Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello everyone!

Colleen here…Lisa gave me access to her Blog because I told her I was going to post about a program called http://www.soles4souls.org/ And so I will…this is a great organization with a simple mission: To impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. Drop off your shoe donations at a local collection site (see the website for a location near you). The leftovers in your closet could mean so much to someone in need!

And my secret agenda for today’s Blog post? I wanted to let you know that it’s Lisa’s birthday TODAY! Post a comment to her Blog and wish her well!

Have a great day Lisa!!!!!!!!!


Olga said...

Happy birthday, Lisa!

Anonymous said...


Happy happy birthday!!!

All the best Juan

Anonymous said...

Oh no, does this mean you are now in my age group?
ha, ha!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!


Anonymous said...


How can it be? I remember last year like it was last week.
Happy Birthday to you and happy everyday.
What are you doing today? I will be doing my yoga and pilates just like the coach ordered.
You are wonderful

Jacqueline Florine said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear coach,
Happy Birthday to you!

; )

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! Hope you have a great day! -Cathy

Matt Hart said...

you are wonderful. we are all better people for just knowing you.

happy birthday lisa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Lisa. Enjoy a great day! WE miss You, Jay and the girls. We love you!!
Mike & Hannah

Lori B said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Happy 29 Lisa :-) now enjoy a large piece of Ice Cream Cake ...YUMMY!!!!!

Michele Jensen said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! I'm sure you're celebrating with a long bike ride or something!
Love, Michele

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you and many more!!

You are great

Anonymous said...


I miss you guys!

Lot's of love,

Anonymous said...

Ok, so when will you find out how old you are you young chick!
Love you to the moon and back


Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a great one!


Anonymous said...

que tienes un dia feliz vas a montar en bicicleta amiga? JPV

Unknown said...

Happy happy happy BDAY Lisa!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa,

Just wanted to wish you a very happy 48th birthday! i hope you are enjoying your day and know how special you are to so many people!!

glad we continue to be friends...

love you and miss you!!


Anonymous said...

big hug and kiss from me

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!! Hope this is year will be the best yet for you!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Positive vibes and smiles are being sent your way from the other side of the pond here! Have fun.

Becky & Jeff

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa.
I am so privileged to know you. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!

You an ispiration to many!!


Anonymous said...

My friend. Happy Birthday I guess a day late. You alway's seem to keep your special day quiet. NOT me, I like to tell all my friends.
I think you are 1 year younger than I am? Your secret is safe with me.

We love you
Lynn and Brad

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa - Hope you have a fantastic day!

Mark Wieneke

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Coach - xxoo Marcy and the Rock

bizyah said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!! Hope you've had super special day for a super special lady!!! Thanks for being such a great friend and mentor--you and your family have been such a huge part of making me feel at home here in the Tetons!!!

LK said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!

Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, a couple days late, but heartfelt nonetheless! Thank you for inspiring us all to be a little more than we might otherwise have been. ;) Hope that your day was great- you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday a few days late.

Miss you and love you


Anonymous said...


I wanted to be the LAST one to wish you a happy birthday! J

I hope it was a great one!

Ed K