Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Running Cruise? Seems like a great adventure!

Our friends Jan and Linda are taking people on a running Cruise and they asked the Batchen family to go along as there guests...how could we say NO to this!!! We have never been on a cruise:) We have no finical gain here so don't feel we are trying to sell you to go on this Cruise. I just think you should take the opportunity during these hard economic times to look at the web site for this Cruise let alone the price of the cruise. This is something all can enjoy as a family and besides end of Nov. is a great time to get out of most places into the sun and fun.
Check it out..we will be there, hope you will be to.


Most of us that go to the Islands have a goal of many hours just soaking in the sun on the world’s most beautiful beaches. I now give you another way to see the Islands.

Runners and walkers are a different group all their own. This group now has the opportunity to run or walk on more than one island, which gives their vacation a whole new experience. A seven-day vacation with four scheduled runs and walks on four different Islands.

This will give runners and walkers of various ages and abilities from all over the world to come and have fun. Not only will they enjoy scenic views they will have the opportunity to run with the local running clubs. What a fantastic way to see all of the sites and be active all at the same time.

You will not find a better value for a cruise than the one we are offering at this time. The cruise alone is huge but the cake is the run/walk routes. The icing however is guest speaker Lisa Smith Batchen. To have Lisa share her expertise and passion is a rare opportunity that does not come by to often.

The price for this cruise is $693.00 CDN all taxes and port charges included. (Inside cabin) Depending with the exchange rate at the time of booking it will be around $600.00 US with taxes and port charges. (Inside cabin) This rate will go up as of July5/09 and this fantastic price will be gone. A $530.00 deposit per cabin is all that is required to secure this price which is totally refundable up till Sept.5 /09. You will not find a better price for this cruise.
Also include is a $50.00 US shipboard credit per cabin.

I invite you to run and walk the Islands and Leave Your Footprint. Please visit our website and see what lies ahead on the ultimate running vacation.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The amazing winners of the Keys 100!

The Keys 100 Ultra marathon form Key Largo to Key West started off its second year with not only a bang but an explosion! This was due much to the determination of Bob Becker, race director who uses the race to raise funds for prostate cancer. Last year’s inaugural 100 brought out just 19 starters, along with 20- 50 milers and 102 relay racers. This year race had 65 -100 milers, 51 -50 milers and a whopping 240 relay. Runners were milling around the start anxious to get going and at 6a.m. they were off and running. 100 milers first, relay second and 50 milers starting at the half way point 50 miles away in Marathon Fl. One special runner this year was Sister Mary Beth Lloyd who was running alongside of Lisa Smith Batchen and 3 other women (all running there 1st 100!) to raise awareness to Aids Orphans. Last year it was 84 degrees at the start and quite humid, this year was 80 and slightly less humid. This made for some fast out of the gate sprinting which we all know does not normally work well down the road at mile 75. However with that said; one runner, Brian Krogmann led the race from the very beginning and covered the point to point in a blistering 16hr31mn. This knocked nearly seven hours off last year’s 1st place finish time despite the traffic, intense Florida sun and heat.
As the race began to unfold and people settled into their grooves we could see just how the runners were starting to align. The great thing is with a point to point the crew is the runner’s eyes for what is going on ahead. The Keys 100 is not unlike Badwater in the fact that it requires heat adaptation, competent gear and a winning crew. Point to point in the heat is hard enough if one is not prepared; it’s more like a death march. My wife and racer Jennifer Vogel had the determination, training, gear and crew to get the job done this year. Jennifer began the race at the back of the pack with her coach Lisa Smith Batchen and Sister Mary Beth Lloyd and then began the steady climb up to the front of the pack. By mile thirty Jennifer had moved into 10th place. As crew leader my job was evaluating pace, fatigue and general condition of the competition and to make according decisions. By the time the seven mile bridge would come around Jennifer had moved up to 4th place. The seven mile bridge is a monster of a bridge with hardened concrete, long climb, whizzing traffic and high winds. As we neared the next check in (mile 75) we decided it was time to take over the women’s race and push Jen a little harder. By mile 75 Jen was 1st woman and 3rd overall. In the next 25 miles the pace would quicken, and seeing Jen running strong still we decided we were going to go for 2nd place. Jennifer finished in 19hr10mn shaving almost 4hrs off last year’s winning time. Jennifer is running to raise awareness for the Getting2Tri Foundation, which foucuses on intergrating physically challenged people into sports as a way of boosting health and self-esteam. Its a grass-roots version of 2009 Badwater's CAF. This finish should raise some eyebrows.
The Keys 100 is not for the light hearted. Ninety degree plus heat, blistering sun, humidity soaking you to the bone and cars going by at highway speeds requires a certain dedication and awareness. Many racers have used it for preliminary Badwater training, and some runners have called it a “suffer fest”. Either way the Keys Ultras are great races, and they raise money and awareness for an even greater cause, prostate cancer. So if you are up to the challenge and want to see some beauty along the way, has Florida got a race for you.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please consider voting for Jenn!

short film "Wyoming Yodeler" is in the running for "people's choice" for the Wyoming Short Film Competition. If you could find the time to vote on-line for Jenn and her co-producer, Marni Walsh, I would be eternally grateful. Voting ends on May 22nd (TOMORROW!!!), so please vote soon! The website is: http://filmwyoming.blogspot.com/2008/11/2nd-annual-wyoming-short-film-contest.html
If you have trouble voting, please let me know. If you read the instructions, I don't think you HAVE TO watch the film to vote. You can go to the 5th icon from the right of the volume slider - "socialize" - click "vote" and register to vote - then go back to the "socialize" icon again and select "vote" again - you want to vote for "Wyoming Yodeler" - it is the first film of the 25 on the website.
Thanks for you support. If you can persuade anyone else to vote for her that would be great.
Jenn of course really would like to win .

As Jenn says:
"Ain't too proud to beg for votes,"
Jennifer Tennican

Monday, May 18, 2009

Florida Keys Update

Hi All,

Crew member Anthony Portera did such an amazing update on his own blog that I am going to send you over to his blog:)
I would love to thank Anthony, his brother Johnathan, Helene, Todd, Buddy, Ashley x 2 and Stephanie for there love and support at the race. Through the good, the bad and the ugly they were all amazing. I am grateful.
I would like to thank race director Bob Becker for putting on a wonderful race that gave us all a good shot of sun and heat! As a race director myself I know all the time, effort, energy and love that goes into putting together an event. Although our entire team was not successful Bob sure made us feel that we were! Sister Marybeth spoke at the pre-race meeting and as far as her being able to get the word out about the cause and the problem of the Aids Orphans Rising was successful. You do know right here in America there are over 64,000 orphans this year and the number is growing!

"The best gift we can give to any child is to make that child feel wanted, loved and cared for because that child is the greatest gift of God."- Blessed Mother Teresa

Below..is all because of Anthony!!! Thank you.

And….the complete video to music - http://www.vimeo.com/4714832
This one is a must-see.

All of the pictures are in the album found at this link - http://picasaweb.google.com/porteraa12/2009Keys100Mile?feat=directlink

Anthonys blog post: you can find at this link - http://www.irunultras.com/2009/05/2009-keys-100-mile-journey-of-brittni.html
There are more videos that are uploaded to YouTube. You can find them all: YouTube channel here - http://www.youtube.com/user/anportera

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sister Marybeth! Breaking News!!!!


This is so wonderful and so deserving! I am so proud of all of you.


ps - Donations for AIDS Orphans Rising, our beloved cause, can be made here:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Quote and the Keys 100!!!

This Sat. May 16th I will step to the starting line of the Keys 100 with my wonderful friend Sister Marybeth Lloyd, who for her 60th Birthday said she would like to run 100 miles:) Running with us will also be 3 other 1st time 100 milers. Heather Wilcox, Jean Okley and Brit Radford..whom all all running to raise money for Aids Orphans Rising. Please take a moment this weekend to think about us all as we will think about you:) This is going to be such a joy for me to take these steps with these amazing women and finish on the beach! I am so proud of all of them for the hard work, dedication to the training and for running with a great purpose.
Below is a wonderful quote that was sent to me today from our friend Terry Madl...it is so fitting for so many things in life...
It comes from the book:

The title is: Keep Going, the Art of Perseverance, by Joseph M. Marshall III

"Being strong means taking one more step toward the top of the hill, no matter how weary you may be. It means letting the tears flow through the grief. It means to keep looking for the answer, though the darkness of despair is all around you. Being strong means to cling to hope for one more heartbeat, one more sunrise. Each step, no matter how difficult, is one more step closer to the top of the hill. To keep hope alive for one more heartbeat at a time leads to the light of the next sunrise, and the promise of a new day."



Vatican “Path to Peace” Award Winner to Run
Second Annual KEYS100 Prostate Cancer Benefit Race on May 16-17

Fort Lauderdale, FL—April 29, 2009: UltraSports, LLC, a mission-driven running event production company, announced today the identity of a very special competitor in this year’s KEYS100 Ultramarathon. Running from Key Largo to Key West, dressed in her requisite nun’s habit and a pair of running shoes, Sister Mary Beth Lloyd of the Catholic Order, Religious Teachers Filippini, will be participating in her first 100-mile individual ultra-marathon race.

“From May 16th at 6:00 AM when the race begins, through Sunday morning, May 17th, when she reaches the finish line, Keys residents may want to keep an eye on Overseas Highway for a glimpse of this truly extraordinary person,” says KEYS100 Race Director, Bob Becker. “Sister Mary Beth running down the road beats a solar eclipse any day!”

May 16-17, 2009 are the dates for the second annual KEYS100—Prostate Cancer Benefit Races. The event includes individual races of 100 miles and 50 miles, and a 100 mile, 6 person team relay. “The KEYS100 will include 300 competitors from all over the country and abroad, but none will be as special as this very inspiring person,” said Becker. “I last saw Sister Mary Beth over Labor Day. She was 59 at the time, and completed a very difficult 50 mile trail race in the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming. A month before, she was pacing her friend, elite ultra-runner Lisa Smith Batchen, during Lisa’s ground-breaking 302-mile run from Las Vegas to Badwater, CA, then through Death Valley to the top of Mt. Whitney. Sister paced Lisa for nearly 100 of those miles in temperatures in excess of 125 degrees—in her black nun’s habit! Truly amazing.”

Called by some the “New Age Sister Theresa”, Sister Mary Beth in June 2008 received the “Servitor Pacis Award” from the Vatican’s Mission to the United Nations for her work with AIDS orphans. The “Path to Peace Award” is given annually to the one person in the world who most exemplifies the work of those who have dedicated their lives to helping the neediest among us.

The KEYS100 raises money to fight prostate cancer, the disease that affects one in six American men. The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys is a recipient charity. Money is used to provide free prostate cancer screenings and educational outreach in Monroe County. While the charitable focus of this race is prostate cancer, Sister Mary Beth Lloyd brings a universal message of service and, for those who run races, doing so for a cause. In addition to running the 100-mile race on the 17th, Sister Mary Beth Lloyd will present an inspiring 20-minute message at Friday night’s pre-race meeting for competitors and crew, one that has been life changing for many in the past. For further information about the KEYS100 or Sister Mary Beth Lloyd, please contact Race Director Bob Becker, at 954-439-2800, or bob@ultrasportsllc.com.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

DRIGGS, ID: Core Class Schedule

Lisa Smith-Batchen will be gone from Wed. May 13th until Tues. May 19th running a 100 mile race in the Florida Keys with her good friend Sister Marybeth Lloyd, Heather Wilcox and Jean Oakley. During Lisa’s absence, Patricia Moeller will substitute for the 9am classes and Mike Ehredt will substitute the 6am classes.

Mike Ehredt will be out of town from Friday May 8th until Monday May 11th. Lisa will substitute the Friday, May 8th 6 am class. THERE WILL BE NO class on Monday morning, May 11th at 6am...this is the ONLY class in May that will not be taking place.

PLEASE, PLEASE...make sure you sign in before you leave from each class. It is very hard for us to keep track of you if you don't sign in. Thank you.

At the end of the month, Dreamchasers Core Classes will be held at a new location. Beginning Thursday, May 28th our class location will change from Nikko Judo Academy to Teton Indoor Sports Academy (TISA). TISA is located at the Driggs Community Center (entrance at the back).

***A VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Nikko Judo Academy for an amazing 5 months, it has been wonderful and we are so thankful!

$10 per class for walk ins,
$80 for a 10 class punch card.
Please make all checks payable to: Lisa Smith-Batchen.

You will be getting a personal email from Lisa about how many classes you have left on your punch card or how many you owe for moving forward. Thank you for being patient with this!


1. Do any of you have any exercise equipment sitting around in your home, garage, basement or storage until being used as a coat hanger?
2. Do you have any 2-15 pound dumbbells collecting dust?
3. Any exercise balls taking up space?
4. Any weight lifting belts that are looking for a home?
5. Any old car tires, climbing ropes, wooden boxes looking for a home?

IF YES..to any of the above we would LOVE to take them off your hands!




Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A good thought!

Why do anxiety, stress, or negativity arise? Because you turned away from
the present moment.

Accept the present moment and find the perfection that is untouched time.