Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Race morning: 5:45 am. Jared, Bob and Lisa..race #7 Athleta skort, jog bra and top! Smith Optics sunglasses, Dreamchaser Buff, Pearl I. road shoes and smart wool socks!
God love these people and crew!!! Mark, Helene, Lisa and Todd!

Sure looks different than Tucson!

The most important bit of information is that Leigha, Helene's daughter is going to be just fine. They have some things to get worked out with the blood sugar but it was a good thing we went back to Helene and Todd's home. And the best news of all is that Todd is going to come run the Teton 50 mile, Helene the trail marathon and Leigha is going to babysit our girls for us on race weekend!!! The photo to the right is Todd, race director extraordinary Bob Becker, Me (Athleta top:)) and Helene.

It was so fun to see water. Bob Becker the wonderful race director has the most amazing view from there condo..it was a spot that you would never want to leave..no wonder he and his bride Sue love it so much! The photo below is me..ha! all decked out in my Athleta skort and shirt:)

Mark is driving the crew van and Todd is showing off his six pack.

It was so great to have these guys all there for me. My stomach still hurts from all the laughing.
Ok..so my new food plan: I decided that I was going to take it pretty easy for the first 50 miles of the race to test out my need food plan and it felt great. I felt great.
This is what I did and plan to continue to use.
Pre race: bag of sharkies, bottle of nuun, 2 enduralytes and a banana
Race: sliced oranges, watermelon, turkey and yellow cheese sandwich with mayo!
I had them give me a 1/4 of a sandwich every 30 min..
I drank only water and nuun.
Took 1 salt stick and hour
2 enduralytes every 30 min.
Corn chips here and there
2 Tylenol every 3 hours
It was 93-95 degrees with 90% humidity and there was a 3 mile stretch where I have never and I mean never felt so hot..not even at Badwater.
Protein seems to work the very best for me along with the fruit. My stomach never felt sick at all , I was peeing just fine and it all felt good. This is what I have been using at home at well and feel that in the heat this is my answer to prayers!
It seems that it was hot all over the place last weekend for the races. Great job and effort to you all.
All in all I had a wonderful weekend in Florida..it all turned out even if it was not the way I went there for! The pre race talk I did on "running for a purpose" was so fun and it seems that it has motivated some others. It it touches just one person than we have made a difference.
Have a wonderful day

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida Keys 50:)

Happy Sunday to you all!!!

I had a very good fun 50 mile race!!
Yes, was to run the 100 but a few things happened the night before the race that was really only going to allow me time to run the 50 miles.

Helene one of my wonderful crew members daughter has type 1 Diabetes. We were about to go to bed on Friday night and Helene got a call that her daughters blood sugar was 500..I did not know a great deal about the illness but I do now. Needless to say we almost had to drive back at 3am Sat. morning and miss the race completely. I could not run without a crew.
Helenes daughter (Leiha) was staying with friends. It took 7 hours to get her blood sugar levels back to normal but it did not leave Helene or any of us in peace, Helene needed to get home.
Family first, always first!

I only had 1.5 hours sleep on Friday night and felt just 50 to only run the 50 mile race.
I got to the race start line at 5:30 am with all the 100 mile runners and the relay teams
but did not have the heart to ask my dear friend and race director if I could drop down to the 50 mile which did not start until 10am. I could go back and sleep a few hours..but being a race director myself and knowing how much you are doing the morning right before the start I just stuck with the 100 start but in my heart about knew I was going to have to leave at 50 miles.
I felt really good...I ran the first hour easy talking to people, then got into a 4/1 plan until it got hot and the humidity picked up. I slowed down a bit and stayed with 4/1 and every once in awhile walking for 5 minutes.
My nutrition was perfect. I am down to using 5 different foods and tons of water and nuun.
My feet were good and this morning I am not even sore.
10:14 for 50 miles pretty much taking my time and feeling like it was a good training run.

At 50 miles Helene called home and told me she really wanted to go home, she was even willing to take a taxi 4 hours to get home. NOT a CHANCE..I was fine with this and felt that I had another 50 miles under my belt and that I would have continued to feel good.
I was and I am satisfied with my run.

I go home Monday morning...I miss Jay and my girl's but I am thankful to have had this time with Todd, Helene, Bob, Jared..oh and 2 of my friends Mark and Mike who showed up for part of the race...Mark and Mike have both crewed Badwater before and are 2 of the funniest people in the world. Thanks guys for taking the time, making the effort to drive all the way out to the Keys to come and see me.

Thanks to Bob and Susanne for putting up with me on Wed. night and Todd and Helene the rest of the weekend. I had a wonderful time.
Photos and more race details to come this week.

Oh..by the way..Alisa who won the 100 mile...I caught up to her at the 50 mile mark as she was leaving..she is going to be the one I tell you to all watch out for at Badwater...My money is on her! She is strong, aggressive and her power walking is awesome!
It was good to run a few miles with Anita as well..we both had a hard time with the flat and traffic but needless to say it was good to see her to!

Best to you.
I hope you who are reading this today will post your own race results from the weekend!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

They are off and running!

For results updates:

From this page, click on 2008 Results – NEW on the left-hand side of the page

Early Morning News from the Keys!

Start time is 6:00am in Key Largo and it's been a long night anticipating this inaugural race to Key West! With a forecast about 94 degrees and 65% humidity, the comfort level will shift as the sun rises and sets. There has been an added crew member as of 2am last night, Mark Bernardi from Delray Beach, FL. Old friend from Badwater couldn't stay away from the fun! Mark's humor and Todd's pacing along with the off-shore breezes will fuel us today.

This is crew member, Helene Milbert, reporting for Lisa. Arriving in Fort Lauderdale a few days ago, Lisa experienced a run in the moist humidity with race director, Bob Becker and then got a good night sleep on Thursday night. Friday morning we arrived at Key Largo to have lunch on the water. At the race kick-off meeting, Lisa gave an encouraging speech on "Running with a purpose".

With adrenaline pumping and all smiles now, we will give you an update later on today!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Athleta Women's Clothing

Athleta Women's Clothing: Some of the most beautiful clothing that there is for women of all shapes, sizes doing all kinds of things!
I LOVE ATHLETA!!! Not just for the wonderful clothing but for the beauty is which this company stands for and stands behind.
You will often see me running in skorts, out to dinner in a beautiful dress of taking a yoga class in my comfy clothing..well guess what? It is all about Athleta for me and man do I look good:):)!!

So many people stop me all the time and ask me where did you get that skort, where did you get that shirt...most always the answer is Athleta.
I am so proud to say that I am an Athleta women.

Last Friday they updated the Athleta.com home page and told me "you're the featured athlete!"

How honored I am!! Thank you Athleta for your belief in me.!!!

If you are interested in posting a comment and I hope you do click on the link below, scroll down to my name and click on the word more.

http://www.athleta.com/The direct link is

http://www.athleta.net/chi to post a comment.

Happy shopping:)

On another note my good friend and coaching student Jim Simone in riding his bike across America!!! Today is day 3. Jim would love to get an email from you..even a donation!
Check out his web site. Scroll down on the page and you will see a photo that our 5 year old Annabella drew for Jim telling him good luck:) Jim we wish you a safe journey filled with many wonderful moments. You trained so hard for this all winter long on an indoor bike trainer. One of my hero's.


Have a blessed day

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Florida Keys 100 Here I Run!!!


It has been a while since I stepped up to the starting line of a 100 mile race. Next Sat. May 17th, I will travel to Florida for the "Keys100". http://www.keys100.com/

The great news for me is that physically I feel great and I feel ready to run this race.

I look forward to the joy of running, the joy of being on a new course with many new and old friends but most of all to support my wonderful friend and "new" race director Bob Becker!

Today I was able to hold a 7:40 pace for 10 miles of very hilly roads and it was 90 degrees. I feel strong, it feels good:)

I am fortunate to say that I will the guest speaker for the Keys races at the pre-race meeting on Friday evening. The topic I will talk about is "Running for a Purpose"!!!

Yeah..I am excited:)

You will be able to follow my progress and all those running the Keys races on the race web site.

My very good friend and coaching student Bob Becker is the race director. Bob is putting on this race as a relay, 50 and 100 mile to support and raise money for prostate cancer.

I commend Bob for his amazing efforts as a humanitarian, family man, business man, friend and athlete that he is. Bob is running his 1st Badwater 135 Ultra this July.

The Keys race is a self supported race, meaning I have to have a crew! Todd and Helene Melbert who live in Florida are going to be my crew and Todd will be able to do some running with me:):)

Todd was on my Badwater double crew in 2006 and was such a blast. I look forward to spending time with both Todd and Helene at there home and on the road. I thank you both for taking this one with me.

I also look forward to seeing our friend Bob Gentile who lives in Florida and will be helping out with the race.

Story and great photo of Bob and Nattu running!

Runners to race entirety of the Keys

On Saturday, May 17, more than 125 runners will take to U.S. 1 in the first
annual Keys 100 Ultra-marathon, a 100-mile race to benefit prostate cancer
research and education.
The runners, all highly conditioned athletes from across the United States,
will start at mile marker 100 in Key Largo, and with a little luck, will
cross the finish line at Smathers Beach in Key West.
For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:
Can't wait!
Dream Big.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Walking Your Way to Ultimate Health!

Walking Your Way to Ultimate Health by Lisa Smith-Batchen

The mistake most of us make when starting an exercise program is this: too much, too fast. And then we burn out and stop exercising. Small steps lead to big steps. Literally.
One of the best modes of exercise available to everyone is walking. Walking can be done anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a gym or any equipment except a good pair of shoes. It provides just as much of a workout as running and takes away the risk of injury that can occur with running.
I have been walking as a supplement to my running for years. I can now walk 5.5 mph, and I love it.
Autumn is a great time to start your walking program. The brilliant colors give you plenty to look at and the crisp air prevents you from overheating and is easier to inhale than the muggy, humid air of summer.
Before beginning your walking program make sure you have proper walking shoes. I cannot emphasize this enough. Having the correct shoes will prevent the aches and pains associated with improper shoes. Have a knowledgeable salesperson work with you on what pair best fits your feet. The shoes need to have moderate cushioning and room in the toe box.
Now, when I say walk, I mean WALK. I don’t want you to walk as if you were slowly browsing about in the mall—I want you to put some muscle into it. The larger the muscle mass you involve with each stride, the greater the health benefits, including weight loss.
Start extending a backward force against the ground the instant your heel touches down. Think of pulling the ground under your body with your leg. This action involves the back of the thigh (hamstring) and the buttocks (gluteals). Together, these muscles are up to five times bigger than your calf muscles. End each stride with a push-off as you normally would.
Your hips are also a big part of walking. Reach forward with the hip of the leg that is coming forward for the new stride. By doing this you will work your abdominals, lower back muscles and the gluteals.
Throughout your walk focus on something that is 20-30 feet in front of you—a lamppost, tree, mailbox. Keep your eyes level, walk smooth and don’t bounce. Be sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and always stretch after each walking session.
Why walk?
Walking is the best way to start your running program. If you are interested in introducing running into your exercise regimen, then walking (not strolling) is the perfect way to do so. In addition, it doesn’t matter where you live, what season it is (snowshoes or Yaxtrax® make it easy to get around in winter), or whether you are at home or travelling—you can walk anywhere! Many people, including myself, walk during each running training session and even during a race.
The benefits to your body include better fat metabolism, improved glucose tolerance, a lower resting heart rate, and reduced stress. Walking up and down hills works every muscle in the body and will give you a very good aerobic workout.
How do I get started?
Start any exercise program gradually and only three to four days a week. Start with a 15-20 minute walk and add 10 minutes to each session each week. Forty-five minutes to one hour is the ideal workout length for weight loss and health benefits.
As you increase your workout time, also increase your speed. If you feel slightly out of breath throughout the workout then you know that you are in a heart rate working zone. If you can hold a conversation for the entire walking session then you need to pick up the pace! You should only be able to talk in phrases, not complete sentences.
Example of a beginner’s walking week
Monday: 20 minutes of walking. For the first ten minutes walk at a good pace. For the remaining ten minutes walk one minute as fast as you can, then one minute slowly. Repeat until the ten minutes is up.
Tuesday: off.
Wednesday: repeat Monday’s workout.
Thursday: off.
Friday: 25 minutes at a good steady pace.
Saturday: 20 minute walk. Go slowly for 5 minutes then walk two minutes as fast as you can, followed by three minutes at a good pace. Keep this pattern up for the remainder of the walk.
Sunday: off.
No excuses—get out there and enjoy the foliage of fall and brisk, breathy conversation with a walking buddy.
Happy feet!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

More MDS Television Coverage

I must say that it is so exciting to watch and hear of all of the media attention that the Marathon des Sables is attracting this year. As a coach, I know how hard athletes prepare for this event and it’s great that some recognition is part of the reward. You are ALL stars in my book!!

Another great video clip to watch…Peggy Gaudet shares about her MDS adventure. It is so wonderful how Peggy is inspiring members of her community and the students around her. Maybe one day her students will be running MDS with my daughters!

Article /Transcript

Video Clip (there will be a 10 second commercial before the news segment appears)

The ESPN interview with me was cut short! They had 3 more questions to ask me but the first man on took up my time. Oh well:) The phone is ringing off the wall with people wanting to run the MDS, which is wonderful because I think you all know by now what an amazing race it is.

Hey...tell me what your favorite race is and why???

I am off for a long run this morning. 2 weeks before the Keys 100 mile. I feel good and will end up with about 12 hours on my feet this week. Not even close to what I wanted but you do what you can right!

Many Blessing for a wonderful weekend