Sunday, August 24, 2008

GTR and volunteer information

Hi everyone! This is for all the helpers...just in case you did not get my email and read the blog.
Hey...I rode 160 miles in 2 days...feel great:)

First I would like to thank you in advance for taking and making the time to help out at the races!!! As you know anytime you give of yourself you always get more back in return
. Giving and receiving are so nice don't you agree. We would not be able to put these events on without your love and support. Each of you mean so, so much to us!!! It is not to late to volunteer. We could use help with Sunday race check in 6:30 am.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"!!!

Go team Go!

The weather forecast looks perfect! How thankful are we all?

Below is information for you to keep and to pass on!.

My very good friend Sister Marybeth Lloyd (the running nun) will get here this Tues. at 12:35 to JH. This is one women you all should meet and send a note to everyone you know to come and listen to her talk on Friday after the race meeting or on Sunday..for she is running the marathon!!!

I have tried like heck to get the newspapers to announce she is coming..but no word from them..finger crossed.

**There will be a few people who are "in charge" of the volunteers and helping me out with this part of the races.

These are the people besides me you will look to if you have questions or concerns. My goal is to let you know where to be and when to be there.

1. Lisa Smith- Batchen..that would be me:) I will be running the Main Aid Station..The Dreamchaser station. This is where Dr. Naomi our sports medicine Dr. will be. I will also have 2 massage therapist at this station as well as I am a therapist...My other jobs are to run the registration both Friday and Sat., run the store at registration and then the breakfast for the runners on Sat. and Sun. morning.

2. Laurie Andrews will be my right hand lady, she will be the person you will check in with for volunteering.

3. Olga Valamova will be assisting myself and Laurie but also running the time station at the main tent.4. Bob Becker will be in charge of the time station as well as many other things:)


We have 6 aid stations, 2 of them is water only. These are the aid station captions!!!

1. Main Station: Lisa Smith-Batchen with Dreamchasers!!!/massage, sports medicine, great food and support:)If anyone has a grill or plug in griddle that we can cook pancakes and grilled cheese on this would be welcome! let me know.

2. Freds: Augie Hernandez with Training to be balanced!!/ Lori B. and Steve will be with Augie all weekend. This is such a great station...I hope they will bring some surprises for those who are going up Freds for the 1st or 4th time..!!! Auggie will be picking up supplies from our home on Friday at 1pm, perhaps if anyone working with Augie want to get here early that would be great.

3. Ruth and Ludell Evans: The are returning again this year with there amazing big 5th wheel...These are the wonderful parents of Mike Evans who is running the 100 for his 2nd time. Ruth and Ludell have been baking and cooking some great things for the runners..Thank you!!! Meeting at 9am Friday at our house to pick up supplies.

4. Cold Springs: Therapeutic massage with Brooke Lenz!! This will be Brooke's 3rd year to run this station or to run a station. We are so thankful...she will have her massage table set up and guess what? We found a small camper!! We would still love a bigger one if anyone has one or knows of anyone who would loan theres out. Mike Evans has been talking to someone about a 5th wheel..finger crossed on this! Will not be able to get to our house until Friday 2 pm so she can use some help.

*All of these people will be working from Friday morning until the race is cleaned up! Thanks to you all.*Once the races are over I ask all captions and those who are working with you to make sure all the supplies are brought either back to our home or back to the set up room at Targhee..all of the supplies need to be cleaned to help a faster clean up for all of us

. WHAT TO EXPECT: The weather looks like it is going to be perfect! Make sure that you have all the right clothing with you for any kind of conditions. We do have a room at Targhee for the medical staff and the if any of you feel like you need to take a nap or a shower this is possible. There are also showers at the resort by the swimming pool as well as bathrooms.

Volunteers can eat off the aid stations. Please help us with not letting the community eat off the aid stations. This was a problem last year for some stations and we ran out of some things. The aid stations will have typical aid station foods so if this is not what you would like to eat bring your own food or you can buy food in the little store or the restaurants.

I would like to post the NO KIDS in the aid stations unless they are with you and they are helping.If any of you who are volunteering want to bake cookies or bring a surprise for the runners at the station you are working this is always welcome! New foods!

*One big issue is making sure that ALL hands are clean with touching and preparing any of the foods. Your aid station caption will go over all you will need to know when you arrive to volunteer.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions you might have. You can also look through the www.tetonraces.comweb site. If for any reason you are not able to come and volunteer when you are scheduled please let me know soon.

**Below is the announcement about Sister Marybeth:) and then below that is the list of volunteers, where we would like you to be and when.

**Make sure all your friends with Kids know that we have Sunday Kids races...we also have games for kids and the big bouncing tent!!!

Again, thank you so very much for your support and generous gift of time.

Happy Feet!


Sister Marybeth Lloyd will arrive in Driggs, Idaho, next Tuesday, August26th!
Most of you have heard about Sister Marybeth from my years of raising moneyfor Aids Orphans! There will be two opportunities to meet and listen to Sister Marybeth speak.
This is a rare and special chance to meet someone who has truly dedicatedher life to helping others. On Friday, August 29th at 5:30pm (immediately following the race briefingfor the Grand Teton Ultramaratons), Sister Marybeth will be giving a 30minute presentation in the RCR-South Conference Room at Grand TargheeResort. She promises this presentation will change your life forever. Ibelieve it will, as it did for me!
Her presentation will be followed by acasual meet and greet and book signing.
Sister Marybeth's book AIDS ORPHANSRISING has been an amazing hit and is loaded with information that will openyour eyes to another world!
On Sunday, August 31st, Sister Marybeth will be running the Grand TetonTrail Marathon at Grand Targhee Resort. She'll be running in her blackhabit..yes her long black you'll see The RUNNING NUN out on thetrails in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.
Following her run and AugieHernandez's stretching session, she'll be giving a short presentation on"Running for (or 'sporting') for a Purpose." This talk will occur between3:30-4:00pm, just prior to the Official Awards Ceremony on the patio at thebase of Grand Targhee Resort (weather permitting).
Please take a moment to look through Lisa's fund raising effort for the 2008season.
The 810 web site, provides details on an 810 mileendurance effort, where you will see that she and Sister Marybeth have raised $400,000 since May 1st, with thefirst part of the 810..a 304 mile run from Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney, whichincluded running the official Badwater Ultramarathon.

WORDS FROM SISTER:I promise to change your life in 20 minutes.Millions of children are living in this world alone without parents-- never a hug, not enough food, never knowing the love Jesus has for them.This year the USA will have 67,000 new orphans from AIDS, Ethiopia will have470,000 andIndia 4, 000,000 new orphans from Aids...just this year!! The ReligiousTeachers Filippini are providing for thousands of these children throughoutthe world. We are trying to keep these children together as a family.
Ifthe family unit is destroyed, society is destroyed!Every 14 seconds a child headed household is formed! That is littlechildren ususaully 4 or 5 of them under the age of 18, left alone by thedeath of their parents. AIDS has ravaged millions of young lives we aretrying to provide love, education, housing and set them up in a microenterprise that allows them to live a life of dignity.I am a member of the Religious Teachers Filippini...we were founded over 300 years ago ..we help children and women, presently we are in 10 countries.
For the past 13 years I have been the International Mission Director..ourGeneralte is in Rome, Italy and our Motherhouse in the USA is in Morristown,NJ. This site gives lots of information on our order: and our work with the orphans at

In June I received the Servitor Pacis Award from the Vatican's Mission tothe UN...for my work with the is a brief description of the award...The annual Path to Peace Award is bestowed upon a single is individual in recognition of his or her commitment to the development of peace in the national and international arenas. But, it is also important to recognize persons from that magnificent legion of often unsung heroes, men and women in the most remote fields, who literally spend their lives with the only purpose and desire to be where the need is greater, where the wounds are festering and the pain unending. Such individuals are truly Servitores Pacis, Servants of Peace, and it is to these beacons of hope that an award by the same name, "Servitor Pacis," is given.






Cathy C. Thursday-Friday: teach the others how to do the timing and updates...:)

Leslie: Help with race check in on Friday and the Cold Springs aid station on Sat.

Allen: Help get supplies to aid stations Friday night. Sat. and Sun. Help at the Cold Springs aid station.

Jim Henry: Sunday: Work with Ruth and Ludell at the lower (Mill Creek aid station) come as early as possible or even late Sat. night and work through the night and Sunday. Then stay for the finish and awards party!

Joy R. Sunday 8 am..arrive to help with the kids races.

Kim: Sat. early as you set up main station and then work it

Eric: Once Kim has to leave the main station you come on board:)

Abbie: Report to Lisa or Laurie on Sat. and we will send you off where need you!

Jon: Help with check in and then clean a station.

Becky C.: Friday: race check in, store, aid station set up, main tent helping with the timeing. Sat. race check in and then RUNNING THE MARATHON WITH SISTER MARYBETH!

Teri Madl: Wed. help Jay with course set up. Thursday: Help set up tents.

Bob Becker: Thursday: help Jay with Tents, main station and timeing work with Lisa. Sat.and Sunday morning drop bags.

Olga: Friday: help store set up and race check in. Sat. and Sun. Main station timeing and helping Lisa/Laurie. Breckfast Sat. and Sun. Drop bags.

Lori B.: Friday: helping Augie set up Freds and spending weekend up at Freds!!!

Leigh: Thursday: help set up tents. Friday: help set up store, help with 810/MDS GTR shows at check in!!! Sat. and Sun. work with Brooke at Cold Springs aid staiton.

Lora M. Friday: help with store set up and regestraion.

Dusty: Friday: Regestration and store set up. Sun. helping take down course

.Anthony P. Wed. help Jay with course markings!

Helene: Friday night: helping get supplies to aid stations..this is after dinner. Sat. morning/ at Ruth and Ludell aid station. Mill Creek!

Todd: Same and Helene

George V.: Wed. help Jay with course markings...Thursday: help Lisa and Jay set up tents

.Mike K.: 7:30 am Sunday: Working kids race check in and kids race.

Rick W.: 7:30 am Sunday: Working kids race or at the main aid station.

Trevor: Friday night: aid station set up.

Mike Evans: Is doing shuttles to and from the airport Wed. Thursday and Friday.

Dr. Naomi: Sports Medicine Doctor and head of the medical. She will be at the main station.

Chris L.: Friday: aid station set up. Sat. race check in with Lisa

Zahan: Sat. night..glow sticks.

RE: Sunday morning kids race check in.

Eddie: Wed. helping Jay with course markings. Thursday: Help set up tents.

Marriane: Thursday: Help Lisa!

Jason: Friday night aid station set up

MC (Mark Conner) Work with Jason

Merrideth and Sue Conner: Will have a table selling things at the store!

Kris: Friday night help Jay where he needs help

Julie: Sat. at either Lower aid station or Cold Springs.

Kate H. Friday race check in

Dr. Steve: Work Freds!!!

If any of you can stay longer or around for the awards and clean up that would be great.

Thank you again..see you soon

Happy FeetLisa and Jay Batchen

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have you ever been depressed?

Hi all!!!

Most of you know that I have suffered depression and at one time is was very bad.
At the moment I am still on a small dose of an anti depressant drug and as far as I am concerned I am just fine to stay on it for the rest of my life.
Depression comes in many is a disease like many other diseases and it should be treated like all other diseases. Like any disease depression can and needs to be treated and there are many different ways to treat it. We are all so unique and different with every aspect of our life.
Why do I ask you if you have ever been depressed? Please read this letter below and if you feel the love act on it today. Post this post to your own blog so that we can all be part of helping as many people as we can!
I am not scared to tell the World about depression, at one time in my life I was. It was shameful and embarrassing. The truth be told I could not believe that I was or could be depressed until I learned all about the disease!
This month on the cover of the Runner's World Australia the article that was in USA Runner's World, 2006 was published. Needless to say I have been flooded with emails about depression and people thanking me for sharing my story. When the 2006 article came out I was devastated in many ways but in the end I saw that Gods plan was that I did share my story for it seems to have helped a great deal of people all over the World.
Will you share your story with us on my blog? Will you pass this blog post to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on. You don't have to leave your can make a difference sharing your own story!

Here is the link to the Runner's World article:

And now here is a letter from Kathryn: Please help make a difference and vote!

To all who read Lisa's blog:

Lisa contacted me a few years back offering to help. I could not understand why. She was so athletic, beautiful. A hard worker. A mom. Juggler. Could run marathons. Do things I only wished and dreamed I could do.

But then I guess people would say the same about me. I run a company. Have a nonprofit. A graduate degree in business. Have traveled the world.

You see, it strikes anyone. Just like cancer. diabetes. heart disease.

It is a disease called depression. a disease of the brain. A disease that strikes over 140 million of us worldwide. A treatable disease.

Many people are afraid of depression. But there is nothing to be afraid of, just a lot of unknown, a lot to learn. and we are always afraid of the unknown.

depression is a pain unseen. Like a cut, but on the inside. Just because you can't see it, does not mean it is not there.

I realized that even though i say that i carry no stigmas for depression, i still do. Because i had that first thought of Lisa. That gut reaction. And I am pretty progressive in my thinking on depression. I run a nonprofit for depression.

We need to change that stigma so that people get help. So that the Lisa's and the me's of the world get treatment. So we can run our marathons. Start our companies. Are able to shine. Less than 25% of people with depression are getting treatment - and 80% of depression is treatable.

I need your votes - it could bring $1.5 million in funding for depression survivors.

Tell anyone and everyone you know. Share the video. Learn about the disease. And thank you.

To nominate us this round, go to:

sign in, and nominate project: KDL6WW
Project name: Defying Depression, aLive, iThrive

Feel free to post comments on how Lisa has inspired you!!!

You can visit for more information on the disease.

Thank you. You can make a difference.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whats up, GTR rooms, rides and much more! have to look at little, beautiful Allie who is 11 years old, the daughter or a good friend of ours...Look at all these kids and adults ready to get into the water to swim!!! You got it, it's a Triathlon!!! Allie was out of the water FIRST!!! and she was 4th overall. Now..can we place bets on who just might be one of the USA Olympians one day??? Go Allie Go, you make us all so very proud.

Dreamchasers has 7 running Leadville this year! much makes me want to get in the car and go run the race myself!!! I feel good, really good.

On Friday look for a blog post with some great information on those running Leadville and one student that is running for an amazing purpose! Matt...Leadville will be his FIRST ultra let alone his first 100!

I am spending good time on the bike right now while I am waiting for my new light weight bike that actually fits..How thankful will I be? you have NO idea! Most all of my miles right now are on my mountain bike which is just fine, imagine how good it will feel once I am on a real bike! The Furnance Creek 508 on Oct. 4th does not seem to scare me as bad this year as it did last year. I feel at peace right now just like I did going into the over 300 mile run from LV to Whitney. My endurance has come a long way with doing less...hard to belive I know but it is true!

This Monday we started 5:30 am to 7 am garage workouts!!! The first day Olympian Barb Lindquist and Colleen showed up and today we got another Chris Lundberg to show up! can imagine Colleen and I training with Barb who can smoke us all and Chris who has run a 2:30 marathon and has also won the GTR marathon!!! So..needless to say, I put them through some of my secrets and they all went home and said..Holy..Sh-t that was hard, I am sore in places that I did not know I had:) This is going to be our M-W-F garage day..this should help with the 508 and then Ironman AZ...oh yes...I forgot to tell you in Nov. I will be doing IM AZ as well!!! Oh..and I forgot to mention that Chris road his bike to the garage leaving his house at 4:30 am!!! Now..that is someone I love to train with..!

Tuesday nights we have track practice in Jackson Hole from 6-7:30 pm and then Wed. nights we have trail runs at Grand Targhee from 6-8pm!

My life is full of activies as you can see, so not really any reason for me to NOT feel good. The weather here in the Tetons has been amazing all summer and there has not been 1 day that I have not been able to get up and get outside to be active.

Last summer while training for the 508 for some reason my energy was not there and the training became a drag and not fun..well this summer I look forward to it..feeling good really does make a difference, does it not? My back still hurts but I will have you know that I am getting it worked out and the pain is less and less with each passing day. Thank you God!


As much as I would love to put all of you here at our house, it is not possible! Annabella and Gabby would give you there beds in a split second but we have a house full already. I just found out today that my mother is going to come for a week, which is so will get to meet her at the race and Sister Marybeth will here as well. The Batchens are also hosting the Joe and is wife, the RD of the RR races!!! How fun.

SO>>>>long story: There are people looking to share rooms at Grand Targhee Resort. If you would like to share a room please comment on this blog. I can tell you this..having a room at the resort is a great idea for a few reasons. The main reason is this: they have an outdoor pool, hot tub and more! You walk right from your room to the starting line. If you are running any of the races this is such a treat to be able to do this. Running the 50 or the 100 you can even go back to your room to change clothes if you need to, take a shower and come back out! My suggestion to you is if you are running one of the races you get a room, share a room..what ever it takes to have a great race and be comfortable.

RIDES: As much and Jay and I would love to be able to pick all of you up at the airport this is not possible either. You can rent a car or you can take a shuttle. One Dreamchaser Mike Evans who is running the 100 mile race will be doing a few shuttles! The price is $75 one way from Jackson Hole Airport to Grand Targhee Resort. Mike can take 4 people per shuttle.

The times are:
Thursday: Aug. 28th: 9am, 1:30 pm and 5-6pm

Friday: Aug. 29th: 10am, 2pm, 6pm

Monday: Sept. 1st: very early shuttle and only 1 shuttle from the resort. Time to be determined.

If you would like a ride with Mike please email or call him.


DREAMCHASER RUNNING CAMPS!!! Well great news for us is that the camps are filling up!

The Tucson Camps are close to sold out...we still have 6 spots left for both Galapagos camps and I will be sending personal notes to some of you! The price for these camps is going to blow you away..meaning much, much less than you ever dreamed and this is a dream place to go for so many!!! If you have any desire to come to one of the camps please let me know soon.

CONNIE RIDING FOR BREAST CANCER: Many of you know a few month ago I lost a very good friend to breast cancer. I don't think there are many of you reading this that have not been touched in some way with this awful, awful cancer that is taking the lives of way to many women way to young. It really makes me sick.
Please take a moment to read about what Connie is doing and make a donation if you can.

From Connie: July 20, 2008 I FINALLY finished the Ironman in Lake Placid. Only took two years, a bike crash, a week+ in the hospital, many months to recover and start training all over again, but I finally, finally did it. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a marathon (26.2 mile run). Woo hoo. Wasn’t exactly the fantastic race I was hoping for, but if it was easy they wouldn’t call it the Ironman.

The event that is near and dear to my heart, however, is the Tour de Pink ride for Breast Cancer. I will ride my bike 200 miles from Hershey Pennsylvania to New York City the weekend of October 5th. This ride is sponsored by Hershey who underwrites the whole thing (they pay for our hotel and meals) so the money I collect will go directly to eradicating Breast Cancer via the Young Survivor’s Coalition. I did this same ride back in 2006 and although it was challenging (a lot of hills out there in Pennsylvania) it was rewarding too. It was special to ride with friends and family of people who died too young from breast cancer along with so many survivors it made me want to come back the following year and raise even more money for them. Unfortunately I had a rather large bike crash last year so I was not recovered in time to ride that distance. But, THIS year is a different story. I’m healthy, strong and ready to rumble!!! In 2006 I wore the names of people who my contributors wanted to honor. If you have a name of someone who passed from breast cancer or survived or was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, please send me their names and I will add their name and your name to a pink ribbon I will wear pinned to my shirt. That way we will ALL ride the 200 miles together.

If you can, please be generous with your donation – this is a great organization. No amount is too small. It’s the thought that counts and your support that I will remember.

I’m grateful and blessed to be able to ride again. I’m grateful for being healthy enough to finish the Ironman and continue on to new adventures. Now I would like to help a fine organization do something to help women fight back against a deadly disease that shouldn’t be still taking lives.

Please join my in my cause by clicking on the following link and making a donation today.

Let’s Ride!
Go Connie Go..and thanks for all you do for others!!!

LAST: I have to leave you with this video today..I am not going to tell you what it is about..just trust me and watch it, your going to LOVE, LOVE IT..I look forward to knowing what you think.

Have an amazing day


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why Will the Grand Teton Races be Special This Year?

I can hardly believe that this month we will host the fourth edition of the Grand Teton Races in Alta, Wyoming. Presented by SMARTWOOL, and now a part of the Vasque North American Trail Tour, the GTR is always an exciting event.

It seems like just yesterday when we had the first edition of the races. What a year that was…the weather hit hard and one aid station even blew away, but our runners persevered. And so did our daughter Gabby, who had arrived to us less than a week before the Race start. She truly is a Teton baby and we couldn’t love her more. And I have to laugh when I think about the GTR 100 inaugural race winner – Bill – coming to visit us the next summer. He had the GTR race logo tattooed onto his calf. As Race Directors, we couldn’t ask for more dedication than that! Bob Gentile - if you win the 100 this year – will you do the same?

So what do we have in store or you at this year’s 2008 Grand Teton Races? So much you’ll just have to come and see…as a racer, volunteer or spectator! And bring your whole family…it is very much a family event! Here’s a sneak preview!

Date: Sunday, August 31
Time: 9:00am (we are a little casual with the start time because we like to help the kids feel ready and work through pre-race jitters!)

While many people talk about the GTR records for the 100 mile, 50 mile and Trail Marathon distances, this year – like last year – we will have Kids Races, too. It was so wonderful to watch the children race last year, each child beaming with the medal they received for participating. The kids are great and so humorous. All the volunteers had to crack up when Andy Jones-Wilkin’s son was on the fence about participating because he wasn’t sure if the race was long enough for him…sounds like someone’s Dad is rubbing off on him!

Registration for the Kids Races will be open throughout the race weekend. The cost is $5 per child and these entry fees are donated to Teton Basin Ice & Recreation, a local non-profit looking to offer an ice skating and public recreation facility in Teton Valley, Idaho We’ll also have a “bouncer” on hand for the kids to really work up a sweat.

We need you! It takes a village to pull off this race and we would appreciate your volunteer assistance very much! Specifically, we are looking for volunteers for the following shifts:
· Friday. Aug 29: 9am – 9pm (come and go when you can)
· Saturday, Aug 30 through Sunday, August 31 (6 hour shifts beginning at 6am on Saturday morning and going through until 9pm on Sunday evening.)
· September 1: 9am-noon to assist with trail clean-up and equipment shuttling.

The races run through the night and we need help and reinforcement and new energy throughout the weekend, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Last year, race clean-up went great thanks to the help of so many who stayed an extra hour after the Awards Ceremony to help clear away equipment and the like. It would be great to get that support again this year.

Attention: Are you running the 50 Mile or 100 Milers and looking to fulfill your 8 hour trail work commitment? You can satisfy this commitment by volunteering Race Weekend, but your volunteer assignment needs to be approved by me and Jay BEFORE Race Weekend. Contact me at with TRAILWORK VOLUNTEER as the Subject of your e-mail and I will work with you to determine your volunteer assignment.

If you are even considering volunteering…or you think a family member or friend may be willing to volunteer, please e-mail me at as soon as possible. The sooner we get our volunteers squared away, the more we can focus on the runners! And a BIG, HUGE thanks to the Aid Station Captains who are returning…

Augie and Steve Boyenger at the top of Fred’s, who will be ably assisted by Lori Bantekas this year!

The Evans family…rumor is that Mom Evans will be baking homemade cookies for their station

And Olga Varlamova and so many more…we love you all!!!

Jay and I always liken the Teton Race Weekend as a Family Reunion because we really consider the special members of the running community our extended family. Many of my coaching students will be competing – and some will be coming to volunteer (thank you!!! Bring your friends!!!). But I need to single out two competitors who will be participating in the Grand Teton Races for the first time:

Sister Mary Beth Lloyd: If you have been following Lisa’s 810, you’ll marvel at an incredible woman who accompanied me for my 300+ mile journey from Las Vegas, through Death Valley and up Mt Whitney…all the while wearing a black habit. Sister tirelessly looks to improve the lives of those who need help and I am so happy she will join us. Sister will be speaking on Sunday, at the Awards Ceremony, open to all! Sister will speak about Running for a Purpose, a topic near and dear to her heart.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an incredible woman, someone who inspires me everyday to give more than I think possible and dream bigger than I think practical! Yeah, Sister Mary Beth!

We are working out the details but hope to have a second Guest Speaker on hand to present on Friday evening. If we can figure out the scheduling, details will be announced shortly. I will say this…he is wonderful and many of you have asked me about his astonishing exploits over the past few years. Hear it firsthand from this ultra running legend. Stay'll be very excited to learn who this mystery man is!

Have you seen our Race Sponsors for this year…we are so thankful and so proud to have so many sponsors who make protecting the environment a top priority.

Some fun, green facts about the Grand Teton Races you might not be aware of:

* Grand Teton Races is carbon neutral

* Grand Teton Races requires mandatory trail or volunteer work for all participants in the 100 and 50 mile events.

* Grand Teton Races is based at the Grand Targhee Resort, which has one of the strongest environmental programs in the country (bio diesel, green energy projects, recycling, etc.)

* All runners are required to carry a water bottle or hydration system to reduce the use of cups on the course

* The Race Director reuses all of the course flagging and any supplies (signs, cups, ribbons from medals, etc.) that we can from previous years

* The Race donates any unused perishable supplies to volunteers or local organizations

* The Race benefits a non-profit, the Teton Basin Ice & Recreation

GTR Store
Click HERE for the GTR Store Hours and the complete Schedule of Events for the weekend.

And consider pre-ordering...less to pack and we offer GREAT prices. Here is a list of our endurance products inventory...send an e-mail to with your order and we'll have it waiting for you during race check-in. No shipping and handling fees - the price is right! Please note that the order deadline for products is Monday, August 18.

Can’t wait to see you at the Races…and please post a comment to this Blog entry about how your training is going for the race!!! Yes, that means YOU!!!

Happy Feet!