Tuesday, February 06, 2007

RR results

Good morning from sunny New Mexico:)

RR was a wonderful weekend and it was so good to see so many of my past and present coaching students:)

The race of course like any race has the good the bad and the ugly:) It was COLD..so cold is all I can say!! Dreamchasers had some awesome races but of course as it always does some did not finish for reasons that just happen in these long races.

I paced Bob Becker through his first 100..what a joy this was. Bob lives in Florida s the cold was tough and so were all the roots on the trails..but I have to tell you this man rocked! 23:30!!!!!

I am so proud of all of you with the amazing efforts the endless help given to all before, during and after the race.

Michelle Jensen won the 50 mile!

31 22.15.25 William Cook M 38 CA FIRST 100!!
49 22.52.30 Nancy Warren F 40 CA
51 22.53.39 Laura Bleakley F 37 NH
62 23.24.24 Cathy Tibbetts F 52 NM
66 23.30.07 Robert Becker M 61 FL FIRST 100!!! 67 23.30.44 Anita Fromm F 35 CO
83 24.36.30 Kira Matukaitis F 29 VA
103 26.16.12 Kathryn Cotton F 40 WY
105 26.24.51 Bob Haugh M 55 KY
109 26.43.41 Thomas Triumph M 48 NJ
129 27.45.51 Nattu Natraj M 43 CO

5 07.53.42 Michele Jensen F 36 CO
12 08.54.37 Michael Evans M 35 ID FIRST ULTRA!!!
20 09.26.08 Terry Madl M 52 IL FIRST ULTRA!!

50 11.26.45 Colleen Woods F 33 ID FIRST ULTRA!!!
54 11.41.24 Matt Reznik M 35 IL FIRST ULTRA!!!
95 15.21.06 Tess Geddes F 48 BC Canada FIRST ULTRA!!

I hope to have some good photos for you soon.

Have a great day

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Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

WOWOWOW Way to GO ALL... You KICKED BUTT!!! FIRST place WOW Michelle Awesome!

and Congrats to all the First Timers!! Good Job Colleen and GEESH Bob you rocked that 100 miler awesome!!