Monday, May 12, 2008

Athleta Women's Clothing

Athleta Women's Clothing: Some of the most beautiful clothing that there is for women of all shapes, sizes doing all kinds of things!
I LOVE ATHLETA!!! Not just for the wonderful clothing but for the beauty is which this company stands for and stands behind.
You will often see me running in skorts, out to dinner in a beautiful dress of taking a yoga class in my comfy clothing..well guess what? It is all about Athleta for me and man do I look good:):)!!

So many people stop me all the time and ask me where did you get that skort, where did you get that shirt...most always the answer is Athleta.
I am so proud to say that I am an Athleta women.

Last Friday they updated the home page and told me "you're the featured athlete!"

How honored I am!! Thank you Athleta for your belief in me.!!!

If you are interested in posting a comment and I hope you do click on the link below, scroll down to my name and click on the word more. direct link is to post a comment.

Happy shopping:)

On another note my good friend and coaching student Jim Simone in riding his bike across America!!! Today is day 3. Jim would love to get an email from you..even a donation!
Check out his web site. Scroll down on the page and you will see a photo that our 5 year old Annabella drew for Jim telling him good luck:) Jim we wish you a safe journey filled with many wonderful moments. You trained so hard for this all winter long on an indoor bike trainer. One of my hero's.

Have a blessed day


Anonymous said...

Go skort running women.

Lisa, you are so right about the A clothing, it is about all I ever buy these days.

How nice for you.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


You are so cool and so awesome. It is such a pleasure to know you.

Susan B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me on to running skirts. Don't run with anything else any longer.
My legs are not as nice as yours are but hey I try!

Will be following the 100 mile race this weekend. Not sure how you run in that heat.

Big smile

Anonymous said...

Our designers will appreciate the kudos from you Lisa. We're fortunate to work with you and showcase your amazing personal and philanthropic accomplishments. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many, and for doing it all in style!

Anonymous said...

Pretty women running down the street!!!! Run Lisa Run.
We want to know what the outfit of the day will be for race day?
Hot and humid in Florida

Anonymous said...


You look so good in the running skirts, what size are you? Do you get any chaffing with the skirts?
Thank you for advice.

Gotapparel said...

great fashions clothing

Julie B said...

Hi Lisa,

I love Athleta as well. For Christmas my sister always buys me a gift certificate from Athleta. I can't wait to get one in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

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