Monday, April 30, 2007

Does Taking Aspirin Help Anything?

Good morning and Happy Monday!
We are off in a few hours to Death Valley for our training camp. Looks like it is nice and hot in Death Valley last weekend. We have a great group of campers coming from all over the USA..will be a blast.
I thought this article was interesting.

Have a great week!

Health Tip From David Edelberg, MDLow-Dose Aspirin: Does Taking One Daily Help Anything?

Since someone, either in my office or by e-mail, asks me this question at least once a week, this might be a good opportunity to put the matter to rest. Or maybe not. Physicians, especially cardiologists, have been recommending daily aspirin to their patients for decades. The theory rested on the phenomenon that aspirin ever so slightly interfered with blood clot formation, and that small blood clots were responsible for heart attacks and strokes. You didn’t need to take much: a low-dose aspirin (81 mg--formerly called baby aspirin) would do just fine. But then some studies started to appear that concluded the daily aspirin idea was pretty lame. When data from five very large studies was published, comparing aspirin users with non-users, nothing dramatic emerged and the general recommendation from doctors shifted to “Take it if you want to. It might help, might not.” However, an article in the March 26, 2007, Archives of Internal Medicine might blow all the previous studies out of the water. The Nurses’ Health Study has been tracking almost 80,000 women since 1980 on a variety of health and lifestyle issues. Now, 27 years later, the statisticians reported some very explicit results. If women take low-dose or moderate-dose aspirin (ranging from a daily 81-mg aspirin up to as high as 14 tablets per week), there is a significantly lower risk of death from all cause mortality, particularly among older women and those with risk factors for heart disease. Also, starting aspirin when you’re young enhances the benefits, especially the cancer prevention ones. “All cause mortality” is just what it sounds like. Aspirin users have fewer fatal heart attacks, fewer strokes, and fewer of the three commonest cancers (heart, lung, and colon). Will this report end the argument? No. The authors of the previous papers will find flaws in this study and will likely be arguing about it for decades. I find this report compelling. The risk-reward ratio, asking “how safe?” versus “what’s the benefit?” leans very heavily in favor of one low-dose aspirin daily.
So that’s my answer.
Be well,David Edelberg, MD

I love this quote:

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, just results."

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sandy set her World Record

..................I have just completed a world record...and I could not have done it withoutthe help of my coach and friend, Lisa. When I told her last year that I wasthinking of doing this she was supportive and encouraging..."You can do this!"she said. Lisa set up a plan for me and we forged ahead.
The world record meant that I would attempt to run 6 DESERT ULTRAMARATHONS ina single calendar year. This would involved travelling to 6 differentcountries around the world, encountering different obstacles in each...sandstorms, freezing temperatures, heat, high altitude, salt flats, salt marshes,rocky terrain and dunes. I also struggled with various injuries from eachrace, and extreme reactions to certain medications I had to take to preventdisease.
Here is my schedule...





I completed the World Record in 10 months...and am currently working on thepaperwork to send in to Guiness to make it a Guiness World Record as well.I found the challenge difficult...mainly because of the stress between eachrace to come up with the funds to do this. There were some races that Ididn't even think I would be able to make because the funds for one inparticular did not come through until the weekend I left! The travel was alsostressful, because each trip involved its own challenges. There has beenmissing baggage, shots to get, visas to arrange, missing documents, and on oneoccasion I lost my wallet and had to cancel my credit card. At times itseemed that the races were easy compared to the difficulties in getting toeach one.Through it all, Lisa has stood by me, and counselled me. She and Jay wereboth particularly helpful when it came to going to the Marathon des Sables. They made my life much easier through that particularly stressful time. I waspretty much fed up by the time I got to Morocco. I had to go on anxietymedication just to try and control the stress.The Marathon des Sables for me was a particular joy this year. It was notonly my final race in the record attempt, but I had the most fun at this racein a long time. It was my eigth time doing this particular event, and I wasthinking it would be the last time I did it.But the Marathon des Sables organization outdid themselves this year. Theyhave truly raised the bar in desert racing. Anyone who has not done this raceyet has got to give it a try. Anyone who has done it before, should do itagain. You would be amazed at what a machine this has become.I badly sprained my ankle this year on the third day and could barely walk. Many people did not think I would be able to go on. But the doctors did anamazing job of taping up my ankle, and they also gave me some amazing drugs. I ran the last 130kms on that ankle, knowing I had to complete this race...soI ignored the long range implications of what I might be doing to my ankle.Keep in mind that I had done two other desert ultras the month before thisrace. I finished this race, on that ankle, with my best placing ever in thatrace...18th for women out of 104 women, and 260th overall out of 750. I justkeep thinking of what I might have been capable of had I not had the injury.When I set out to do this record, my only thought was to finish each event. But I placed extremely well in each one, except Libya, and had my best placingever at MDS. It shows what you can accomplish when you have a great coach. In the time that I have been working with Lisa...I have improved with each andevery race. If that is not an endorsement, I don't know what is. Of course,every person that works with Lisa knows this, but those of you reading thisthat do not have a coach, or are looking for a coach...I would stronglyrecommend that you talk to Lisa if you want to improve your performance.I am happy to be done, and have enjoyed my off time so far. I have somethingmajor in mind for next year...and am just awaiting word as to whether I canget the required permission. I will let you know.

Go Sandy! We are very proud of you!!

Please help with this research project!

Good morning...

The sun is coming over the mountains and it is going to be a beautiful day!
We are going on a bike ride for a few hours in the park today and then spend the rest of the weekend doing training schedules and getting ready for our camp in Death Valley.

Please read this over and take the time to be part of this study!
Thank you..

Following is a note from a friend ours, Leslie Martin, who completed this year's
MDS. She is doing a research study on "being in the zone" as it relates to
endurance sports. If you are interested and have time to complete the on-line
survey (which takes about 15 minutes) please read on and visit the link
Dear endurance athletes,
I'm conducting a study on the ways in which personality characteristics enable
individuals to better learn the skill of "being in the zone" (alternatively
labeled "flow" by psychologists). I believe that although the ease with which
people enter "flow" is somewhat trait-like, there is also a skill component such
that it can be enhanced through practice. I also hypothesize that individuals
with certain personality characteristics will be better able to hone the skill
portion of flow.
I hope that you will be willing to participate in this study by answering an
online survey (link provided below). You are under no obligation to
participate, and since responses are anonymous, nobody will know whether your
participate or not. Only aggregate data will be examined-- no individual
responses will be cited. At the end of the survey there is a section where you
may provide contact information if you would like to receive results of the
study upon its completion-- these will be filtered electronically and will never
be linked to your responses on the rest of the questionnaire.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone at
951-785-2454 or by email at And, if you are willing to
participate, please click on the link below!
Thank you,
Leslie R. Martin, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Psychology
La Sierra University
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92515-8247
Tel: 951.785.2454

Friday, April 27, 2007

My frist marathon!!

It is a beautiful day here in the Tetons.

Sunny and 60 degree's. We are about to go to the park for a walk with the kids and then maybe a picnic!

On Thursday Annabella informed me that it was mommy/daughter day and that it was her day to be with this! I took her to the track meet at the H.S. and she loved watching the kids run and jump over the hurdles. The way I learned to swim and dive was by watching my older brothers at swim team practice. My mother would sit me by the pool at 3 year's old and I would just watch. At 5 year's old I just got on the diving board and did a front and all. Watching any sport is the best way to learn:)

Ok..have to admit that this week was a very hard recovery week for me from the back to back races. This is not something I recommend to many people but it was something I needed to do for me..I had not run on a trail since the end of last summer and I have not done any kind of down hill work. Training for Ironman was all flat and road. Last weekends 50 mile was on very steep, technical trails. My energy was great but my quads were not to happy. For 2 days I had to push off from the toilet and chair when sitting and at times I had the feeling my legs were going to buckle from under me..Annabella and Gabby would jump on me and I would about cry my quads hurt so bad:) This went on for 2 days and it reminded me so much of the first marathon I ran..I could not get up and down the stairs very well or walk normal. I have to say this has not happened to me in year's so I was bit surprised. The photo above is of me and my father at the finish line of my 1st marathon! I was 20 year's old!!! I will never forget this day as long as I was one of the first sporting events in my life that my father came to watch me at..I ran well and had NO idea what I was doing. I ate french fries the night before the race with a big chocolate milk shake and had nothing to eat in the morning. I did not even drink water at the aid stations..did not know this was what you were to do!!!
As I ran down the finish line people were yelling..Your going to Boston, your going to Boston..
I thought..what is a Boston:) Qualified to go to the Boston marathon which I was not able to go to due to not being able to afford it..
My legs the next 2 days felt much like they have this week and much like this link below.
I hope you get a great laugh out of it!

By the father may never have come to watch me as as athlete and part of why I have been so driven in my life. He was the oldest of 8 kids growing up and worked full time since he was in 8th grade to help support his family. Got married and had 5 kids. We are all less than 2 years apart. Needless to say..he worked his life to help all of us have a better life..Growing up I did not see it that way..I wanted my father to come watch me, don't we all. Well,,my father little did I know has always been there for me, watching from the back ground and has been one of my best friends all my life pushing me to be all I can be. It took me many years to come to see this but I am so thankful that I can see so clear now and can call both of my parents 2 of my very best friends.
I hope you have a great weekend


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lot's of stuff!

It is so hard to think that is almost May!

April went fast and was such a full month.

I survived the desert springs 50 mile race. It was not easy but I kept one foot in front of the other. I got off the course with another runner who has attended our 2 day seminar. It seems that some hikers picked up the trail marking that was on the ground and we went the wrong way. We lost about an hour. It was all I could do to keep going or to back track but I thought about the new ultra runner off course with me, his first 50 miler and our talk about obstacles along the way. This was sure an obstacle along the way that was not expected but it was one that needed heart and focus to get past, and we did!
The day before the race (Friday) our good friend Don called to tell us that Cade there little 3 year old angel had passed away and that he had gotten his angel wings from God and was now doing other work. Don said, go hug your children. I prayed much of this run, I cried most of it.
This run was also the anniversary of the death of my cousin...I kept thinking about my cousin Joe, Cade and all those who have left us flying around with there angel wings doing great work for God to help all of us here. I kept thinking of Heathers father Rory, my father and all those who are having a hard time right and your family are in all our prayers,,along with the rest of you!
This time for me was needed emotionally. I was in pain, my legs/quads really hurt and this has not been the case for a very long time.
My daughter Annabella once again ran up the finish line with me and I just wanted to cry, give thanks for having the life I have and gratitude for being able to do what we do.

It was wonderful to see many students run so well. Michelle Jensen, Mike Evans,,are just a few.
Here are the results:

Marshall and Heather Ulrich were there at the race to..! Marshall ran the 25 mile and then they gave a wonderful presentation just after the awards.
Next week Marshall, Heather, myself and my husband Jay will all be in Death Valley putting on our training camp. We are really looking forward to the camp. We still have a few spots left if anyone wants to come and join us!
Next week I will not be able to get on-line. Stovepipe Wells where we hold the camp does not have Internet access!!!


This is our 2nd year of the race. There will be a 60 and 100 mile distance which competitors can bike or run. There is also a 2 person team event for the 100 mile where each participant completes 50 miles.
The Yukon Gold Ultra is a wilderness event traveling on single track trails and old mining roads. Approximately 1/3 of the distance is above treeline.
Competitors can stay for a week in the Yukon and run the Yukon River Trail Marathon the next weekend if they so desire.
Shelley Gellatly Race Director

Thursday, April 19, 2007

We are off again and great running

Good morning!

In the past few weeks I have had several coaching students run in races and all have had such amazing, successful results. This is not to toot my horn but to toot the horn of all of you that put the heart and soul into what you love to do:)

I am going to start a race results section on my web site and on this blog. I would love for all of you to share you race stories,,the good, the bad and the ugly. People like to know!

One race result I was to share from this past weekend is Julie Berg who won the
McNaughton 100!!! You can check out here race report on her blog along with some great photos.
Nice running Julie!!!

We are off again to the races!!

Today and Friday my husband Jay and I will be putting on a seminar about desert racing and then on Sat. we will run the 50 mile oh is hard for my mind to go from the Ironman to a hard 50 mile race in less than a week, but hey I feel great!!! It will be slow and steady and I am good with this. I have 12 coaching students who will be running either the 25 or the 50 miler. Check out the web site.
Desert Springs Ultras in Fruita Co.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Few Pics from Ironman Arizona

Getting Our Bikes Ready in the Morning...
we were so happy that we didn't arrive to flat tires!

Bella and me...just after we crossed the finish line together!

And Colleen joins us, too!

IMAZ - Looks Like We Made It! THANK YOU!!!

Dear Lisa,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me prepare for Ironman Arizona. It was an incredible day…better than I ever imagined!

I still remember when we signed up for the event – almost a year ago now – thinking it would be a good thing to do to stay motivated to train through an Idaho/Wyoming winter. Well, it sure was!!

Going into the race, I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of performance goals. You had trained me almost exclusively using time as my guide (1 hour of swimming or 2 hours of running, etc.) But last week, I tried to set some hard and fast time goals – which looked like this:

* Basic Goal: Beat the time I completed IM Lake Placid in 2005 (15:17)
* Goal that I would be really happy about: Finish in 14 hours and change.
* Dare-to-dream goal: Go sub-14

And then you said something about me being able to take two hours off my Lake Placid finishing time. My thoughts ran something like this, “So sweet of you, Lisa…but…err…that’s a little crazy”.

Race morning, we got to the start with Jay and my brother, John. Jay and John were so great about helping us stay calm and focused. (John, thanks SO much for coming out for the race from NY!!!)

The Swim: How great that we got out of a lot of the treading that many of the athletes had to do! (Thanks to advice from a friend of Lisa, we swam up a little after entering the water, and found a ledge we could sit on to avoid all the extra energy required to tread water as we waited for the start gun. Sitting on that ledge, snuggled up with all these other wetsuits and looking out to the lake, the scene was beautiful. The sun was shining and a scan of all the faces was so telling – everyone had worked hard to get to the start line and now it was time…GAME ON!)

The swim was very physical. I’d sound more self-righteous about all those terrible athletes who bashed around hitting people, but I am sure I hit more than my share of people – especially when I did the breast stroke kick!

I got out of the water with a time of 1:33…about what I expected. The transition from the lake to the changing tent is a fair distance but you get lots of support from spectators and great volunteers, so that part was really fun!

Bike: I focused a lot on pointers you have given me during training….heel first as I pedaled, and spin, spin, spin. The wind was horrendous on the return of each of the three loops. I saw actual tumbleweeds cross the road in front of me. On the return of the first loop, I was on the verge of tears. I knew I couldn’t expend that type of emotional energy on loops 2 & 3, so I made a deal with myself that I couldn’t complain about the wind or conditions until I was an hour into the return on each loop. That strategy worked out because by that time, my mind seemed to accept the conditions and move on to other thoughts…like, “Thank God I am not changing a freakin’ flat right about now” Finally, I got off the bike, all too happy to get on my sneakers and start the run.

Run: I knew I wanted the run to be great. It was my favorite part of doing Lake Placid, and I wanted to re-create that again in Arizona. I had also devoted the largest percentage of my training to running this past year, so it felt like a great time to test my training. I thought about our runs in the sub-freezing weather of Idaho and of the training we had done in Tucson, where you paced me to feel what different running speeds felt like (and what pushing it really meant!) It was time to go the distance.

I followed the plan (something I don’t always do! ;-) ) and walked two minutes from every aid station until I hit mile 20, where I committed to running the final 10k. During this time, I remember going through one of the aid stations and this woman read my bib number (which also had my name on it) and she said to me, “Colleen, you are racing today”. It was weird, she looked at me knowingly when she said this – like we shared the secret that this was the first time I had ever done a race where I really engaged that extra gear. And I thought, “Wow, I just might be! I can’t wait to tell Lisa!”

I was so psyched to complete the marathon in 4:33 – 11 minutes faster than my previous stand-alone marathon PR. And my final time for the IM was 13:25. Which I am so psyched about!!!

Thank you for coaching me, for being a great friend, and for helping me grow as an athlete and person. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined a PR like this!!! The dream became bigger and I am so grateful for everything you did to help me chase it down!

ps – A special thanks to Michelle, Mike, Jay and the girls too! I LOVE how the whole Batchen family helps you towards your means so much. It’s hard to do anything but run your heart out when 4 year old Annabella stays out for over 8 hours on a race course to cheer you on and watch you finish a race in the dark!

pps - Thank you for being inspiring as a coach who provides great work-outs, but also as an athlete who is willing to put it on the line to test your own limits. I watched you train for this event despite many other important commitments. Whenever I lacked motivation, I just had to think about how you had already done 4 hours on the bike trainer that morning before 8am! And that dedication came through. You were an absolute star on the course!!! Watching you get through those bike loops before me (I saw Lisa a number of times on the bike because of the out-and-back nature of the course) helped me understand that this race was going to take some grit. Congratulations on breaking 13 hours...despite numerous trips to the port-a-john!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

We are Ironwomen!

We are Ironwomen!!!

What a day, what a day.

The winds were fierce to say the least.

We woke up Sunday morning to the sound of the wind howling through the windows. Spending lot's of time in the desert I know that they winds only get worse as the day goes by, nothing you can do to change it and everyone has to deal with the same conditions.

The swim was a mass start with 2,100 people all climbing over the top of each other. This is the worst part for me so I tried to wait on the sidelines as long as I could but that was only temporary. It was shoulder to shoulder, bumper to bumper all the way. I did breast stroke many times just to keep my breathing relaxed.
I was very happy when I got out of the swim and saw that I had gone goal was 1:30. The current was much to deal with on the way back of the was an out and back/large square. The water temp was 68 degrees and to me this felt perfect.
Colleen was not far behind me, just 10 min.

The bike: I made a game out of it. Not having many miles on the road, hills let alone the wind it was not easy. The head winds were 40 mph and this felt like a brick wall. The bike course was 3 loops of 38 miles and a long out and back section. I went as hard as my legs would go on the way out and then on the way back the head winds were so strong you felt like your bike was going to be pulled from under you. There were times when all I could push the pedals was 8 mph! I just tried to keep it fun, laugh at the wind, knowing that my legs were only going to do what they could do. To be honest I never went out of my comfort zone on the bike, I really wanted this race to be fun not competitive and I am happy to say I was able to keep this promise I made to myself..I kept telling myself to relax, have fun, enjoy it. In the old days if I was passed on the bike or run I would work hard to try and stay with them..not this time:) I would say..great job to anyone who past me!
Miss Colleen: I told here to leave it all out there..nothing to save, nothing left..she did just that. Each time I saw here she was on a mission and it made me smile to know that she was about to do something she did not think possible..but training her and with her, I saw what was unfolding and this made my day!

The run: I have to say I felt great getting off the bike. My legs felt fresh, not trashed or like jelly legs. My goal was to run a 4 hour marathon so I set myself up for this and went along my way..passing many people.
The first loop I took my time, the 2nd loop was going to be faster and then the 3rd I was going to bust it. I could not wait to bust it and feel that good old pain. I was not looking to beat anyone just thrive it that feeling of soaring and pushing to a pain level that still feels fun! You know what I mean?
The best laid out plans as you all know fall apart at times. My stomach started to feel full of gas and I had to slow stomach turned from feeling great to feeling awful and I spent a good 45 min. or more in the bathroom on the 2nd and 3rd laps..oh well I told myself! No fun to feel this way but hey so it was.
My 4 hour goal was long gone so I just ran and walked it in and stopped at my bathrooms along the way.
I got my period in the last 2 loops, it is a week early..(sorry guys:)) but it was meant to be.
Coming around the corner, hearing all the cheers for all the finishers I smiled, I cried a bit, I looked up and said thank you to God for giving me a great race and a wonderful day.
I see the finish clock and it is 12:50! My goal was 12:30-13 hours..I did it, I did what I set out to do and I am thrilled. I did not use my watch for the overall I had no idea I was under 13 hours until then.
My daughter Annabella jumped out and ran up the finish stretch with me and said."we won mommy, we won!"
They put the medal around her neck and I picked her up. I told her that I loved her to the moon and back and that the best part of my day was this moment, holding her and winning the medal together..

Then she said, "mommy what took you so long?" HA, HA!!..she made my day to.
What a joy to have my husband Jay at the finish line, our friend Mike and Michelle along with John..Colleens brother.

Colleen...well, let tell you..she rocked the race, she rocked the course and she left it all on the course and had a best time by 2 hours and a best time in her marathon!!! I am not going to say any more about her race, I want her to write it up for you all to read.
One amazing accomplishment and one that we all will remember for a very long time. I am so proud of her and it gave me the greatest joy to watch her sprint up the finish line to run her marathon 1 minute and 15 sec. faster than mine!!!! Wow..what a glorious day!
Thank you God for this experience.

I hope your weekend was wonderful as well.


Friday, April 13, 2007

A Discovery Show you must watch

Happy Friday!

It is a happy day for us. Ironman is in 2 days. Thursday we had 50 mph winds here in AZ and it would have been near to impossible to ride your bike.
We went down to swim on Thursday morning and the water is very dirty but not so cold like everyone said it would be. 71 degrees. The swim is an out and back or a big square. We swam 15 minutes one way and turned back. I am moving really well until I turned around and from the strong wind felt like I was now swimming in an ocean with big waves.
The wind is gone for now and we are thankful.
Today will be a short 20 min. swim, 20 min. bike, 20 min. run.
Sat. we check in the bikes and race bags and just rest all day:)

The show you must watch:
My good friend and coaching student Aran Gordon will be featured in the Discovery Channel
Mystery Diagnosis on 4/16 @ 10:00 PM EST.
I can't wait to see it!

Have a wonderful weekend..Look for some photos late today of us getting ready for Ironman..

Many of my students raced last weekend and many are going to races this weekend. Be safe, have fun and run a smart race.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why If you’re reading this Blog, you should consider doing MdS!

Hello Everyone – MdS fever is definitely in the air! Spots for 2008 (and even 2009!) are filling up, but we’d love to have you join us. Why? Read on for the perspective of a past participant and dear friend, Cathy Tibetts.


I'm hoping you will forward this to the women who find the Marathon des Sables a little intimidating. I was also intimidated by the thought of it, and did my first one about 10 years ago when Americans weren't doing it and there was nobody to turn to for coaching.

I was so afraid of not being able to finish. I watched a movie that somebody had sent to me, looking for every little clue I could find about clothing and gear and the landscape.

Well, I finished, and did quite well not even knowing what the heck I was doing, (wrong gear, wrong food, wrong shoes, wrong socks, no gaiters...the list is endless) and can honestly say it was one of the biggest life-changing experiences that I ever had.

After that, even problems in life seemed so insignificant. When a problem came up, I'd just think "This is nothing, I just ran 150 miles across the Sahara Desert." I remember going to the pool where I used to just swim a mile,- and said to myself "Well I can do two miles,- I just ran 150 mile across the Sahara Desert." I started signing up for 100-milers,- it had to be easier than 150 miles across the Sahara Desert. After that I had no qualms about multi-day adventure races and the EcoChallenge. Eventually I qualified for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships,- twice. And it all goes back to finding out that most of your physical limits are really in your mind.

And to top it off, I went back four more times because it was so much fun!!!

Please forward this to everybody, as I have no financial interest in this and it comes from the heart. For every cent you pay to go, you get back far more.

Cathy Tibbetts

Prayers needed!!!!

Good morning to you all..

As you all know I do believe in the power of prayer and have been witness to several miracles.

I am asking for your prayers today to pray for Heather Ulrich's father (Heather is Marshall's wife)
Heathers fathers name is Rory Vose and he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Put your head down and pray that God heals Rory from this cancer..we need a miracle here and I know we can get one!

Thank you, thank you


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Great Recipe!

It's been a joy to coach Terry Madl.

He just put our past year of coaching into a's so here to see it!



Ironman here we come!

Lisa's Race No. 2407
Colleen's Race No. 2194

Ironman AZ here we come! This Sunday I will be at the starting line with Colleen.
The photo below is of me in 1993 at the finish line of Kona world championships..14 year's hard to even think about this!
The photo to the right is of Colleen in 2005 at the fnish of her first IM, Lake Placid.. about you all guess what our finish time will be this weekend? For me it is 14 year's off this sport and the longest bike ride being 3 hours..
Colleen has a great deal of weight loss and has put in the time..she has done her homework!

Let the show begin.
Have a great day

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Jay is home as well as all the other 2007 MDS runner's.
The race stories are starting to come in and I will share them with you here and on our web site.

Jay had only one tiny blister after running 150 miles!

Ironman is April 15th, I am ready. Just need to get my bike to the shop and have some small change made so my neck does not hurt so bad:) The following week is the Desert Springs Ultras, 25 and 50 mile where Jay and I will put on a 2 day clinic and then I will run the 50 mile.

I will keep up with riding my bike all summer because I plan to do the 508 bike race in Oct. God willing!!

What is a dreamchaser? I started the company Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventure Club 20 years ago. The moto, find a dream and chase it down. You can do anything, anything you want to do..right? First or last we all win..its the will to find the dream and chase it down from start to finish. One great joy for me to watch others chase a dream:)

Below are 2 quotes that I love!

Have a wonderful day

"The future doesn't just happen, it is created.
Our destiny is not in the stars, but in ourselves.
We may need to follow in the wake of those who have gone before, but what we do and where we go is ultimately up to us.
The attitude of initiative is an on-going state of exploration that is never finished.
A journey that never ends."

"There's a difference between interest andcommitment.
When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit.
When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, just results."

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Helping Pam Reed with the Sabino Canyon Sunset Run

We've been in Tuson now for close to a week and I must admit that I just love it! There is so much here for my kids - I can't believe how Bella is swimming, she's becoming such a little fish! And the community just seems so active....bikers everywhere, rollerbladers, runners, etc. So great!

Last night, we went to the Sabino Canyon Sunset Run. It's ia race that covers 6.4 miles and goes up & down Sabino Canyon, in the Catalina mountains. It's an absolutely beautiful course and Pam Reed did an excellent job as the race Director. I am so looking forward to working with Pam, as Jay and I become co-race directors with her for the 2007 Tucson Marathon. She has tons of energy and she actively recruits race volunteers from her family for aid stations - last night, we were joined by her son and both her parents. :-)

Here are some photos form the event...a sample of the beautiful scenery along the course, a photo of my dear Bella - who was the absolute best aid station volunteer, and me handing of water to Mike Evans. Mike did amazingly well, shattering his 10k PR (even considering that this was a tough course and had an extra .2 kilometers beyond a 10k) and winning first place in his age division. Go Mikey!!!

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MdS 2007 - Race is Complete!

Good morning to you all!

It is a beautiful day here in Arizona where I am right now. Today for my own personal training I will get to ride my bike outside for 3-4 hours...can't wait.

Ironman Arizona is 2 weeks from today. Bring it on!!!

The 22nd Marathon des Sables is now completed. Lachen ran across the finish line Sat. morning with yet another 1st place finish as well as our Jay Batchen running across as the 1st American!! Jay ran a perfect race. He said he felt great the entire time and only has one small blister. Yeah!!!

Here is a link to the results, where you can see how the 62 Dreamchaser's runners thrived (note: some results may still be ranking in progress)! Congratulations to all of are now an MDS champion!!!

Below are a few photos that were taken 2 years ago at MDS. Lachen gave our daughter Annabella his race number! She spent her 2nd birthday at the MDS. The other photo is her daddy Jay at the finish line and then one of me with Lachen!

Dreamchasers is already close to half full for the 2008 MDS and we will have a training camp in Tucson AZ. in the fall. We look forward to seeing you all!
Here is a link to secure your spot for 2008 (or 2009):
And here is a link to learn more about the MdS/Desert Racing Training Camp:

Have a great day

ps - Here is a link to interviews conducted with race participants, including my husband Jay (Gerald) Batchen: