Thursday, November 20, 2008

Galapagos Islands!!!

It is amazing that a month has gone by!!! I have just read many blogs thing morning to catch up.
I am proud to be an American and I am so proud of our country.

We had 2 wonderful training camps in the Galapagos Islands!!! Both camps were sold out and as it looks they are about close to being sold out for 2009. The training, the people, the food, the amazing animals, the air quality...need I say more.
Below is a link to Matt Harts blog with photos and then photos from camper Becky Clements who is running the 2009 MDS. Becky also made a blog post on her own blog. I am going to ask all the campers to post links to there photos if you would like to see them!
I arrived back to the states with 3 missing bags..until my bags arrive I will not be able to post any of my own photos!

I just got home and leave on Friday morning to fly to AZ where I will pace 2 women through Ironman AZ!!! I have not been on the bike since Oct. and have been able to swim 4 times. It should be fun! Nice and easy to the finish line.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, we sure have much to be thankful for.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

HE DID IT!!! Marshall Ulrich Masters Champ of the WORLD!!!!!

From Ecuador to NYC people all over the World have been following Marshall Ulrichs amazing Run Across America finish as well as the Presidential election!
I have been going from one computer to another, from one TV to another to follow both!

MARSHALL IS IN NYC..I hope sitting down with his feet up and cold drink of his choice..celebrating the way he has dreamed of for many days..
All of Ecuador is here cheering for you Marshall and is awe of what you have been able to accomplish...
Tears of joy have filled my key board a few times this week finding out about the final miles and all you have gone through to be where you are right now at this very moment.

Here is the blog post about the finish..I hope you will all go and post some more to Marshall.

At 7:10pm today Marshall finished his trans continental run. He broke the grand master’s as well as the master’s record. Marshall averaged 58 miles a day over the entire 3045 or so miles. That’s 58 miles every day for 52 and a half days. Equal to just over 116 marathons.
Marshall was especially honored to have Frank Giannino who still holds the world record for running across the country there at the finish. It was fantastic to have him there, he is great and he still holds a very solid and amazing record.”

And here is the link to post a comment.

Thanks to all

Marshall Ulich will FINISH his Run Across America TODAY!!! Be there!!!

Good morning.

We have just gotten a few emails that Marshall is fact finish his amazing Run Across America today!!! City Hall, Manhattan NYC!!!! Be there if you can!!!
"Don't tell me what I can't do, let me show you what I can do."""
Marshall is about to do it.!!! Beyond amazing.
To find out exact details here is the link to go to.
I am sure Marshall and Heather would love to hear from you all.

Here are the emails that arrived this morning:

1. "Marshall did 61 miles on Monday. Will start again at 6:30 or 7:00 in a.m. on Tues. Bad back and no doc took it's toll...that and the 3000 miles - yep he reached 3000 tonight."

"Plus 300 miles-no doc...Bad back, still very swollen, injured r foot & new bruise on left heel meant Marsh had to walk almost entire distance today."

2.Hi Lisa...
I just ran with Marshall...he was looking good...
and saw Heather, and 2 of Marshall's children....
and Brian a crew memeber who was with them the entire way...

what a trip...his back is giving him trouble...
with luck he will finish around 7 pm tonight...

nobody like Marshall...he will break the Senior and Masters records...


sorry you weren't here to see him...

God bless you.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Marshall Ulrich...NYC Tues. Nov. 4th...MUST READ!!!!

Hello to all of you! Sorry about the 2nd post, I am not able to get into my server to change the first post!
I have begged some perfect stranger to let me use there computer so I could send you this blog post. I am not able to get on any web sites from my computer..crazy!!!

Run Across the United States tomorrow Tues. Nov. 4th, 2008!!!!

Marshall will run the final miles of his amazing journey and finish in NYC at the City Hall in Manhattan.

I monitor the website 24/7 and also get periodic updates by text from
Heather. Marsh passed into New Jersey about 2 hours ago. I will know tonight
when I see his mileage total for today. You never know with Marsh, he may
just keep on running tonight. My best guess right now would be ....about
40-45 miles to go when he starts tomorrow morning. So maybe somewhere
between 3 and 5pm. But if he runs through the night and eats up a good
amount of that 40-45 remaining total...he will be in closer to noon.
In any event, baring a disaster, it will be Tuesday at City Hall.



November 3, 2008 by Marshall Ulrich
“At 3:30pm today, November 3rd, Marshall departed from his 26 miles marathon marker. After completing his first marathon of today he has completed 2956 miles.
As I was saying Marshall’s youngest daughter is Allie is in New York City. She’s there with Marshall’s sister Lana and Lana’s daughter Chris. We’re very happy to have all of the Ulrichs out here with us. To help Marshall celebrate the finish of his run. Especially having his kids out here to crew and also Mark Macy out here to run with him.
Thanks to Elaine and Taylor, Marshall’s two older children for crewing this morning. Taylor continues to crew tonight. Thanks to Mark Macy for running with him this morning and to Tom Triumph who is running with him now. Tom, Mark and Taylor remain on the course helping Marshall. Thanks again for checking in.”

You see: Marshall had a dream, a very big one and in less than 24 hours he is going to realize this dream!!!
Marshall had covered close to 60 miles a day and as I have been told will have the 3rd fastest crossing in the history!!!!

I have tears as I write this email..thinking of Marshall. The friend he is to all of us, the amazing man he is and the amazing athlete he is.
When Marshall set out to do this run I told him that I really felt in my heart that he was one of the only humans on this earth who could run as many miles a day as he was going to run.
Marshall has inner strength, courage of a lion and the eye of the tiger. He has suffered a great deal of pain along this journey with his foot yet he got up each day and continued.
Heather (Marshalls wife) has been with him all the way. I have spoken to her a few times along the way and even to Marshall on my way to the airport coming to Ecuador. I cried then as I do now knowing all they went through to get to where they are today..Marshall and Heather what a team amazing team!!! It has to have been very difficult for Heather to watch the pain Marshall has endured during this run but I can tell you this knowing them both: THE WORD THANKFUL AND GRATITUDE WILL STAND TALL FOR ALL THE YEARS TO COME.
THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE BOTH MADE OF!!! Faith, hope and love..all the way!!!

If you are anywhere near NYC on Tues. it would be such a joy to be there to bring Marshall to the finish, to share this amazing accomplishment with who we all to know as one of the greatest athletes of all times.

I ask you to please pass this blog to all your friends and family who may be able to join in. did sure did!

Love to you
The Batchens