important than the races when you do well.AC: You've qualified for the 2008 Olympic trials for the second time. What happened at the last Olympic trials you ran in? When and where were they?MW: Yes, I have qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials and I am very excited to run in November at them. [In the 2004 Olympic Trials] I finished in 2:22:40 or so and was 33rd overall. I was very pleased with the race but I hope to improve my finish this time.AC: Do you ever listen to music when you're running? If so, what is your favorite song to run to?MW: Yes, I do listen to music when I run, normally just for easy runs as you cannot race with music; no sense in getting used to it. My favorite [music] to run to is probably "Rage Against the Machine." They just get me pumped up.AC: Do you ever run in Arlington? Where is your favorite place to run in the county?MW: I mostly run in Arlington as that is where I live and I like the bike paths and trails in and around Arlington. My favorite place to run in Arlington is probably on Four Mile Run as that is right near my house and I know area so well. It is very beautiful.AC: What is your current job?MW: I am an International Ship Broker for Potomac Marine International, Inc. in Alexandria and have been with the company for 11 years.AC: How long have you lived in Arlington? What brought you here?MW: I have lived in Arlington for about eight years and I moved here after college. [I] have enjoyed watching it grow and change over that time.AC: Do you have any other children aside from Pierce?MW: No, Pierce is our only child but we do have two dogs, Nikki and Maggie.AC: If you qualify for the 2008 Olympics, would you take your son with you to Beijing?MW: If I qualify for the 2008 Olympics I would definitely take Pierce, Jennifer, my wife, and probably my entire family and in-laws. [I]t would be fantastic.AC: Has Pierce become your good luck charm?MW: Yes, Pierce is definitely a good luck charm.

Have a great day

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Badwater double 2006 story is out!!!

Thanks to all who supported my Badwater Double quest last year, and to those who will join be this year.

To know what it was like, see the latest issue of Running Times (July/August 2007) which has a feature article by Raymond Britt about the ups, downs, highs, lows and ultimate success of our journey last year.

Titled 'Back to Badwater: Lisa Smith-Batchen's Badwater Double', here's the opening excerpt:
300+ miles
14,491 foot Mountain
125 degrees
7 days
1 Woman


It was about reaching a lifelong goal, about completing unfinished business on the course, about celebrating a new lease on life, and about helping others.

It was also about making the impossible possible, navigating between hope and despair, transitioning from dejection to elation, overcoming unexpected obstacles, surviving bad patches and finishing in an inexplicable blaze of speed.

At 10am on July 24, 2006, veteran elite ultramarathoner Lisa Smith-Batchen stood at the start line of the Badwater endurance run, billed as the toughest foot race in the world. She’d been there before.

But on this day, 135 miles was far short of Lisa’s goal. Her plan was to finish the race, then continue past the line to summit Mount Whitney, at 14,491 feet the tallest peak in the US. After that, she would then retrace her steps back to the Badwater 135 start line.

Lisa called it the Badwater Double. 300 miles. Give or take a few.
A Killer Resume

Lisa, now 45 years old with a home in Idaho, is an elite ultra-distance athlete, a marathoner, an Ironman triathlete, and an EcoChallenge adventure racing veteran. In her 1995 Badwater debut, she finished as second woman overall in 41 hours and 24 minutes.

In 1997 and 1998 she won the women’s division of Badwater. And she also is the only American woman ever to win the women’s division of the grueling Marathon Des Sables. She’s done it all.

But that was a lifetime ago. Lisa’s success, while it made her one of the strongest and fittest athletes on the planet, was unable to prevent the increasing grasp of an invisible force.

In The Grip

You can run, but you can’t hide from depression. It catches you by surprise, then overtakes you. Lisa got to the point where hundreds of training hours and thousands of miles steps were not enough to outrun the battles inside. The mind and body that once completed 100-mile runs with ease was forced to surrender. Abruptly.
. . . . . .
For more, see the Running Times issue. Thanks to everyone for your support!
And a BIG thank you to
Raymond Britt

This was sent to me today by a very good friend:

The heart is where all great training and racing resides. Train your heart to be strong, strong enough for yourself and for all the people who depend on your help.

Good luck training for the run of a lifetime!

Monday, June 04, 2007

BW double crew!!!!

Happy Monday!

Well I am back home to the sunny Tetons after spending close to 2 weeks in the deep south with my father. I am very happy to say that my father is doing so, so much better and when I left I felt really good about all the time we had together.

My butt is sore from sitting in the car for 24 hours! I do have to day that it is now time for me to spend the next 6-7 weeks training and focusing on my BW double again. I did do some training while in Louisiana but not much to brag about although it was great heat training:):)
To be honest I feel strong and fit, more mentally than anything. I am going into this years event with a real simple attitude and spirit and pray that God willing it will turn out the way I dream and visualize it to be.
This week I will put photos of my crew on the web site and the blog. I feel very thankful for the crew that has come together for me and I thank them all so much for taking the time off work, away from family and there own life to help my goal, journey and dream become a reality.
I do believe in pay backs so I will crew and pace each and everyone of my crew member's at some point in there life!!!

Here is the run down on my crew:

Marie and Andy Boyd: Race directors of the Bishop High Sierras race that are held in May.
They are both in Western States this year but sad to say Andy has hurt his foot and will not be able to run. Marie is my ONE AND ONLY LEAD CREW PERSON..she is hands down one of the most wonderful, amazing women that walks this earth. Marie and Andy have crewed Monica to both of her 1st place wins at Badwater, so I am in good hands. Marie is a surgical nurse. Andy will not be on the crew for the official race but he will come out to see us on the return..he needs to be at home with the puppies.!!! With Maries experience we have a great game plan set in place, simple and to the point..Get it done!!!

Mike Artino: good looking to say the least,, run faster when he takes his shirt off:):) Ha, Ha!
Mike was on my crew last year and he was such an amazing inspiration to me and saved my butt when I was sick. He is the one that said..hey lets take her temperature and to find out it was wonder I did not feel well. Mike is a great athlete with several adventure races and ultra under his belt. His attention to detail and caring for others is wonderful. Mike is also training to be a trainer and is a medic! Mike will go up Whitney with me to!!

Laurie Andrews: Lives right here in Jackson Hole..5'11 beautiful Blondie bomb shell that turns heads everywhere she goes. Not only is she an amazing runners, bikes, climber she is a giver of her time raising money for all kinds organizations. Needless to is never about just her she is all about helping everyone. Great news is I get to train with Laurie. The 6 hour I was able to do on the Teton pass was with Laurie and we were together stride for stride all the music in motion. Laurie is running Desert Rats, is signed up for 2008 Marathon des Sables and to boot she was 2nd at the Teton 50 mile last year in her FIRST ultra:)

Scott Morgan: Lives in San Diego and has been a friend for several years now. Scott has crewed for me before and just knows what to do when to do it. His best attribute for me is that he can just look at me and not say a word and I know what he is thinking.Lisa..shut up and move it!!
Scott will be in charge of the mountain and knows Mt. Whitney like the back of his hand. Scott is a very experienced climber and brings such a gift with him on this crew. I cant wait to spend time with you on a course we so love!! With Scott and Mike on the mountain I know I will be in good hands.

George Velosco: we call him our Georgie!!! What can I say..he won't be bringing a van this year full of stuff:) George is running Western States soon and has lost about 30 pounds since last years BW double. He was on my crew all the way last year but we still have reports that he was missing in action and have no idea where he went!:) George knows me very well and is such a gentle gift to have around. He knows when to push and when not to but has a real gift for helping people feel good about themselves! George, Marie and Andy all live in Bishop so they have been friends for many years.

Mike Evans: Mikey my kids call him. Mike is a new ultra runner yet has done very well in the 2 races he has run. Went a 9:40 at the Desert Springs 50 mile:) I see Mike all the time so there are not many things he does not know about the way I would like things to happen. Mike is training to be a personal training is just so wanting to be on the race course and learn from us all.
Mike is such a great listener and will be a wonderful help on this crew for everyone.

On the return trip we have some others that would like to join in and help which will make it even more fun!

That is my wonderful crew. I look forward to sharing the love with all of you.

This was sent by a friend and student beautiful and so true..

Yes, sometimes we get great lessons in life – sometimes in ways that we choose and other times by what happens out of our control. The important thing is that we’re open to this and that we do what we can to make the world around us a little better for everyone we love. …Life is always a work in progress, although sometimes its hard to remember that the journey is what its all about, that the “finish line” is really just a transition to another journey.