Monday, June 30, 2008

Grand Teton Running Camp and More!!!

What a week we had last week at our GT Running camp. We had people from all over here in the Tetons. The weather was amazing, sunny and hot each day.
The camp ended on Sunday but then myself and 6 others did a 6 hour workout up and down the Teton pass..6.2 miles one way with close to 2,500 feet gain each time up! It was 96 degrees and hot. Great soak in the "very cold" snake river and today I have fresh legs! The ice cold baths work for recovery. I personally feel great about my run that will start next Wed. July 9th in Las Vegas..
I have some extra weight on me for this run which I feel is a good thing:) When I did the 300 miles in 2006 I lost to much weight so going into this a bit heavy will help me move faster, at least I hope so. The team is so excited and me to! I hope you will follow along and when the going gets tough and it will I will draw on all of you and how inspirational you all are to me!

Here is the link to a fun web site/blog and an interview with me about the 810! Thanks for checking it out.

Guess what? Dreamchasers is bringing on board coach Matt Hart! Following soon will be more information about this but needless to say we are thrilled! Matt was a guest coach last week and it was wonderful to have his happy energy, amazing knowledge and experience.

We would like to thank Dusty for coming to camp and being such a great helper and inspiration. We look forward to more fun with you Dusty. are the 2 blogs for you to go and look at for some great photos and information on just how fun the camp was. You all were missed and we hope to see you at the next one!

Matt Harts blog

Dusty Hardman

Jim just completed his ride across America!!! A long time dream for Jim is not complete.
I spoke to Jim soon after he finished the ride and it brought me to tears. It will take some time for this to sink in for Jim but we want to know how proud we all are of him!!!
Check out his site, it is not to late to make a donation.

Have a beautiful week


Anonymous said...

How fun. I will check out other blogs but let me know when the next camp is ok. I bet you are in better shape than you think you are for the 810 miles. Makes me need to go to sleep thinking about it.

Bob - said...

Sounds like a great Camp!!

Best wishes on your run starting next week, look forward to following you along all the way to the finish!!!

Enjoy ur taper time :-)

Lora said...

Lisa, Jay, Matt and Dusty,

I am still absorbing everything I've learned at camp. You all gave so much of yourselves and worked soclosely with each of us, it's amazing. We each came from such different levels, but you gave us all the attention we needed to push to the next level. I can't believe how much I accomplished! I freakin pulled a tire!! I plowed through the trails whooping and yelling! I conquered the pidgeon pose!! And, damn, I survived it all!!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for just being who you are and sharing it with the rest of us.

This world of ultrarunning is truly a better place for having you all in it.


TonyP said...

I can't wait to return to the Tetons in August !