Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can you live a Sugar Free life???

Hi friends...

I so love all who are coming on board to work towards a healthier way to live!

You do know we only have one body is this lifetime and if you destroy it where are you going to live?

For most of my life I have watched what I eat. Coming from an eating disorder background and considering myself recovered I know a great deal about how one feels when you eat a ton of sugar and when you live without sugar.
I am sure not a pro on the topic and can only speak on my experience!

Sugar free living does not mean 10 diet cokes a day, 10 sugar free cookies or anything that sells itself as "sugar free". Most sugar free products are loaded with some kind of products that are as bad as sugar is for you.
Look at diet soda and look at the sodium and the junk in the drinks! People who want to loose weight who drink a great deal of diet soda usually end of gaining weight due to the bloating and the sodium.
When all the sugar free products came out on the market so many were stuffing them down but still gaining weight? Can anyone tell me why?

I personally have not really done any races for the past year. I felt that I need a break and that Running Hope Through America would take all I have in me to get off the ground but also physically, mentally and spiritually.
My ego is NOT attached to RHTA, my heart is and so it is the gift that God has given to me..some say it is a calling, I say that it is what I have been training my entire life for!
I told myself that for 1 year I would allow myself to eat anything I wanted to..I had watched the food I put into my mouth for so many years..I kind of felt deserving!
Cake, cookies, ice name it I went for it!!
The year passed in Oct. and then did Nov., Dec....and as Christmas arrived last year I really have to tell you I was sick and I mean sick of even thinking that a handful of cookies might sound like a fun snack!!
I had a roll on my stomach that had never been there and as much as people say it is part of age that roll had to go!

7 weeks ago I went cold turkey and gave up the sugar and the roll is GONE...yes it is all gone and I have my six pack stomach back. All my clothes fit again.

I AM NOT ON A DIET, THIS IS NOT A DIET...this is a way of life!!!
The word diet is s sabotaging and when someone goes on a diet they feel such a loss when they have to miss the cake or cookies.
Once you wrap your mind around a way of life it becomes a way of life just like brushing your teeth!!!
If you don't brush your teeth your teeth feel awful, when you load your body with sugar and junk your body feels like junk!

Living a sugar free life is not easy but it is so possible!!! You have to shop and read the labels on the things you buy in the store!

An article I read in Men's Journal a while back by Steve Nash: said that an average American eats about 92 grams of sugar a day, when the human body needs only eight grams for energy, an amount that can come from from natural sugars, fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.Refined sugars impair your immune system. Nash says: One teaspoon of refined sugar suppresses our white blood cells for up to six hours, making it a lot easier to get sick.

I personally was already off sugar when I read the article but was so happy to read what Steve Nash had to say...
This cake, cookies, M&Ms, no juice from concentrate!!!! Read the labels...there are soooooo many choices for you.

I gave up gels while training for now and eat fresh fruit...After 10 days I had no craving for sugar at all, it was gone. An apple, handful of grapes never tasted better!
Making my own juice and smoothies is something we do in our home many days a week now.

Training for 2,500 miles in 62 days takes being the best I can be. Running 2,500 miles in 62 days is going to require me to be better than my best.
Living a sugar free life is helping my training, recovery, sleeping like a baby and I am not worn out!!! many of you are on board to give it a try?

Share your food for thought!

Running on real food

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lisa Training Schedule for week of Feb. 15h

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people who live in Teton Valley. It sure is great to be able to send out an email, post a note on FB and find people who love to do the same things!

Last week was a great week of training for me personally...I usually don't total up miles but I did this time. 82 miles! Today was 20 miles in 3:45 min. 15 min. faster than I did the same course 3 weeks ago! Yeah...
The weather in the Tetons has been so amazing that is has made going outside each day a real joy!

Friday: Nancy, Susie, Tammy and Mike pushed the heck out of me with there speed work and pushing the is no wonder why Sat. morning they were all waiting for me at 6 am and I was fast asleep with the alarm clock beeping in my ear until 7:30!!!! I missed the entire run but the sleep was what I needed.

Monday: Feb. 15th: 6-9 am...I will start running from Dreamchasers and then get back just in time to teach 9-10:30 cardio core. NO run after class. School is out and I have told my kids I would spend the day with them:)

Tues. Feb. 16th: 5-7 am from the bottom of my driveway

Wed. Feb. 17th :5-7 am from the bottom of my driveway, then 9-10:30 cardio core class followed by 2.5 hour easy run and walk.

Thursday Feb. 18th: 6-7 am cardio core class, 8:30-9:30 am cardio core class followed by 2.5 hours run and walk.

Friday Feb. 19th: anyone up for 40 miles with me????? Run and walk from Driggs to Rexburg!!!! I will carry a pack with supplies!!! Leave 6am from Dreamchasers! We will have to find a ride back home...

Sat. Feb. 20th: 6-9 am walk only

Sunday: OFF!!

Hope to see your smile some place.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Women of Teton Valley

It was such an honor to present
at the Great Women of Teton Valley series
last week.
Thank you to all the GREAT WOMEN who attended
and who filled the Penny Jar!!!
And of course, love to my l'il girls!!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feeling so so good

What a great few days of training I have had.

My 2 a day run and walks have started but it is really more like 3-4 a days with all the cardio core classes I am teaching!

Sunday was awesome!!! I had the best run and walk I have had in a long time. 2 hours average 6 power walking is feeling really great at 4.8 mph! Yeah..and I can tell you this is all due to my core work! Then 2 hours of cross country ski at Grand Targhee, another 1 hour power walk..and then, just in time for a fun super bowl party with John and Noras family!!!

Monday: 5-7 am was so COLD...I was determined to get out the door and it was all I could do t stay out there in the dark but I was thrilled when I came home to the nice warm hot chocolate!
1.5 hour cardio core class and another 2 hour run and walk with SPRINTS...yes Heather, Tammy and Susie all wanted to do sprints...I was shocked I had any sprints in my legs...Thank you ladies!!!
I fell asleep with my kids at 8pm!!!

Tues. 6-7 am cardio core class with some of the most amazing was cold...-6!
Right after class I got dressed and out the door for over 3 hours..and to my shock I was running really well although my face was close to frozen!!!

Wed. I have decided to sleep in with my kids and do 3 hours of cross county ski with the girls!!!

I am so thankful that my body is getting in shape and fit. That I have no aches or pains and that I am actually having fun:):)
Thank you, thank you!!!

I hope your day was awesome to

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lisa Training for Feb. 8th - 14th

Hi friends...would love to see you anytime:)

Monday Feb. 8th: 5-7 am bottom of my driveway
Teach cardio core 9-10:30
Right after class run and walk for 2 hours from Dreamchasers

Tuesday Feb. 9th: Teach cardio core 6-7 am
7:30-10:30 am run and walk from Dreamchasers

Wednesday Feb 10th: 5-7 am bottom of my driveway
Teach cardio core 9-10 am
10:30-1:30 CC ski in Teton Canyon
5:30-7 pm Take Yoga class at Dreamchasers

Thursday Feb. 11th: 5-7 am bottom of my driveway
8:30-9:30 Teach Cardio core
Right after class run and walk for 2 hours from Dreamchasers
5:30-6:30 Teach cardio core

Friday Feb. 12th: 5-7 am bottom of my driveway
Teach cardio core 9-10 am
Right after class 10:30-1:30 run and walk from Dreamchasers

Sat. Feb. 13th: 6-9 am Place to be determined

Sun. 9-11 from my house
1-3:30 cc ski at Targhee

Love to all