Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lisa Training Schedule for week of Feb. 15h

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people who live in Teton Valley. It sure is great to be able to send out an email, post a note on FB and find people who love to do the same things!

Last week was a great week of training for me personally...I usually don't total up miles but I did this time. 82 miles! Today was 20 miles in 3:45 min. 15 min. faster than I did the same course 3 weeks ago! Yeah...
The weather in the Tetons has been so amazing that is has made going outside each day a real joy!

Friday: Nancy, Susie, Tammy and Mike pushed the heck out of me with there speed work and pushing the is no wonder why Sat. morning they were all waiting for me at 6 am and I was fast asleep with the alarm clock beeping in my ear until 7:30!!!! I missed the entire run but the sleep was what I needed.

Monday: Feb. 15th: 6-9 am...I will start running from Dreamchasers and then get back just in time to teach 9-10:30 cardio core. NO run after class. School is out and I have told my kids I would spend the day with them:)

Tues. Feb. 16th: 5-7 am from the bottom of my driveway

Wed. Feb. 17th :5-7 am from the bottom of my driveway, then 9-10:30 cardio core class followed by 2.5 hour easy run and walk.

Thursday Feb. 18th: 6-7 am cardio core class, 8:30-9:30 am cardio core class followed by 2.5 hours run and walk.

Friday Feb. 19th: anyone up for 40 miles with me????? Run and walk from Driggs to Rexburg!!!! I will carry a pack with supplies!!! Leave 6am from Dreamchasers! We will have to find a ride back home...

Sat. Feb. 20th: 6-9 am walk only

Sunday: OFF!!

Hope to see your smile some place.

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