Sunday, June 05, 2011

Training Time: A Poem

I'm signed up for a race,
But, I haven't been training,
No speed work for pace,
No long runs - How utterly constraining!

The days go by,
The race draws near,
This ain't no lie:
I'm plagued with FEARS!

When you have a list full of chores,
Training time's hard to find ready,
A family to cook for,
A job to hold steady.

Iron clothes,
Make the bed,
Shop at Lowe's
Clean out the shed!

Oh! My head is spinning;
Much to do before bed,
This stack of chores isn't thinning.
Is this what it feels like to be brain-dead?

Must wash the dog,
Must feed the cat,
Must walk the bird -
Wait... I don't have a cat. And walk the bird? Oh, dear. My mind's turned to sap!

Don't get me wrong,
I'm not complaining.
My life's a jolly song,
Quite entertaining!

I love my kids,
Love my hubby-boo!
Love our dog Skip,
Even when, on the rug, he poos.

So I can't train for hours at a time -
Big flippin' deal.
I have confidence this race will be mine,
Even if it's last place I steal!

Truth is, I wouldn't change a thing,
About this crazy, hectic life of mine
Life's so sweetly full I could sing...
And if I belt out of tune, hope you don't mind!

You can't put life on hold just to go run.
Why that would just suck!
And ultrarunning should be fun.
So, soon I will stand on that starting line, training or none... Wish me luck!