Friday, February 02, 2007

Huntsville Texas

23 hours and 38 minutes to get here! Not to bad.

It was perfect weather through Wyoming and Co. but once we hit Oklahoma and Texas we had snow, pouring rain and traffic. We could have made it in 20 hours.

Sad enough Mike was driving and he get a speeding ticket that will cost him $220!!!! Holy smokes is all we could say. At this point we have to laugh about it.

The drive went by so fast..even with not to much talking. It was nice to just be able to sit still for a bit, listen to music and have a few good laughs. Have you ever heard of the game called
Ding Dong Ditch??? Mike told us all about this game he played as a kid...!!!

Texas is a bit cold and windy today but it looks like great race day weather.

Mike and Colleen went to visit the prison, yes a death row prison is right up the street from this hotel!

Kira got her today and looks like a movie star ready to rock and roll!

So, so fun for me to see so many coaching clients and others. Sure do miss my own family when I am away from them but it makes my heart grow as they say!

We will keep you posted on the races..say a prayer for safe runs for all to be had.

Have a wonderful weekend


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