Saturday, April 06, 2013

The 28th Marathon des Sables: Let the journey begin!!!

Happy Spring!! The 28th Marathon des Sables begins tommorrow Sunday morning April 7th, at 9 am Morocco time. MDS is my favorite race for so many reasons but the top reason that stands out is that it is one of the most amazing JOURNEYS of self-discovery.9 liters of water a day and the supplies you have on your back is ALL you have for 6-7 days. You don’t have a crew to give you ice or cold water, a van to get in to sit in the air conditioner. You have YOURSELF to learn how to survive with what is on your back. The 7-8 other people who are sharing your tent with you become part of your family and they will be part of your family for the rest of your life. The friendships, the bonding with perfect strangers is beyond anything I can explain to you. The race was once again sold out and is sold out for 2014. Dreamchasers has 75 runners this year taking part. We are so thrilled to have our 1st American women’s team (Team name is Dreamchasers) with three amazingly talented women. Megahn Hicks race # 1082, Sada Crawford (Cynthia Crawford) race # 1065 and Julie Bryan race # 1046. This is going to be one amazing race to watch! Megahn has a great deal of MDS race experience, this will be Sada and Julies first MDS. I have coached Julie and Sada and can say they are both capable of placing in the top as well as Megahn. The men better watch out for these women. Our Jay Batchen is running his 10th MDS, his race number is 1063. Jay has run a total of 18 miles for his training this year but counts on his 4 days of ice hockey. Amazing how the cross training pays off:) Other coaching students to look out for as Stuart Erskine race # 1072, James Murray race # 1095, Jean Valdez race # 1112, Tommy Evans race # 1073, Samantha Harper race # 1049, Katherine Hay Heddle race # 1079, James Yee race #, 1120 and many more to talk about this week. The web site link is below: To find or check results click below: To email the runners and to leave messages is now live on the website. Go to “Messages” on the right hand side of the new landing page. You need to scroll down the dropbox to find the race number of the runner. The Verification process so well explained. You can email the runners from 06 to 12 april 2013 Go to the website and follow the instructions. section "write to competitors" After 12 april, this email service will no longer be operational. Only messages with surname, first name and race ID number will be transferred. Do not send attachments (e.g. photos). This will cancel the message. Messages will be given to competitors on the bivouac every day. Note: AOI cannot transfer messages posted on Facebook, Twitter,... . To join our Dreamchasers newsletter click on the link below: To join our Dreamchasers Facebook page: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RUNNING 2014 OR 2015 MDS PLEASE EMAIL: WE DO HAVE A WAITING LIST FOR 2014 BUT THERE IS A VERY GOOD CHANCE YOU MAY GET INTO THE RACE. 2013 Fall Running Camp Get out your calendars—time to plan for camp! This is great training and learning for begginners to old timers! Running MDS, Badwater, Western States, training for your first half marathon this camp is for YOU and it is for anyone who has a DREAM! 2013 Fall Running Camp with: LISA SMITH-BATCHEN, MARSHALL ULRICH, RAY ZAHAB and JULIE BRYAN Whether you’re just starting to run or are an experienced ultrarunner, you’ll get the guidance and advice to help you achieve your goals. Learn from the experience of four of the most accomplished ultrarunners in the world in the majestic setting of the Teton Mountains! For details go to this link: For questions email: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE AND PASS THIS INFORMATION ONTO YOUR FRIENDS. Have a beautiful day Lisa Smith-Batchen

Friday, April 05, 2013

What are your thoughts on NSAIDS?

NSAIDS almost killed me 2 years ago, my own fault! It was the perfect storm that landed me for 6 days in the hospital with near kindney failure. It took me over a year to recover. The heat of Badwater, lack of real fitness, salt, dehydration and celebrex. Think twice before you start taking pills what the outcome may be! I would love to know what your thoughts are! Studies have found that NSAID use during long events, such as a marathon or triathlon, actually decreases kidney function, which can lead to very dangerous issues, including a decreased ability to properly regulate your sodium and electrolyte status and your hydration levels. This becomes especially dangerous in the heat, in which there is already a great amount of stress on the kidneys, and this extra stress may create a high risk of long term kidney damage or kidney failure. One of most eye opening studies on ibuprofen use during exercise occurred in research performed during the Western States trail running race, which is a popular and grueling 100 mile race. In this study, runners were split into three groups: a group with no ibuprofen intake, a group taking 600 mg of ibuprofen one day before and on race day, and a group taking 1200 mg of ibuprofen one day before and on race day. This study found that both of the ibuprofen groups had significantly higher levels of muscle damage, and this effect increased with higher amounts of ibuprofen intake. Ironically, fitness performance, post-workout soreness, and the subjects’ ratings of perceived exertion were not affected by taking ibuprofen – which means that A) ibuprofen did not help at all and B) ibuprofen caused greater inflammation and muscle damage. Just saying..

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Come train with Lisa and Pam Reed for 5 days for FREE in the Grand Tetons!

Hi everyone! As you know I live in training paradise for all kinds of races! We may not have extreme heat but we have hot yoga, saunas and steam rooms. The one thing we do have is LARGE trails or roads with big, long and steep mountain passes to climb. Come train with us for your race this summer, bring your friends! This year I am fortunate enough to be able to give my 10th official Badwater race another try. Unfinished business is hard for all of us. My training is going really well. Pam Reed who also lives here in the Tetons is going for her 9th Badwater. How cool is that? Pam and I have both won the Badwater race 2 times and we would love for you to come and train with us Pam and I would like to invite you to come and train with us in the magic on the Grand Tetons on Tuesday June 4th through Sunday June 9th. This training is FREE to all of you and your friends. We will supply one airport pick up on Tuesday June 4th and one airport drop off on Sunday June 9th. The airport you will fly into is Jackson Hole Wyoming. There will be a small fee for the shuttle or you can rent your own car. You will either stay at Teton Springs Resort and Spa in Victor Idaho for a very reduced rate or we will find you a home stay with a local family. Lisa works at Teton Springs Resort and it is amazing! Located right at the base of the Teton pass where most of our training will happen. The Resort has a 25 meter salt water pool, golf, tennis, fitness center where we do all kinds of yoga and functional core training. Here is what your week would look like: Tuesday: June 4th: arrive to Jackson Hole Wyoming by 3 pm. MST. Meet for dinner at 6 pm. Night run up to 2 hours with headlamps starting at 9 pm. Wednesday June 5th: Up to 30 miles of steep hill training on the Teton Pass. We will start at 6,000 feet and climb to 10,000 feet doing repeats. Crew will be available to carry your supplies. In the evening we will do hot yoga Thursday: Up to 30 miles again but this time going from Teton Canyon uphill for 8 miles. We will be doing repeats. Crew will be available to carry your supplies. In the evening we will do yoga and functional core exercises for runners. Friday: Up to 25 miles on the “Old Pass Road” from Jackson Hole Wyoming. In the evening yoga movie Sat. Pam is the Race Director of the Jackson Hole Half marathon today and we are all going to run the half marathon and after the race go White Water rafting! Sunday: early morning up and down the Teton Pass for a total of 15 miles and then depart to airport. Your depart from the airport can be after 12 noon. Please let us know if you and your friends want to join us Happy feet Lisa and Pam

Monday, February 25, 2013

What does retired mean?

As you know I retired from running races and I was graciously inducted into the hall of fame. I am full of gratitude for this honor. I wanted to be the first women to do 10 Badwater races, however my last try did not turn out the way I had planned and dreamed about. I was taking Celebrex for my foot pain, out of shape and needless to say “the perfect storm” hit me. I spent 6 days in the hospital in Lone Pine, and accumulated an extra 38 pounds of fluid. I was one very sick person. After out of the hospital Sister Marybeth reminded me that I was the first women to do 10 Badwater races. One year 7 miles from the finish line I had to get an IV, I went back and finished the race but was NOF, as it should have been. Sister Marybeth asked me..”Who do you need credit from to be the first women to have 10 Badwaters?” This question hit me hard as it sunk into my heart. Did I need the credit of the race, would I give myself credit? Who had to give me the credit?? Sister Marybeth said, “God gives you credit Lisa, his credit is the only one that really matters”. WOW! She was right! I am the first women to do 10 Badwater races. God gives me credit and I give myself credit. Amen. A few weeks ago I went on a 10 mile walk . I was praying, meditating, crying and thinking about the big journey I am dreaming about in Death Valley this summer. Very few people know my plan but I am going to attempt the Badwater Quad. The missions Marshall Ulrich and I raise money for need our help. We have 7 missions that each have over 700 children. Four of them have NO water at all and the other three have broken water wells. Doing the Quad will be to raise money for water wells and clean water for all of these children. Anyone else want to help raise money? We need to raise $70,000. Dreamchasers Foundation! On my walk I started to think about the race and my EGO said “YES Lisa why not make your journey part of the race and GET the OFFICIAL 10th Badwater and have the credit of the race as well as God and yourself.” I started to laugh because as I was walking I said out loud, “NO”. Then (as we all have at times) my mind went back and forth, “Why not? Well because I retired. You can just finish the race, you don’t have to race the race…” HAHA. Will the real Lisa please stand up!! Ego is something we all have, I have tried for a very long time to leave mine at the door!! We all have ego and I feel at the age of 52 mine is a healthy ego. For so long my dream was to be the first women to complete 10 Badwater races. As an athlete or non- athlete I know all of you can appreciate the hard part of letting go of a dream, moving past it, and acceptance. I have not been able to let go of the fact that I don’t have completion. I have unfinished business. My life is about no regrets and no second thoughts… I would always have a twinge of regret about not making it “official”…. It would be a grain of sand in my shoe. I think that I may owe myself one last shot at the official 10th. This is not about EGO… this is about self-fulfillment. It is also about unfinished business. My personal goal was always to have 10 official Badwater races. I don’t have any desire to race any longer or to beat people. The desire to complete my goal of 10 is what I have not let go of. Let the training begin. I am honored that I will stand one last time at the starting line of the Badwater 135 with so many wonderful and amazing friends. My heart is full of gratitude!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are you a Dreamchaser?

My entire life I have been a Dreamchaser, the kind of person that will tell you to reach for the stars, go for it, what are you waiting for.

What is your dream?

How will you achieve it?

The first question may be hard to answer. You may have many dreams. Yet, there must be one that stands out above all that inspires you, energizes you, and empowers you to do everything you can to achieve it. My next dream is in 2013 is to run across Ethiopia from one mission to another to raise money for the orphans and for clean water. Do you think I can make this dream a reality?

The second question is the reason most people never realize their dreams. They have no plan in place for working on or reaching it, no knowledge of what is needed and must be sometimes feel scared to have the dream come true, because it takes hard work and commitment. Come on...let's get together and find a way for you to chase down that dream of yours! We can find a way or make one!

Will you achieve your dreams in your lifetime?

I am sure that you desire to. I'm sure you hope you will. But will you actually do it? What odds would you give yourself? One in five? One in a hundred? One in a million? How can you tell whether your chances are good or whether your dream will always remain exactly that—a dream? Sit down with a pencil and paper right now and write down your top 3 dreams. Next write down all the ways, all the people who can help you make these dreams become a reality! Reach out and make the first it now!

Most people have no idea how to achieve their dreams. What they have are feelings that there is something they would like to do someday or someone they would like to become. But they don't know how to get from here to there. If that describes you, then you'll be glad to know that YOU CAN ACHIEVE your dream and that they can become a reality.

I challenge you to OWN YOUR DREAMS.. change your make your dreams become a reality.
If I can do it so can you!

Find a dream and chase it down, let's do it together!

Happy day

Monday, March 19, 2012

Working Out with Cancer

Working Out with Cancer:David Haas
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Guest Blogger
To contact

Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer like mesothelioma, or any form of cancer is a terrible ordeal for a person to experience. When this happens, many cancer patients feel an immediate sense of dread, depression and anger. These are perfectly normal emotional reactions to such a difficult piece of information. Cancer is hard to deal with and difficult to fight, the treatments are hard and the side effects are worse. Cancer patients need all the help they can get to fight their battle to ensure they live a long, healthy life that does not include cancer. Exercise and fitness is one of the best things a cancer patient can get while they are undergoing treatment for their cancer.

Energy balance is one of the best benefits of getting plenty of exercise during cancer. A positive energy balance is crucial considering the fact that cancer can make a person’s energy balance completely off and completely crazy. Those with better energy have a better chance at survival and at going through their treatments with ease. The amount of exercise that is recommended for everyone, not just cancer patients, is a mere 150 minutes of exercise each week. This is broken down into just about 21 minutes per day of exercise, a perfectly reasonable and easy to accomplish amount of exercise.

Another benefit of exercise for cancer patients is that it improves a person’s quality of life by a large amount. Those that work out have a better feeling of overall health that makes them feel better about themselves and life in general. Those who exercise are more likely to have a positive outlook on their treatment, which will help them to respond better. Additionally, exercise will help to reduce the negative side effects that are so common with most cancer treatments. Depression, fatigue, exhaustion, vomiting and overall feelings of illness are very common with most cancer treatments. While no one enjoys experiencing these side effects, they are often necessary when it comes to fighting cancer. However, cancer patients can greatly reduce their risk of experiencing these side effects through exercise. Exercise improves the immune system, which helps to make a person feel better and to fight off illness, which is a huge plus for those experiencing any of these side effects or about to start their cancer treatment.

There are too many benefits of fitness and exercise to ignore when it comes to living with cancer. Exercise and fitness will not cure a person of their cancer, but exercise combined with cancer treatment can make a person’s chance of survival greater, and their overall health much better throughout the course of the entire cancer and treatment process.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Training Time: A Poem

I'm signed up for a race,
But, I haven't been training,
No speed work for pace,
No long runs - How utterly constraining!

The days go by,
The race draws near,
This ain't no lie:
I'm plagued with FEARS!

When you have a list full of chores,
Training time's hard to find ready,
A family to cook for,
A job to hold steady.

Iron clothes,
Make the bed,
Shop at Lowe's
Clean out the shed!

Oh! My head is spinning;
Much to do before bed,
This stack of chores isn't thinning.
Is this what it feels like to be brain-dead?

Must wash the dog,
Must feed the cat,
Must walk the bird -
Wait... I don't have a cat. And walk the bird? Oh, dear. My mind's turned to sap!

Don't get me wrong,
I'm not complaining.
My life's a jolly song,
Quite entertaining!

I love my kids,
Love my hubby-boo!
Love our dog Skip,
Even when, on the rug, he poos.

So I can't train for hours at a time -
Big flippin' deal.
I have confidence this race will be mine,
Even if it's last place I steal!

Truth is, I wouldn't change a thing,
About this crazy, hectic life of mine
Life's so sweetly full I could sing...
And if I belt out of tune, hope you don't mind!

You can't put life on hold just to go run.
Why that would just suck!
And ultrarunning should be fun.
So, soon I will stand on that starting line, training or none... Wish me luck!