Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day In Green Bay!

What a day it was in Green Bay on Friday...

We couldn’t have asked for a better day: Perfect temperature, not too humid, lovely run along the lake, and great energy and enthusiasm from everyone! Media came out to cover our efforts, which is always a blessing. The entire school of Wisconsin International came out! I ran about two and a half miles with them.

My running buddy, Roy Pirrung, came out as well and ran with me. He fed me inspiration and empathetic words for miles, and it was such a joy to be around him… Thank You Roy!

Sometimes, I feel that there can be a great distance between the rest of the world and me. The professional in me automatically separates in order to be able to handle the intensity of the task at hand. I think that sometimes it’s difficult for people who aren’t pro-athletes to understand the amount of stress and strain that must be overcome to complete a task (such as, say… running 2500-miles in 62 days).

But, I really felt that Roy understood. And, whether I’m correct or not in thinking this, I felt better for having someone around that I felt understood me to my core.

I felt exceedingly well. I’ve come through a major hurtle, not only on this journey but also on the journey of my life. God is testing me to my bones, and has provided clear answers to my questions through lessons: I’ve learned how to ask for help, how to say I’m not feeling well, how to stick up for myself, and most importantly, I’ve learned to accept situations and consequences as they are.

This was a day that I needed for me. I feel thankful, blessed and loved in this world again!



Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here in eastern Idaho, in breathtaking Teton Valley, we’re ready and anxious to welcome Lisa home. She’ll run in our neighboring Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday, June 18th with eagles soaring overhead leading the way and her human supporters lining the streets of Teton Village to cheer her on.

This will be a very emotional day for Lisa given her close ties to the Jackson community and the many close friends she and her husband Jay call their own in this iconic western town. However, nothing will compare to the Idaho welcome we’re throwing for Lisa, her running companion Sister Mary Beth and her on-road support crew, a team that’s been as critical for Lisa as her shear grit.

I wrote a blog on Lisa Smith-Batchen a few weeks ago...

Anyone who sets out to run 2,500 miles across America; 50 miles in 50 states in 62 days to be exact, kinda deserves a blog... and so much more. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyone who knows Lisa personally, as I do, is inspired by her athletic resume. But seriously, 50 miles a day, almost every day?!

I’ve been thinking about Lisa’s latest conquest a lot lately but it’s hard to wrap my head around it. How could anyone, even someone as talented and committed as Lisa, achieve this insurmountable goal? I got part of my answer today on the phone as Lisa said, “it’s one mile at a time, and sure, while some days I feel desperately in need of God’s help, it’s my faith that sustains me."

"Everyone has their share of misery and feelings of helplessness; we just need to all find that inner strength, and be committed,” she continued (Haltingly. She was of course running as we spoke).

Committed she is, “Running Hope through America,” is a shared crusade to raise $1,000,000 for children; orphans, foster children and the homeless around the world. Visit for information and more importantly, to donate, to the organization and the reasons why Lisa and Sister Mary Beth continue to run and run and run.

Early Saturday morning, June 19th, Lisa will don her worn running shoes for the last day of this journey and weave her way through idyllic Teton Springs Resort in Victor Idaho. Join her for a loop at .85 miles on a pedestrian path she has followed many times before (her 80 miles “80 for Haiti” run being the last) followed by a 8.5 mile trek through the quaint town of Victor and finishing at the historic Spud Drive-In nestled in Driggs, Idaho.

The party at the Spud promises to rock the Tetons! At this historic venue we’re pulling out all the stops for kids, and adults who want to feel like kids, with all the joy and raw emotions that will undoubtedly be in everyone’s heart & soul as Lisa crosses the finish line. We’ll laugh, sing, and cry, not just for Lisa but for ourselves. Safe to say we’ll all feel like we’ve completed our own journey of sorts, filled with an inner peace that somehow we’re all witness to something pure, and good and real. As Lisa will attest, it’s for the children... it’s all about the children.

Lisa will rest her weary head at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa this night, surrounded by friends, family and admirers. Sunday morning we’ll wake in the shadow of the Tetons, sip coffee on the green grass in front of the lodge with Lisa, Sister Mary Beth, friends and family. We’ll give thanks for all of our blessings and reflect on this one journey complete but imagine the many more to come. Won’t you join us? Lisa would relish having you there.

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa has set up a special arrangement for your visit. Call the nice people at 877.787.8757 – and mention “Friends of Teton Springs.” For party details, visit Hurry Lisa, we’re waiting!

Love You Always,

Suzie Bichon

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big LOVE in the Windy City!

The compassion that I have for myself has grown through this process. It seems like the more open I am to accepting my own pain and suffering the easier I can deal with it. I've learned to say my feet hurt, but somewhere else in the world someone's feet hurt more. I've learned to say I'm feeling upset, but someone else may be losing a loved one to hunger, AIDS, or another tragedy. The more I accept my pain, the more I can relate to others, and the more I learn from my beautiful life that's a shared work in progress.

Speaking of shared...

Chicago was Magic! Such incredibly positive energy! I had a substantial break through with a faster walking and running pace; we smoked the last 10 miles and clocked a 7:40 mile 48. My feet are feeling better and my emotions are in great form!

Many family members and old friends spent the day and really lifted my spirits! Chicago was very Hot & very Humid. Thank God for the lake breeze in the Windy City!

God answered our prayers and granted us a perfect day full of love, light and beautiful people. I am honored to run all day with our state captain and fellow ultra runner Adrian Belitu who's remarkable energy made my heart sing. He lifted me up with positive encouragement, recognized my sense of purpose and renewed my hope. God's love surrounded us today and it felt so pure!



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Read All About It!

Today's ARTICLE in the Chicago Tribune!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's Your Gift? Just do it!

It’s day 27 and it’s been quiet today. As requested, people have given me some space for the past couple of days allowing me to breathe and get out of my despair on my own.

Today’s a new day and I’ve come back from the darkest dark that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I never gave up the faith and hope, but at times like these you can’t help but question it.

I’ve run marathon after ultra marathon, like the Badwater Double and the Marathon des Sables, but nothing has been as challenging as this. What makes it worthwhile is remembering all the people that can benefit from this – just a little bit of sacrifice on my part and others will have food in their bellies and options for life. It’s a small price to pay.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster so far, and I don’t doubt that it will get any easier – although one does hope. One minute you feel like a peaceful warrior moving through space and as soon as you start feeling great about it all, you get smacked down to the ground again.

Thank God for Sister Mary. If she prays for my feet with Holy water, my feet are going to feel better! So, I have to keep my faith with her around; we agreed that I am allowed to ask questions if I want, they’ll always be answered!

Why are the wisest people around me right now children? I get the most inspirational, real, heartfelt and connected words from children. Two little sisters showed up with a sign in Kentucky the other day, saying something like, “Go Lisa!” Everyone knows that that day was a very challenging day for me. I was feeling horrible, things weren’t going well and I was on the brink of a breakdown. I thought, God, if you really want me to do this you have to pull me out of the darkness some way, some how.

A little while later the six year old came over to me while I was crying off in a corner somewhere. She said, “What’s wrong?”

Of course normally I wouldn’t show my emotions, especially to a six year old. But I responded with a question, “What do you do when you feel so down and out that you feel like you just can’t keep going?” She answered back, “Well, you made a commitment to help the kids, right?” “Yes” I said. To which she responded, “Then, I think you’ll be a little tired, but I know you can do it.”

I went up to the girl later and told her, “You have no idea how much you inspired me today… Thank you!”

Moving out of despair is not always easy. Our minds can become clouded, our bodies fatigued, our emotions will say NO to every offer of help. But, after the other day I’ve made a commitment to myself to be open to receiving help and advice, especially from children!

One word, good or bad, can change the path of your moment, week, month, year or life. Don’t ever assume that your words don’t mean anything. The smallest ripple in the sea can create a title wave. Greet people with a hug, a smile, say I love you, inspire them to have a better moment somehow.

When people feel inspired, their true gifts shine through. Those gifts can benefit millions. So never assume that anything you do is small and insignificant. Sometimes we need reminding of how amazing we are. You can remind me, and I will remind you...

Then we can take our gifts and spread them as a force of good across the planet to heal and help wherever necessary!

I’m doing my thing. Are you doing your gift? Do you even know what it is? Please find out and, as one of my sponsors says… Just do it!

With Love,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

More than Half Way Done!!!!


Just a quick correction to the last post. I would not have bothered but it's a neat story. Good Shepherd School (below) was actually not having a coincidental fire drill as Lisa came by. I (Ashley) had called them (as planned early that morning without Lisa knowing) to let them know when Lisa was coming by, as the school was along the route. They fire drilled all of the kids out of the school FOR Lisa because they wanted to cheer her on as she was running through Frankfort, Kentucky. We are so proud of her and happy that we got to be her halfway mark! Thank you Good Shepherd School for your support, and for asking Sister Mary Beth to speak to you about our cause!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RHTA Day 25 Frankfort, KY

Memorable Fire Drill!
Good Shepherd School was having a fire drill just as Lisa and Sr. Mary Beth were passing by. What encouragement and great rounds of applause! Today Sr. MB spoke to the children of Good Shepherd School about the orphans that she and Lisa are trying to help.
It was a great day to run. Plenty of cloud cover in a peaceful beautiful city!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

God, Give Me Grace... in Memphis

Today we’re in the 24th location, Memphis Tennessee, on the journey of Running Hope Through America. We’re at the largest urban park development in the US, Agri-Center International.

It took 14 states to get into a rhythm and by the 20th state, in Louisiana, I thought I was in great shape. All my aches and pains went away, and it was a significant milestone that my family, team and I celebrated. I guess I was wrong…

Over the weekend I got hit with fatigue, pain – both emotional and physical. Now I have to dig deep into the well of my personal process that I thought had dried up a while ago, thinking I had everything figured out. So, I have to ask myself, “What else is there for me to learn?”

Sister Mary Beth says that this journey, for me, is like the last year of a nun’s novitiate. She says that it’s this year that tests you the most, and the year that shows how attached you are to your ego. “Ego? I don’t have any ego about this,” I said. But after thinking about it, I know she’s right…

People come out for a day, maybe they’re marathon runners that have done 20 or 30 miles, and they are so excited that they get to do their first 50-mile run with me.

My feet are killing me, the balls of my feet especially, my legs, and my hips. With people around I feel like I have to perform – I’m a professional athlete after all. If you’re up ahead of me, I have to keep up with you, if you’re behind me I need to stay behind. I want people beside me when if we’re running together. And, I don’t want them to see the pain that I’m feeling inside.

Someone said, “50 miles? How hard can it be?” People forget, this is not a 50-mile run, this is a 2500-mile run broken down into 50-mile segments. They also forget that I’m doing this almost every day. They get to go home, relax, watch a movie, be with their families and recover the next day. I miss my children a lot, and after a hard twelve-hour day of running when I need them most, I get to try and relax in a bumpy, uncomfortable RV without them.

So, because of all of this I need to be left alone… just for today. I know that I have to take this breath by breath, one foot in front of the other… just keep moving forward, with Love.

My friends from Trinity Cross, Brian and Coleen Rossi, came out to Dallas on Sunday. What a day that was! When he showed up in his wheelchair and reached out to put his arms around me for a hug he said, “I can feel your pain”. I said, “Brian, my legs hurt.” He said, “Mine do too.”

This 13 year-old kid has been through so much more than most adults, he really does understand. He says, “I don’t know why God chose me for this, but he did; and to do this Run, he chose you.”

So many children and people in the world are suffering, and they do it with dignity and grace. I feel like I’m not doing that well today, or yesterday. I’m not suffering with grace, I feel tortured. But, Sister Mary Beth is the divine force behind our effort. She’s amazing, and I’m so lucky to have her by my side. I truly don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t here.

Our goal is a great one, $1,000,000 to save lives, feed children and make their lives better! I am most certainly grateful that people show up to run, it makes our effort come alive! But, PLEASE lovely supporters… remember this is a fundraiser! If you show up, please give something for the cause.

And… for the record: I never realized it was going to be this hard.

My orthopedist says that I can’t run today, or tomorrow… so I’m walking and jogging a little.

Thank you to all the people that support RHTA, please come and joint the race one day in your city if you can. Give what you can and show your support, help us to achieve a goal that will change the lives of thousands.



RHTA 24th State Memphis, TN

Beautiful cool humid free morning at Shelby Farm Park here in Memphis. No sign of Elvis!

24 miles down in the 24th state! Lisa is moving at a steady pace but fighting fatigue and foot pain.

Tarrell, a young woman from the Orphan Foundation, came out to thank Lisa for all the good she is doing for the orphans.

Lisa's Uncle Monty and Cousin Ann also
dropped by to wish Lisa well on this venture.

And Vanessa, a free lance writer for Runner's World, interviewed Lisa and Sr. Mary Beth and did a few laps before leaving.

She feels very hydrated and raring to get to the end of this day. On to

Kentucky tomorrow.

Friday, May 14, 2010

How we KNOW Lisa is running 50 miles and fundraising

Thank you all for the comments, they are appreciated. God Bless you all.
To get the 50 mile distance each day we have a state leader who is marking a course for us. Most are an out and back or a loop.For the first several states Lisa did not even have a watch she only ran and walked on her best effort and we all marked the laps. It became clear that Lisa was running extra miles most days because even running to get the bathroom 1/4 mile in Central Park should count. Every step counts! In Maryland Lisa ran 52 miles and it was 97 and very humid. The courses have been googled and calculated the best people can and Lisa now wears her own brand new Garmin 310 that holds a charge for 20 hours. The Garmin is very accurate as far as we can tell with the distance, mileage and pace of each mile.This is not a race, this is not a world record attempt. To bring Guinness world book on board costs a great deal of money.At the end of the day Lisa's Garmin says 50 miles and when it says 50 miles......then we celebrate. This is one very difficult undertaking Lisa is doing. She is suffering with great sacrifice for many children and if anyone knows her heart,her desires it is God.For many days people ran all 50 miles with Lisa..all wearing a Garmin. This became exhausting and left me with great concern for Lisa's well being. Talking and listening all day is difficult although we are full of gratitude for all those who are coming to support. They are coming to be inspired but they are also inspiring Lisa and our team.We have Lisa now doing the first 15-25 miles with all those who show up. Then we send her off for 5-10 miles on her own and with her music. She then does all the last miles with many people or Mike on the crew. Pray she can continue to do this amazing run for the children, it is all for the children.
I am the one who has kept track of all the money raised over the last 18 year's with Lisa's running and the total is 4.5 million just as she says it is. You may consider coming to visit some of the places where the children are.If you have any questions you may also call me directly.916-202-6382 If anyone would like to match what Lisa has accomplished with her efforts we would love to have your help. $1 does make a difference.
God Bless you
Team Running Hope and Sr Marybeth Lloyd

RHTA N.Little Rock, Arkansas

Sleeping under a bridge usually does not

have good conotations with it! But Lisa and her crew had a great night under the bridge in

N.Little Rock, Arkansas, near the stadium! We were able to park adjacent to the riverboat, Arkansas Queen. The running trail is beautiful and follows the river for miles with the availability of taking a bridge to downtown.

Thanks to Patrick, Sr.MB was able to attend the noon Mass at the Cathedral and see how life is here in downtown Little Rock.

Lisa has a few more miles and we will be on our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Thanks for all of your help and support. Please ask your friends and relatives to go to to see how they might help the children.

RHTA Getting in Order

May 13th was used as a day to get all in order...even the awesome taks in 90+ weather and humidity in Louisiana...arrived late that night in North Little Rock, Arkansas on the Arkansas River. Thank you to all the sponsors that have given us all the shoes, shirts, socks, salt, monetary support,etc. to keep the run going...God bless you all.

ps send your friends to

Thursday, May 13, 2010

20 States and 1,000 miles

Hello wonderful friends and supporters of Running Hope To America. Lisa has run and walked 1,000 miles. The past 4 days have proven that Lisa is getting in shape as each day goes by.
The plan for Lisa all along was to be in shape, strong with core work and start this journey in shape but not in great shape. Seems crazy right? Lisa's thoughts were that she would be in shape by state 20, 1,ooo miles in the 2,500 miles. If she would have been in great shape she would have been over trained by state 20. It has proved to be working! Lisa ran her very best so far yesterday in Louisiana where she was surrounded by her family. What a joy to watch how this has all come together and how the plan Lisa made for herself physically, mentally and spiritually is working. The past week has been cold and then very HOT and HUMID..the worse the weather, the worse the conditions the better Lisa runs and walks. Really something amazing to watch. Lisa is now able to walk between 13.5-14 mph all the time and a 9 min. mile run seems easy. Most days it takes 10 miles of good walking to recover from the day before. In Louisiana Lisa knew it was going to get very hot and humid and was able to run and walk well the first 20 miles which blew us all away! The focus, determination and the power behind this project has blown us all away. The love, support and generous giving of people all over the USA has simply been touching. People are so good, we just need to step out and ask for help.
Many have asked about blisters??? what blisters? Lisa started with 3-4 small blisters but now has no blisters. Sister Marybeth prays over Lisa all the time and the magic between these two women is something extraordinary. The love of children and the will to suffer to see that others have a better life.
Sister Marybeth is running 20 miles each day. People from all over are coming to run and walk with both Lisa and Sister Marybeth. Lisa has asked that all who are coming to run with she and Sister to know that after the first 15 miles she will need space and to be on her own. It has become very difficult many days to deal with the heat and all the sleep deprivation that talking and even listening becomes draining. If you have questions for either Lisa or Sister Marybeth please ask them in the first 15 miles, when they take a break or at the end of the day. You can also post questions on the Running Hope To America facebook page.
We are so, so thrilled and inspired that so many are coming out each day in each state. Your support is beautiful and we are so blessed and thankful. If your goal is to run 50 miles with Lisa please know that after 15 miles you will need to either run ahead or behind Lisa on the course.

Right now on the road Lisa and Sister Marybeth are only getting about 4-4.5 hours a sleep each day. A day looks like this:
4:30 am wake up
5:30 start and then continue all day for 12-14 hours with few breaks for ice bath.
8:30 pm eat dinner, shower, stretch and get ready for the next day. Drive to the next state,
Lisa is not able to sleep well at all in the RV with the moving so she falls asleep around midnight when we arrive to the next state. There are some long drives ahead of us. We ask you all to pray for the safety of the crew, that we can stay on schedule and that we continue to get the word out about the orphans.
We are still in need of a few hotel rooms along the way, plane flights to Hawaii and Alaska. If you can help or know anyone who can please let us know.
Below are some photos from the run..The one of Sister Marybeth and Lisa is at the 1,000 miles!!!!
God Bless and Love you all.
Team Running Hope!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RHTA Vicksburg, Mississippi

Great early start with a run along the Mississippi River then on to the Vicksburg National Civil War Park. And to make the day even better Lisa's mom, brothers, Aunt Nancy, Cousin David, and other friends showed up to cheer Lisa on! About 5 miles left for today then on
to Calhoun, Louisiana!

Monday, May 10, 2010

RHTA Birmingham,AL TV Coverage

Here is Lisa being interviewed by ABC News Channel 33 -- will air between 5-6 pm tonight in Birmingham! With her are her niece, Hannah and her cousin, Maddie who came to cheer Lisa on!

RHTA Birmingham,AL

Prince Whatley and the Elks provided a great course, and great support to Lisa and all the runners. Lisa has 11 miles left, raining a bit right now- but she will finish.

Elks Tent full of good food, drinks
and special treats for all runners.

Progress to Date...850 Miles!!!

The WHOLE East Coast is finished!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

RHTA Panama City, FL afternoon

Afternoon in Panama City has been good for Lisa and Sr. Mary Beth- Lisa has about 15 miles to go and Sister has finished her 20 miles for the day. The gentleman picutred here has run more than 300 ultramarathons and came out to run with Lisa today.
Thanks so much for your prayers and support.
Please send your friends to

RHTA Panama City,FL

Panama City, FL great course...Lisa's moving well....good breeze, not too hot...

some slight stomach discomfort...
great interview Local Channel 13 WMBB (World's most beautiful beaches!)
Happy Mother's Day to all.
Why not help the orphans that have no mother

Saturday, May 08, 2010

CELBRITY UPDATE #4: Partying Hope Through America

Yes, it's M here again, with your celebrity update.

Like many celebrities, Lisa likes to party hearty. And Sister Mary Beth? Don't even ask. If I had known about how she parties I would have put a line item in our production budget just for bail and hotel damage fees.

What's that? You thought Lisa was doing this out of the goodness of her heart? I'm afraid not. No, Lisa is doing this for the finishing shindig(s) hosted by our sponsors at the Spud Drive-In and Teton Springs Foundation.

On the Big Last Day of RHTA, Lisa will begin her run by doing loops at the Teton Springs Lodge & Spa; for those of you who participated in the "80 for Haiti", you will be familiar with the course. To get the full RHTA experience, we recommend staying overnight at Teton Springs on the 18th so you can wake up and join Lisa as she starts her laps at 5:30 AM the next morning.

After 44 miles or so around Teton Springs Lodge, Lisa will do her last miles from TS to the Spud Drive-In. And there the partying shall commence.

Yes, it's a come-as-you-are humdinger at the Spud Drive In, with a RHTA highlight reel being shown on the Spud's Only-One-in-the-Entire-United-States-of-America digital projection system.

Then after folks get all sorts of crazy, they can stumble back on over to the Teton Springs Lodge and get in a disco nap before hitting the Teton Springs Running Hope Through America brunch the next morning.

It's going to be a grand time, but I suggest you start making your reservations now. (No reservations needed for the Spud; Brunch tickets will be available shortly; to book rooms at Teton Springs, call 877-787-8757 or visit

And listen- do us a favor. If you see Sister Mary Beth doing keg stands, don't encourage her behavior, all right?

RHTA South Carolina 2 The Face and feet of 50

Jen Vogel helps Lisa before the final 10 miles.

RHTA Atlanta, GA

John Ross and all at Big Peach Running Company provided a great crowd, course, food and love to help Lisa finish her 50!

RHTA South Carolina

South Carolina-- Ermo-- beautiful people, clubhouse, hospitality, course -- hilly, hot and humid
but done! Good friend Scot Smith aka Smitty arrived at the best moment!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Ermo,SC Day 15 RHTA

What a great crowd of runners and well wishers

out here to run with Lisa on such a lovely morning.

After a prayer with Sr. MB we were all off for the first 5 mile loop.

Warming up, it is about 10:30 am Lisa is past mile 20 and moving

along...pray she holds up in this humidity and heat.

Have a great day- God bless you all.

Real Christians SC

What a great day we had in North Carolina- Great folks all

throughout the day!

Sometiimes at the end of the day after running 50 or walking 20 miles

you need a good friend! Pictured above is a wonderful couple

that offered their home to us for a shower!! Nothing better.

Day 14 done - 700 miles completed...on to South Carolina.

Remember to help the children. If each person does one thing...

like email all your friends to goto

life could be better for many children.

God bless you all.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

RHTA Raleigh,NC

Early 5:30 am start at Lake Johnson Park here in Raleigh,NC! Donna Summit, NC state captain found us a perfect trail and a good group of runners who were here to greet and run with is now 3:48 pm..12 miles to go in a hot, humid park and 4 runners remain with Lisa...lots of visitors and well wishers have stopped by. Patty O'Donnel VW Alum and her family came to cheer Lisa and Sr.MB.
The run is all about the orphans! Pictured here are some little adopted children who came by to wish Lisa luck. Please help us to help the orphans - goto and do some good for a needy child today! God bless you all.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Progress to Date...650 Miles!!!

Well, the first days are the hardest days,
don't you worry anymore
When life looks like Easy Street,
there is danger at your door
Think this through with me
Let me know your mind
Wo-oah, what I want to know
is are you kind?

-The Dead, Uncle John’s Band

Hi Guys,

This is Colleen and I just spoke with Lisa on the phone. She’s in Virginia and was logging miles with our dear friend, Anne Marie Deale. Remember Anne Marie? Lisa helped Anne Marie make a dream come true back in November 2008 when
they finished Ironman Arizona together.

Lisa seems to be adapting to life on the road – and on her feet – really well. She said that life can be boiled down to a few tasks each day…getting up and dressed, meditating for the day’s start, eating, and seeing that the word gets out so people will join the walk and help the cause. Lisa and I have often spoken of the beauty of distilling life down to its simplest forms and while the logistics and the planning and execution are incredibly intricate…the trick is to keep it simple and get ‘er done!

They say the first days are the hardest days…and I get the sense from talking to Lisa today that she has crossed over this divide. A big milestone, for sure.

So today, Lisa and her awesome crew are in Virginia and tomorrow they’ll be hitting Raleigh, NC.

At the end of the day, it will be 650 miles down…

…and the completion of 13 states.


Keep on keepin’ on


Monday, May 03, 2010

Running Hope Update from Lisa and Sister Marybeth

Hi everyone....Lisa and Sister Marybeth here! Well we have 12 states down, 600 miles!!! The first 8-10 days were very hard with trying to get into a plan with Lisa and the crew...and things are coming together. Lisa has very sore feet, sleep deprived but in great spirits! Sister MB is doing 20 miles each day. Lisa says that this is harder than she thought it would be but now after 12 states she is feeling better about her running....It has now become a full time job. Wake up 4:30 am and start walking at 5:30 am. It take 10 miles to recover from the day before. At 10 miles Lisa then starts into her run walk plan. At 20 miles take a break and ice feet. From miles 30-40 are hard each day emotionally when so sleepy!! Each day Lisa is running and walking very well from miles 40-50!!! The main foods are Damascus wraps with turkey and cheese. Avacoadeos, tomatoes, blue chips. Peanut butter and jelly, watermelon and oranges and yes...Dunkin Donuts!!! Lisa did not want to eat refined suagr but seems to need it! Drinks of choice right now are Hammer Heed, Nuun Juel, Organge Juice and any kind of Juice with calories! It has been very hot the past few days so we are thankful for Salt Stick and enduralytes...Lisa has needed in 1 salt stick an hour and 3 enduralytes every 30 min. 97 degrees with humidity in Maryland!!! We are so thankful to all those who are helping on and off the road and to all those who have come out each day to support us. Please continue to help get the word out..this is all about awareness! $1 from 1 million people...we can do it with your help!
Join the Running Hope To America Facebook Page. "alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"!
Each day Lisa is finding that she needs to have time to herself. Time to draw into the energy that is needed to complete each day. We ask that if Lisa ask to have space, run or walk alone that we all honor this. At times it has become difficult to keep on her pace when talking to others.
What would be best if you are going to come and join us is to meet Lisa at 5:30 am at the start of the day and walk the first 10 miles with her or come later in the day when she has 10 miles left.
If you plan to run the entire 50 miles we ask that you run ahead of Lisa on the course and even lap her if needed:) Getting into the mental focus of 50 miles a day and talking has become hard at times. We are so thankful to and for all of you.....God Bless you and lve you all.
Why don't you all go and run 1 mile today, think about 1,000 kids and make a $1 donation!

Saturday, May 01, 2010


M here again with this update:


4 days ago we were in a "winter weather advisory" in Pittsfield, VT. It rained which became sleet, which in turn became snow, which piled up a good 10 inches by morning.

But noooooooooo.... just a few states later, here in Maryland, it's 92 degrees. Oh, how we suffer. I mean the crew, of course. After all, Lisa gets that nice breeze from running, right? She should realize how lucky she is.
Yes, more paparazzi showed up. I'm sure they were looking for me, because they asked where the Athlete was. But Lisa was wearing sneakers and running shoes, and I was in the RV eating a donut, so they probably thought that Lisa was the Athlete. Really, I didn't mind. I'm not the kind of girl that needs to hog the spotlight. After all, it's the little people who helped get me to where I am today: in the RV.

Tomorrow we're off to Martinsburg, WV to run at the Martinsburg High School Track. I've got a following among the pre-teen set (mainly in Japan) so I'm going to brace myself for the onslaught. I swear, those girls can scream so loud when I pass by! Maybe I'll put Lisa out there as a decoy again tomorrow. After all it worked really well today-- no one even noticed me.

And I got to eat an extra donut.