Monday, September 22, 2008

What are some Dreamchasers up to and 508!

Here is Joe Desena is St. Louis..I am so proud of him..he is riding Across America to the 508 bike race to raise money for the kids!!! Check out the links below...Go Joe Go..see you soon.

Here is a link to my Picassa Photo album for this trip, Enjoy -

#Here is a link to the kids and cause we are riding for - <>

Last week was not a great week for me training wise! To much Birthday fun:) I would like to thank Colleen for posting the blog about my Birthday. I have never had so many Birthday wishes in my life! I am thankful and more and more thankful for each passing day. Our daughter Gabby turned 3 the day after my Birthday so it was a great week. On my Birthday did a hard 70 mile bike ride...then I took 3 days off last week. I just could not seem to get myself back into the training. I feel ok about this...I spent most of the weekend in my PJs with my kids watching movies:) You just have to do it sometimes. This week I plan to have a hard training week and then one taper week and it is race time..I will be ready!

Not all of the Dreamchasers are training for big races:) So many are training for balance in life and strive to do it all! As most of you know I am a big promoter of yoga! It is something I love to do but never seem to do enough of. Look at this beautiful pose of impressive!!!

Look at this!!!! Who is this????:):) The only and one Tommy T with a suit jacket on with Donald!!! Now..we know what Tom is doing in place of his running!!!
Shelly oh Shelly having the race of her life at the Lost Soul 100 and at 70 miles they had to call off the race due to thunder and lightening storms. Read the story below from Shelly...she took up a new sport once the race was called off!!!

Last night I went for my first can-can audition. 19 chickypoos, all limber with huge kerbonkers, pony tails, sweet smiling faces between the ages of 20 - 35. I was the old broad, but I sucked it up and tucked in beside a gal who I knew was a construction worker......figured if you are the odd woman out, you might as well hang with the interesting company.

I thought the first night was just orientation etc. but no, we have to start dancing and the choreographer says we have 3 practices to make the cuts. Hhmmm, this was interesting as I wasn't sure I could actually lift my legs off the floor still, after the race, never mind kick to the ceiling.

So away we go and I giver my best to try and secure one of the 5 open spots on the chorus line. Things were going well and I was able to hide the fact my quads felt like cement blocks......just paste on the smile right and stick out the kerbonkers......or what might have passed as such in years gone by.

The end of the 2 hour rehearsal was coming to a close and I was pretty happy with the effort. I figure even if I get cut, at least I'd done my best.

Then out of the blue, one of the twenty something chickypoos, comes dancing over and CRUSHES my little toe......landing on it with all of her weight. There was an audible crack. My construction worker buddy said, "that's not good". I look at my little toe and it's kinda going at a 90 degree angle.

The twenty something goes "oops" sorry. I said "no trouble, nothing you can do with toe breaks". Then she says" what do you have weak bones". Egads.....they do think I'm the old bag lady here.....weak bones? What the hell? Does it look like I should be bringing my walker?

Anyway, I didn't say anything and hobbled home. The toe was definitely dislocated and it snapped back into place as I was heaing up the stairs to bed.

This morning it's a nice black colour.

Oh well, so much for my career as a can-can dancer! Guess I'll have to get that needle point going!

If I can walk ok today, I may go back to the 2nd tryout tomorrow just to show those girls that even if I'm the old broad, at least I'm not a quitter!!! HA!

I was half way between laughing and crying on the way home. How stupid can I be? Break/dislocate your frickin' toe trying to can-can so I can tick it off my "list". I should have been at home washing the floor or something.

Anyway, please feel free to have a chuckle on me!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

What a fun post you have today.

The pictures are nice and people look so happy doing what they are doing. You don't see this all the time.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

You are right Mel, this is an uplifting blog post and to see the smile on the faces is good time right now.
I know Joe D. He is a tough dude and will get the job done. I did not know he was raising money for this ride so will try to help get the word out.
Wish I had that kind of time.

Mark B.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Mel and Mark!!!

You said it, happy people..what don't we have to be happy about:)
I am having so much trouble getting my butt motivated to work out the past few much to do..we have to move again, a big race coming up, then helping put on a race...needless to say..Joe and my friend Marshall are my motivation right now..they are off doing something wonderful for wonderful causes!!!

happy day

Anonymous said...

Lisa - I'm the "anonymous" whom you responded to back on 9/9. I just wanted to let you know that I finally took "that step" yesterday. It was just on a treadmill, but it's a start. I don't know when I'll finally make it back to running again, but I know I want to do it. Thanks for the encouragement! NN