Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feeling so so good

What a great few days of training I have had.

My 2 a day run and walks have started but it is really more like 3-4 a days with all the cardio core classes I am teaching!

Sunday was awesome!!! I had the best run and walk I have had in a long time. 2 hours average 6 mph...my power walking is feeling really great at 4.8 mph! Yeah..and I can tell you this is all due to my core work! Then 2 hours of cross country ski at Grand Targhee, another 1 hour power walk..and then, just in time for a fun super bowl party with John and Noras family!!!

Monday: 5-7 am was so COLD...I was determined to get out the door and it was all I could do t stay out there in the dark but I was thrilled when I came home to the nice warm hot chocolate!
1.5 hour cardio core class and another 2 hour run and walk with SPRINTS...yes Heather, Tammy and Susie all wanted to do sprints...I was shocked I had any sprints in my legs...Thank you ladies!!!
I fell asleep with my kids at 8pm!!!

Tues. 6-7 am cardio core class with some of the most amazing people..it was cold...-6!
Right after class I got dressed and out the door for over 3 hours..and to my shock I was running really well although my face was close to frozen!!!

Wed. I have decided to sleep in with my kids and do 3 hours of cross county ski with the girls!!!

I am so thankful that my body is getting in shape and fit. That I have no aches or pains and that I am actually having fun:):)
Thank you, thank you!!!

I hope your day was awesome to

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Thomas Bussiere said...

WOW - You are a machine Lisa. I need to do more power-walking in my weekly training.