Saturday, July 05, 2008

Badwater and beyond!!!

Leaving for Las Vegas! I am ready but have yet to start packing:) I am working on training schedules for my students and spending time with my kids. I feel so calm, at peace and very much looking forward to what lies ahead of us.
I had a great bike ride on Friday with my daughter Annabella while Jay pulled our daughter Gabby. What fun:) I am going into this run feeling like a butter ball turkey:) In 2006 I felt I got way to thin by the end and my energy was low. This time I will start out heavy and hope it will hold me through when the going gets tough, at least I hope so.

It is near to impossible for me to thank all the amazing people who have come on board to help this project become a reality. From my wonderful husband, my children, extended family, friends, students and so many people I have yet to meet. My very kind and generous sponsors, the devoted people who worked on the web is endless the time, effort, energy and love that has and will continue all the way through Oct. into this project. From the heaven, the stars and the moon and back I love you all and thank you all so very much.

I will run in the memory and to honor all the women and children. I will run for you and me my friends, I will run for life!
My good friend Stephanie passed away on June 1st from breast cancer, I was not able to see her before she move onto eternity. I will run so much in her memory and honor all she did to help this World be a better place for she is my hero in so many ways!!!

It really is one of those days where I sit here and really can't believe that in less than 48 hours I will be in Las Vegas getting ready to start our 2008 project!

As of today since May 1st, 2008 we have raised close to $240,000!!! Our goal by Oct. is $500,000. thankful are we for the love, support and belief to each of you for without this it would not be possible.

Please pray for us along the way that we have a safe journey from Las Vegas to the summit of Mt. Whitney. Please follow along on the www.lisas810 web site and blogs and take time to send me a blog me when the going gets tough and it will hearing from you will get me through the extra miles!!!

Some great news:) Sister Marybeth who has inspired me for many years and who is on the 810 crew for the run and the bike will be coming to the Tetons in Aug. to run the Grand Teton marathon on Aug. 31st. After she completes the marathon and before the awards ceremony Sister Marybeth will be giving a presentation on "running for a purpose and or sporting for a purpose." Really to help us all know that small acts of kindness do make a difference, we can and do all make a difference.

I hope you will consider coming to the Tetons races, run a race, volunteer and be part of the action!

When you have a few moments take a look at the updated web site!


We now have on-line donations set up and we will have a "live tracking device" so you will be able to see where we are all the time!!!If you feel the love pass on the web site and the information to other's.

If you are not on our mailing list to receive our Dreamchaser newsletter you should think about signing up:)


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!

Check it out:)

I will think about each and everyone of you while I am on the road, I will be thinking and supporting the things you are striving to do as well.

God Bless and love you
p.s. There will be many updates on the blog and web site starting Monday as we all arrive in Las Vegas!!!!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you, Lisa. Can't wait to see you next week in Death Valley. You are gonna rock it!

Lisa B said...

My thoughts and hopes will be with you! Have a great journey, Lisa, and see you in Death Valley!

Unknown said...

Go Lisa, GO!!!

You're going to do great and you've got the support and positive thoughts of so many people behind you.

I look forward to watching your progress!

Miss Shirl said...

You go girl! Best of luck to you.