Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the road again!

Good morning!

It is 3:30 AM here in the Tetons! I am working on finishing the rest of the training schedules for this week and then will get on my spin bike for 1.5 hours:)

My training is still going good. Monday I did a stretch cord workout with my friend Barb Lindquist to help with swimming, well I will use it to replace swimming and have to tell you, it is one amazing workout. Now I can swim even in my hotel room!!!

Today we leave for TEXAS!!! 3 of us are driving to the RR 50 and 100 mile trail races in Huntsville Texas, it should be a fun road trip. To be honest I like to drive these days, seems that with so many airport delays and connections that have to be made you get there by car in about the same amount of time. I hope I don't have to drive first, I have only had a few hours of sleep each night this week so I am all over that nap time!

Dreamchasers has 25 past and present runners, running in one or the other of RR races. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. I will be pacing Bob Becker who is 62 years young through his first 100 miler!
My plan is to run the last 60 miles with him if I can keep up. Bobs on target for 24 hours!!!

Have a wonderful day and God Bless!


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Olga said...

Lisa, wish all of Dreamchaser a wonderful weekend at RR!