Friday, April 27, 2007

My frist marathon!!

It is a beautiful day here in the Tetons.

Sunny and 60 degree's. We are about to go to the park for a walk with the kids and then maybe a picnic!

On Thursday Annabella informed me that it was mommy/daughter day and that it was her day to be with this! I took her to the track meet at the H.S. and she loved watching the kids run and jump over the hurdles. The way I learned to swim and dive was by watching my older brothers at swim team practice. My mother would sit me by the pool at 3 year's old and I would just watch. At 5 year's old I just got on the diving board and did a front and all. Watching any sport is the best way to learn:)

Ok..have to admit that this week was a very hard recovery week for me from the back to back races. This is not something I recommend to many people but it was something I needed to do for me..I had not run on a trail since the end of last summer and I have not done any kind of down hill work. Training for Ironman was all flat and road. Last weekends 50 mile was on very steep, technical trails. My energy was great but my quads were not to happy. For 2 days I had to push off from the toilet and chair when sitting and at times I had the feeling my legs were going to buckle from under me..Annabella and Gabby would jump on me and I would about cry my quads hurt so bad:) This went on for 2 days and it reminded me so much of the first marathon I ran..I could not get up and down the stairs very well or walk normal. I have to say this has not happened to me in year's so I was bit surprised. The photo above is of me and my father at the finish line of my 1st marathon! I was 20 year's old!!! I will never forget this day as long as I was one of the first sporting events in my life that my father came to watch me at..I ran well and had NO idea what I was doing. I ate french fries the night before the race with a big chocolate milk shake and had nothing to eat in the morning. I did not even drink water at the aid stations..did not know this was what you were to do!!!
As I ran down the finish line people were yelling..Your going to Boston, your going to Boston..
I thought..what is a Boston:) Qualified to go to the Boston marathon which I was not able to go to due to not being able to afford it..
My legs the next 2 days felt much like they have this week and much like this link below.
I hope you get a great laugh out of it!

By the father may never have come to watch me as as athlete and part of why I have been so driven in my life. He was the oldest of 8 kids growing up and worked full time since he was in 8th grade to help support his family. Got married and had 5 kids. We are all less than 2 years apart. Needless to say..he worked his life to help all of us have a better life..Growing up I did not see it that way..I wanted my father to come watch me, don't we all. Well,,my father little did I know has always been there for me, watching from the back ground and has been one of my best friends all my life pushing me to be all I can be. It took me many years to come to see this but I am so thankful that I can see so clear now and can call both of my parents 2 of my very best friends.
I hope you have a great weekend



Bob - said...

very good post :-)

Love that video too--LOL

See ya in a few days,


Theresa said...

That was an awesome post Lisa, thanks for sharing that.
I like to read your blog because it is uplifting :) and positive.

I have my sights on the Grand Teton 100 (or 50, depending on how the summer goes)
I will also be out that way the second weekend in Aug. for the bluegrass festival and possibly the 50k in Afton.
Have a great weekend!