Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Grand Teton Races – Post Race Update

Hello Everyone!!!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have some new links regarding the Grand teton Races:

GTR Merchandise Photos

GTR Merchandise Order Form

GTR Photo Gallery

GTR Testimonials

Wonderful memories!



Anonymous said...

I will defiitely buy a few shirts, but I sure wish you had Bob Gentile model them for your Merchandise Photos!!!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

I love the stuff and will buy some for my family for Christmas. Great event.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Good morning!
I am going to post some comments that are being sent to me via email..hope you all don't mind!!!
Bob...maybe next year we sell some shorts:)
And..Christmas gifts is a great idea.!!!
Thanks to you all...Lisa

Bob - said...

ahhhh who is the wise cracker?!!

well ummm THANK GOODNESS there isn't any GTR speedo's cause that is where I draw the line :-) dang it!!

Olga said...

Speedo on Bob would not sell any GTR outfits, I am afraid:)

The pictures are awesome, thanks!

Bob - said...

I agree Bob in a speedo might cause more harm to the viewer...I am more afraid:(

I can be a good model for "bike gloves" !

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting on such a great event and allowing us to be part of it.

Dane said...

I hope to be there next year!