Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back on the bike and shared Dreamchasers!!!

Beautiful Annabella showing off her new hair style!!!!:)
Lisa and Lisa Bliss very close to the summit of Mt. Whitney! Below is Leo and his team doing a crazy Mud race...YUCK!!!!!

These 2 photos are of the wonderful Marie Boyd who did a Tri the day before she crewed Monica for Badwater. Go Marie go...you look and did amazing!!!

For me!!!
Back on the bike and it feels good! I have spent a great deal of time in the past 5 days on my Mt. Bike just doing lots of good spinning while I am trying to find the right road bike to do the Furnace Creek 508 in Oct. Wish me luck.
To be honest I was never sore after the first part of the 810! Maybe we should have run back to Las Vegas!!!:) The hard part was the sleep deprivation over many days that will catch up to you..once night time comes around all you want to do is sleep!
I lost a total of 2 pounds, that is all!! I have to say being a bit heavier than I would like seems to be the answer for me to stay strong all the way through.:) I am in the process of getting my thoughts on paper and can't wait to share with you all the wonderful miracles that happened out in Death Valley..
There are so many people to thank for all the help with my run and the 508 but first to thank all of you for reading and posting to my blog. It means a great deal to have support and I look forward to supporting all of you to!
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"
Off to bike
Much love

Saturday, July 26, 2008

After running, a quick recovery and back to work

Well, after running all those miles, climbing the insane Mount Whitney, going back to Vegas and then going back home.... it's back to work.

Lisa came home to a mere 1,651 emails in her Inbox. A good 500 seem to be from either Mr. Moses Odiaka from the credit and accounts department of Union Bank of Nigeria or an anonymous Samaritan giving her stock tips for an undiscovered company with Big News. Either way, it looks like Lisa is poised to receive a wad of cash for AIDS Orphans Rising!

In fact, so diligent is Lisa in her work that I received an email asking if I have been following my training schedule while she was away. Because I know how busy Lisa must be, I decided to not respond to that question. I was just thinking of her. Really.

Now that the crew has access to computers, the photos are coming in fast and furious. We're working on a thorough gallery which will be up shortly, but here are some great links in the meantime.

Ben Jones, a wonderful guy and great photographer also known as the Mayor of Badwater, has a set of 559 photographs from the Badwater Ultramarathon. The above photo is number 529 or so-- if you pop ahead to the 520's, you'll see a series of fantastic finish-line photos. (By the way, Leigh and Annemarie are in the crew van behind the runners, which is why you don't see them in the picture.)

Ben Jones' Gallery

Crew member Annemarie Deal's Gallery

Crew member Leigh Corbin's blog has great photos too.

Even without the checks that have been mailed in to Sister Marybeth directly, we're up to almost $400,000.00 for AIDS Orphans! So close to the goal of $500,000.00.... The fundraising site, www.active.com/donate/lisas810 will be Open and Ready For Business throughout the entire 810, so you can still donate throughout the summer.

We'll keep everyone updated and alert you to the airdate of the Today Show piece as soon as we get word. In the meantime, here's Part II of the radio piece on Lisa's 810 from Endurance Planet and a video that Leigh put together:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally, home.

From Lisa, this morning:
I am home, sleepy but in great spirits and I am going to write my own personal story next week of each account and step that I took...so many emotions, trials to work through along the way...very long trip home in the van...the fatigue of not much sleep has set in and caught up to me:)

But hey...we did it and I am so thrilled and thankful for so many things...gratitude is a big word.

God was so powerful on this trip and was the most powerful the last 16 miles...really more than amazing... Nothing and nobody will ever take this away from me.
And those last miles she's talking about were AMAZING.

A disclaimer before I post this... I'm terrible at math, I have the attention span of a puppy and those numbers on the Badwater Race Results page are real small. So someone, please-- double check my analysis here.

But it sure does look to me like Lisa was the fastest woman and the fourth overall fastest on that last split.
  • Jorge Pacheco, winner - last split time: 54 minutes

  • Akos Konya, 2nd place - last split time: 51 minutes

  • Chris Frost, 49th place - last split time: 58 minutes

  • Lisa Smith Batchen, after 310 miles -- last split time: 59 MINUTES.
Someone please double check that for me, because it's just a little bit unbelievable. After 310 miles-- which, where I come from, is a pretty exhausting drive -- runs faster than 69 out of 73 other runners and has the fastest split of any woman and almost all of the men.

And then after this little sprint, it was up to the top of the highest mountain in the Con- tinental US where Lisa and the crew were greeted with... well, Mount Whitney Weather.

If you Wikipedia "Mount Whitney" you'll find tidbits of info such as:
  • The Mount Whitney area is notorious for its unpredictable weather.
  • This weather pattern [monsoon season] is usually seen between June and mid-September.
  • Lightning is the major concern during the monsoon season.

Then it was back to Las Vegas, where George was again able to resist running off with a showgirl, which may have been a feat requiring as much discipline as Lisa's 810. Leigh Corbin went home to continue her amazing blog which everyone should check out at turborunz.blogspot.com where she has a great photo montage. Terry relinquished his satellite phone and hopefully got some good rest before going back to Chicago. Laurie dried out her monsoon-ravaged duds before heading back to Idaho and Annemarie took no break at all, going back home after many miles to jump right back into work and parenthood. Scott finally took off his sunglasses for the first time since July 9th. (I have actually *never* seen Scott's eyes, and am beginning to wonder...)

And what about Sister Marybeth, the woman who surprised no one, yet amazed us all with her incredible spirit, contagious energy and calming presence? How did she decide to help recover from this demanding event?

Well, this is from Lisa's email this morning:
Sister Marybeth just called me and she ran a half marathon today in calif.!!!
Which just goes to prove what I've said all along-- watch out for hanging around Lisa too much. You might just find yourself doing amazing things too. Consider yourself warned.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stages 1 & 2 of L810 - COMPLETED.

Lightning, snow, rain.... the weather at Mt. Whitney is pleasant this time of year.

Despite the weather, they made it. And Sister Marybeth experienced her first mountain climb. For her very first climb she chose the highest summit in the continental US. How's that for chutzpah! Well done!

Despite the frightening picture, Lisa is doing well. In her own words she said "whew... I am one cooked rooster." Which I never really considered Lisa to resemble, but I won't argue with the woman.

And of course, where Lisa goes, so goes the quilt...

Speaking to Terry this morning he sounded the most relaxed and coherent I've heard him in a long time. He was at breakfast with George, but he said "we decided to let Lisa sleep in."

And that there, my friends, is just a small example of the crew's generosity. Okay, okay-- they were more generous than that. They really did go through an amazing amount of discomfort, to put it euphemistically, during all these days to help Lisa make this enormous challenge in the name of charity actually possible. As strong and strong-willed as Lisa is, no one could do this alone.

And of Lisa's strength and will, I am reminded most of something Mahatma Gandhi said:
All of my most secret inventions are cooking and simmering in here. Old Slugworth would give his false teeth to get inside for just five minutes, so don't touch a thing!

Oh. Wait. No, that was Willy Wonka. Sorry about that. Here's the right one:
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

While Lisa does possess a great deal of the the former, she has an almost inconceivable amount of the latter-- enough to endure 312 miles of running through an environment most folks take care to avoid. And no doubt much of that will is powered by the knowledge that in her suffering, she is mitigating the suffering of others. And that's a darn noble thing.

Okay, you can start training for Furnace Creek 508 now, Lisa. But first, a milkshake.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BUCKLE! BUCKLE!!!!! BUCKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unbelievable! With 4 miles to finish and 308 miles behind her, Lisa went all out running to be sure she finished Badwater under the 48 hour limit in order to get that damn buckle!
Everyone is just insanely proud of Lisa. Not surprised, but amazed.

A hearty, huge congratulations to that whole crew that made it possible. George, Leigh, Scott, Terry, Annemarie, Laurie and of course, Sister Mary Beth -- you have done a incredible
job supporting Lisa through an amazing ordeal. Through bats, blisters and naked Navahos you gave the support that she needed.

Lisa- you continue to astonish us.

Now on to Whitney!

Stage Two, Day 2 update

This just in! As of 7:00 AM PST, Lisa was 4 miles up Portal Road and running-- she's shooting for that belt buckle which means she has to come in under 48 hours-- GO, GO, GO!!!!

According to Leigh, it was a really rough day. The crew is beat (but undoubtedly still cheery) and Lisa has really gone through a lot -- but this surprises no one.

Leigh was with Lisa during her Badwater Double last year, and assures us that "all in all, she is in better shape then she was at this time last year."

As we speak, Lisa's out on the course, gittin' 'er done, as I've heard them say in Idaho.

Here's a snap of Leigh and Sister Marybeth giving the magic finger treatment to Lisa's leg as George treats her feet.

I'm not 100% certain of their exact location right now-- I'm trying to get that info. But Leigh promised that her next batch of photos would be of Lisa "climbing up Whitney Portal" -- so you know she's closing in.

Temperatures out there look to be averaging about 114 degrees.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEW! Check out the Gallery on Lisa's 810 site

You can go to Lisa's 810 and click "updates" for a link to the gallery, or just:

click here

The gallery will be updated as photos come in and time permits.


LIVE UPDATE! Terry Madl called from the road to let us know that Lisa has come about 83 miles so far.

She and the crew went pretty much right through the night. Lisa got about 90 minutes of rest at 2:00 AM after her stomach started bothering her; apparently some cashews, which she is allergic to, found their way into her system. Update: Jay informs me that Lisa is not allergic to cashews and is in fact quite fond of them. Perhaps Terry said she had swallowed some "cat's shoes" and I mis-heard.

So for the past six hours her stomach has been a consistent problem, but she keeps going, with Sister Marybeth constantly at her side.

"Sister Marybeth is terrific" Terry said. "She'll take long turns out on the road and it does Lisa just a world of good."

Both Terry and Lisa also contribute the "re-opening" of the course to Sister Marybeth's crewing. According to Terry, "There were severe thunderstorms, they were going to close the route because of flooding... And then Sister said a little prayer - and bang!! We're back on course! It was incredible!"

So basically, Lisa is in pretty good hands. Above is a photo courtesy of Leigh Corbin, of Lisa coming into Panamint along side of George Velasco. And as anyone who has ever run with George knows-- when you're with running with George, you're running with someone who cares. George Velasco will give you the shirt off his back, followed by his socks, his shoes, the last of his water and a vital organ should you need it, and he'll do it while telling you a story about the Army Days just to keep you distracted. You would have to try really, really hard to feel bad in George's company.

It's 7:00 AM in the photo, which means they're hitting Panamint still ahead of schedule.

More details (and photos) to come.

LISA'S 810 - No Change for Badwater Route

The course shall remain the same, so sayeth Badwater Race Director Chris Kostman at exactly 10:36 PM PST, or.. approximately 1:30 AM New York time, where I had just finished posting My Big Scoop on the re-routing of the Badwater race course, complete with graphic. Dang.

Well, it was officially announced that they were going to "almost change" the course, but didn't. So cheers all around, L810 goes to Whitney!

Here's a shot of Lisa snapped by the race director himself, not long after Lisa's 10:00 AM start.

(Lookin' sharp in her Moeben sleeves)

Monday, July 14, 2008

ROUTE CHANGE - Badwater Course Flooded

While it may not be officially announced on their website yet, we have word from both Leigh Corbin and some other sources that due to flooding, the 31st running of the Badwater Ultramarathon will have to reroute particiants.

Reports from the road say that due to flooding on 395, runners will now turn around at mile marker 102 and head back down to Panamint Springs where they will finish the 135 mile course.

While this must be disappointing, I'm sure they recognize that there are simply some things that are out of the control of even the most talented runner & hardiest crew on the planet. They may not be able to change the weather, but that doesn't mean they're not still out there changing lives -- every step of Lisa's 810 is going to help feed, educate, shelter or heal someone, no matter which direction that step is going.

So stay tuned in and keep those comments coming in!

Bob & Lisa: In the Valley and on the Mountain

It wasn't long ago -- in fact, less than three weeks -- that Bob Becker, race director of the Keys 100, as well good friend and coaching student of Lisa's, stood by Lisa's side at the top of the Tetons surrounded by snow and clouds and talked about how much he was looking forward to his first Badwater Ultramarathon.

It was at the Dreamchasers Grand Tetons Camp, and I was in desperate need of distracting Bob & Lisa with some sort of activity. Should 3 minutes go by with their heart rate anywhere near the normal range, the two of them would suddenly break out into spontaneous circuit-training routines. They couldn't help it.

As I needed time to finish looking for the lung I had apparently left out on the trail somewhere, I asked Bob and Lisa both how they felt about the upcoming Badwater race. Happily, this distracted them from exercise for about 40 seconds.

STAGE TWO, DAY ONE - midafternoon update

I was only able to speak to Lead Crewmember Leigh Corbin for about 45 seconds today, but that was basically all I needed to find out how Lisa is doing.

Lisa is doing amazingly.

Lisa is an hour ahead of schedule.

How a person can smile after running 177 miles through bats and blisters is something my brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around, never mind having done all that and still having the Badwater Ultramarathon ahead of you.

But Leigh assures me that Lisa is just unstoppable. Also note that Leigh will have internet access tonight when she gets to Lone Pine, so all comments posted here will find their way to Lisa on the course.

More updates (and photos) as I get 'em. You can also check out the webcasts at the Official Badwater site, which also has some great snaps of Lisa and the gang.

LISA'S 810 - a message from the road


I've just received urgent word that I need to post this photo which apparently has some sort of "hidden message" encrypted somewhere inside it. Get your DaVinci Code hats on and try to decipher the important secret revealed somewhere within this seemingly simple shapshot.

There's a clue in there somewhere. I can feel it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

LISA 810 - stage one is finished!

After an incredible journey, crew leader Leigh Corbin had enough energy left to give us a full update.

"I am sitting in the crew van and it is almost 10 at night trying to get a signal. I am unable to get many pictures out becuse the signal is so weak. I happen to be listening to the rain pour down right now as I write.

Lisa is doing great. We finished stage one at 1:18 AM this morning. It was the first real night's sleep that we have had since we begun. My cell phone is no longer working so I can not send pictures that way.

Things were tough for Lisa as you would expect. Suffering is part of what Lisa does, and she dose it well. You would be hard pressed to find a woman as kind as Lisa. Even when in pain and struggling, she is always thinking of those around her. She is kind to everyone, even at 2 AM.

Lisa has handled herself like the pro that she is. Strong beyond words. She says that she would not have made it if it had not been for Sister Mary Beth.

Lisa has had some strange challenges while out on the course. One night she was attacked by a bat that had gotten caught in her hair. Last night just as the sun was getting ready to set, she was having hallucinations and thought she saw Indians climbing the mountains with no robes. This sent her into a silly spell and she did not even realize that the crew had put her feet into an icey water bath to cool them off and help to reduce the swelling. This is always painful but was done before she even realized it.

She has absolutely enjoyed the route that had been created for her to run. It was very scenic and beautiful. Early this morning as she touched the Badwater plaque where the race will start on Monday morning; she had great relief. She had done it and with few problems physically.

Her feet are in great shape and her stomach held out till the end where it started to give her a hint of a problem. She feels very determined and knows that many prayers will get her through, that and having Sister Mary Beth by her side. That is an amazing duo! Here is a picture of Lisa at the finish."

Thanks Leigh! Tonight I'll be posting a photo gallery of shots Leigh has sent me on the "updates" page of lisas810.com -- check it out!

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10 - 11 - DAY 1&2 (2 entries)

JULY 11TH, 7:20 AM (PDT)

Just got a call from Scott. Well, it turns out the course is a little longer than we thought, but perhaps a just a bit more.

As you can see, Lisa's been running and trying to take care of her feet during the night.

Word on the street is that Sister Marybeth crews the way I nap -- with a natural-born talent for it. Here she is tending to Lisa. She's been a cook, a driver, a pacer and an overall trooper.

The crew anticipates that they'll be hitting Stovepipe Wells around midnight or 1:00 AM, and I'm sure they'll have more updates at that time.

If you leave a comment on the blog, I'll print them all out and fax them to Stovepipe Wells. I can't tell you how much getting messages from family and friends does for the spirits.

So limber up your fingers folks, and let's swamp this blog until the entire internet's just one big smokin' mess.

Updates as I get 'em.

JULY 10TH, 8:00 AM (PDT)

When I asked Terry how Lisa was doing, his answer was "I can't believe it-- she's fresh as a daisy!"

Lisa got on the phone, and had another take on it. While she was feeling good and didn't want to stop for too long she did have humongous blisters on her ankles; heat rash had set in, which it tends to do when the temperature hits pavement-melting levels.

We didn't talk long as she was eager to keep moving. Terry and I determined that she's nearly at the 60 mile mark, and just a few clicks shy of the Nevada/California border.

The donations are flying in fast and furious. Since the crew arrived in Las Vegas, over $4,000 have been raised, just online and in person-- that doesn't include the checks being mailed in to the Religious Teachers Filippini while Sister Marybeth is away!

So, not including those checks, we're around $280,000.00 for the AIDS Orphans. Because it only takes 4 cents to feed a child a full meal (hard as that is to believe in America) that means Lisa's raised enough money so far to feed 7,000,000 children. Amazing.

But it also means so much more than that. It's money that can help AIDS Orphans Rising continue their wonderful programs, such as my personal favorite, the "Pizza - Gelato Initiative". To find out all the amazing programs they run-- programs that you personally are involved in helping-- check out our About AIDS Orphans Rising page, and the AIDS Orphans Rising site.

More updates as I get 'em...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DAY ONE of the 810

And they're off...

The temperature at 9:00 AM was a balmy 90 degrees. By the time noon rolled around it hit 112 degrees and an "Excessive Heat Warning" was issued. Excessive Heat in the desert... who would have thought? Thank goodness for weathermen.

But Lisa and the crew are spiriting right along. By 3:00 PM (PSD) they were already at the 15 mile point, and when I asked Leigh what time she thought they'd be stopping for a rest, she said "Oh, we're going straight through the night."

The last update was at 6:00 PM -- and Lisa is in great shape and a happy mood, with appetite intact. Peanut Butter and Jelly seemed to be the big hit of the day, with one turkey and cheese with mayo thrown in.

I've been assured that where they are now the shoulders of the roads are nice and wide, allowing Lisa to give traffic a wide berth. There is a van with Lisa at all times, and an additional "crew van" which will stop some miles ahead and allow the "off crew" some downtime and a chance to take pictures of their feet.

Each van has a 6 foot banner on the side letting folks driving by know exactly what this tall blonde woman running alongside the road is doing. It also has all of Lisa's sponsors' logos on it, so everyone can see who helped make this possible.

All the comments to this blog will be printed out and faxed to Stovepipe Wells in advance of Lisa's estimated arrival there.

So everyone-- don't be shy... leave a comment to cheer Lisa on!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's finally here! ...and so is the Today Show

Greetings, everyone-

I'll be subbing for Lisa while she's on the road from Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney, keeping everyone updated on her latest whereabouts.

As you can see, Sister Marybeth has arrived, and here she and Lisa are with the 810 Quilt. The quilt will be making the trip along with Lisa -- through the desert, up Mt. Whitney -- after which it will be auctioned on the Lisa's 810 Ebay site. Stay tuned.

As I write, Lisa and Sister Marybeth are giving a public lecture about "Running With A Purpose" at the St. Joseph Husband of Mary Catholic Church Parish Hall in Las Vegas -- in fact, the very spot that Lisa will set out from at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning.

And with her at the start of the 810 will be a crew from the Today Show and the local NBC affiliate in Las Vegas, KVBC. We don't know if they will be airing the piece live or at a later time, but we will let everyone know as soon as we receive word. For those of us outside of the Las Vegas area, we can watch the KVBC live at their website, http://www.kvbc.com.

So far there has not been any indication that Leigh has lost her kids' inheritance at the blackjack table, nor news of George having married a dancer from Cirque de Soleil. Hopefully they will make it until 9:00 AM tomorrow and leave Las Vegas as free of sin as when they arrived. Ahem.

And don't forget to check out www.lisas810.com to fly over the course Lisa's running and to get the latest news and, of course, to donate to help the cause. We're already at $240,000.00 -- help us reach the goal of $500,000.00!


Monday, July 07, 2008

All the bags are packed and ready to go!

Good morning!

Wow..it is here, deep breaths right?!!! I am ready, calm, at peace and the money is flowing in. God is so good and so are all of you.
Thank you all for your many wonderful emails to me, they are so appreciated. I will be thinking about each and everyone of you as you get ready for your own challenges this weekend, next weekend and for the future to come.

I am so looking forward to meeting most of my crew today in Las Vegas, George will pick me up Leigh is already there and Sister Marybeth will be right in front of me! Terry arrives by car this afternoon. Annemarie and Scott arrive on Tues. afternoon and Wed. morning 9am we are off.

Be sure to check out all the information on www.lisas810.com there is even a schedule!
WE NOW have a tracking device that we are going to use so you can see where we are all the time! How fun..my family is thrilled about this...

I leave you with a few quotes today to think about..

*There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it don't you? -Rumi

*Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All thing pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything. -Mother Teresa

*What we are trying to do may be just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. -Mother Teresa

*Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Chris Jesus. -Philippians 3:13.14

God speed to you all and Happy Feet


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Badwater and beyond!!!

Leaving for Las Vegas! I am ready but have yet to start packing:) I am working on training schedules for my students and spending time with my kids. I feel so calm, at peace and very much looking forward to what lies ahead of us.
I had a great bike ride on Friday with my daughter Annabella while Jay pulled our daughter Gabby. What fun:) I am going into this run feeling like a butter ball turkey:) In 2006 I felt I got way to thin by the end and my energy was low. This time I will start out heavy and hope it will hold me through when the going gets tough, at least I hope so.

It is near to impossible for me to thank all the amazing people who have come on board to help this project become a reality. From my wonderful husband, my children, extended family, friends, students and so many people I have yet to meet. My very kind and generous sponsors, the devoted people who worked on the web sites...it is endless the time, effort, energy and love that has and will continue all the way through Oct. into this project. From the heaven, the stars and the moon and back I love you all and thank you all so very much.

I will run in the memory and to honor all the women and children. I will run for you and me my friends, I will run for life!
My good friend Stephanie passed away on June 1st from breast cancer, I was not able to see her before she move onto eternity. I will run so much in her memory and honor all she did to help this World be a better place for she is my hero in so many ways!!!

It really is one of those days where I sit here and really can't believe that in less than 48 hours I will be in Las Vegas getting ready to start our 2008 project!

As of today since May 1st, 2008 we have raised close to $240,000!!! Our goal by Oct. is $500,000. Wow..how thankful are we for the love, support and belief to each of you for without this it would not be possible.

Please pray for us along the way that we have a safe journey from Las Vegas to the summit of Mt. Whitney. Please follow along on the www.lisas810 web site and blogs and take time to send me a blog post..trust me when the going gets tough and it will hearing from you will get me through the extra miles!!!

Some great news:) Sister Marybeth who has inspired me for many years and who is on the 810 crew for the run and the bike will be coming to the Tetons in Aug. to run the Grand Teton marathon on Aug. 31st. After she completes the marathon and before the awards ceremony Sister Marybeth will be giving a presentation on "running for a purpose and or sporting for a purpose." Really to help us all know that small acts of kindness do make a difference, we can and do all make a difference.

I hope you will consider coming to the Tetons races, run a race, volunteer and be part of the action! http://www.tetonraces.com/

When you have a few moments take a look at the updated web site! http://www.lisas810.com/

FOR JUST THE DONATION PAGE:http://www.active.com/donate/lisas810

We now have on-line donations set up and we will have a "live tracking device" so you will be able to see where we are all the time!!!If you feel the love pass on the web site and the information to other's.

If you are not on our mailing list to receive our Dreamchaser newsletter you should think about signing up:)

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER!!!http://www.dreamchaserevents.com/doac/doac_contact.htm

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!

Check it out:)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edsB_aqUPOM

I will think about each and everyone of you while I am on the road, I will be thinking and supporting the things you are striving to do as well.

God Bless and love you
p.s. There will be many updates on the blog and web site starting Monday as we all arrive in Las Vegas!!!!