Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good race report to read and ALLERGIES!!!

Below is Michele and Adam at the Grand Teton Races. Michele won the 50 mile and Adam ran his
first marathon!!! They don't look like they have
even run a mile do they? They sure do look
happy!!!! xoxox :)

Above is a photo of me and Michele once she crossed the finish line of the GTR 50 in FIRST place..the best race of the year she tells me:)
Go to this link to read Michele race report. It is one of the best I have ever read!!!
You may also want to check out this link!!!
My friend Joe Desena who is also doing the Furnace Creek 508 bike race on Oct. 4th is leaving his house in a day or so TO RIDE..his bike across America and then show up at the starting line of the 508 bike race..I told him he could not do this..well guess what he is and HE IS DOING THIS TO RAISE MONEY FOR SISTER Marybeth and Aids Orphans Rising!!!!!
Joe is the person who has gotten the Peak races going as well and the Peak web site. We have been friends for many years...It is amazing how you can tell someone that they can't do something and then they turn around and say...oh really!!! will be having many updates on Joe and his progress.
Let's all give Joe some big encouragement..he is going to need it...but..I have NO DOUBT that he will be successful in this adventure and also in raising a ton of money for the kids!
Thank you Joe!!!
For my own 508 training..I hit my goal this week on the bike..350 miles and some running!
I feel really good and my recovery is great each day. Needless to say I am shocked to say that I am very much looking forward to riding in this race this year and seem to have fallen in love with biking all over again. I have made some goals for the race and will keep them to myself!!!!
How many of you are suffering from allergies? I sure have been. For me allergy season means coughing, sneezing and a nose that just won't stop running. So many days I just don't feel like getting out and doing any exercise but once I do and once I get going I always feel better.
Exercise has a large effect on our immune system so making yourself get out and doing some form of exercise is going to help rid of the allergy symptoms.
I just read these tips for helping with allergies and I have to say I 100% agree and this is what I have been trying to do myself.
1. Try to get out early so that you are not training in the peak hours of the day where most pollens can be worse.
2. Shower and shampoo as soon as you can after you exercise so you can wash away allergens that you picked up on your skin, hair and clothing.
3. On really windy days you may consider going to the gym and doing an indoor workout if you especially have trouble with dust.
4. Keep your doors and windows closed
5. Try a sinus rinse: rinse with plan old water, neti pot or noise spray
6. I have had to use a buff to cover my mouth and noise a few times even on the bike. This has helped when the dust levels have been bad.
7. Find out what the things are that trigger your allergies. Keep a log of your training days, look at the newspaper or to find out what the air quality is going to be like.
8. I have had to medicate myself 3 times in the past week with over the counter allergy medicine. I hate to do this but I was miserable!
What are some of the things you do for allergies?
Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Joe is amazing. How long has he been training?


Jacqueline Florine said...

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to share one my strategies for coping with very severe pollen allergies.
I have been receiving immunotherapy injections for the past 2 years. I have seen dramatic improvement in my health. Denise Jones also does this.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Pat...Joe says he has only been training for 3-4 weeks..have to believe him:)

Jackie..thank you..I have been using my inhaler but will also look into this..this year has been the worst ever for me..more so on the bike than anything.
Good night

TonyP said...

I totally needed the allergies advice. Thanks Lisa and Jackie !

Anonymous said...

Allergies are almost always a result of inhaled irritants.
as a doctor for more than 20 years, it makes sense and my patients agree, washing the body's filter makes sense as well.
I have developed an easy nose wash system (easy enough for even a 2 yr old) but any washing is better than none.
studies suggest with the right system, and the correct salt mixture, one can remove 80% of allergens! 80%!. this saves on symtpoms, money, medication need!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Dr. Hana!
can you share your system so we can either make it ourself or buy it?
Is it water and 80% water?

Thanks so much

Anonymous said...


Good post.

Where will Joe start the ride to the race? Will he have coverage?

I hope to run the 50 mile in the Teton next year, good report on the race.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great report that was - I had read a few reports from this year's races but missed this one.. so thanks for linking to it..

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Brad...

Joe will start from his home in Pittsfield Vermont..I will keep all posted..he is leaving at some point today!!! working on getting him coverage:)

We would love to see you here in the Tetons next year!! Bring the family to..

Happy feet