Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Nov. 17th

On the road again to Dallas! It is sunny and 55 degrees right now, perfect.

You all won't believe this but Dean is taking a rest in Virginia and flying to Dallas to run the 24 hour race! I can't wait to see and talk to him. Then he will fly back and continue his run home to San. Fran!! This is tons of miles, I bet he needs a good massage:) I won't worry to much about my little old 24 hours on my feet with Dean running for 5 months straight! Ha:):)

22 people have bought the Super Neera Cleanse so far. This is so exciting for us to all do this cleanse together. You can still train while you do this cleanse you just won't be able to do high miles..Its only for 5-7 days and it is more than worth it.

If you have not read about the cleanse or the snowshoes please read by blog, Thanksgiving..

The snowshoes that we use are the #12s..and you get 25% off anything you order,but you have to order from us.
The cleanse you order right from the company.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


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1 comment:

Julie B said...

Hi Lisa, I have always been going to try a cleanse but never have. With a large group and you doing this, it is just the time to give it a go! I'll contact the company and order. Thanks!!