Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a weekendat the races!

Good morning to you all...Wow what a weekend at the races for some of the Dreamchaser students!!!
I will post some races stories today and the next few days...But to brag about a few:)
The Leadville 100...Michele Jensen was 20th overall and 2nd women!!! This is amazing. I spoke to Michele a few times in the past few days and her energy just shines, she is thrilled beyond words. She said.."I had a perfect race"!

Teri had a great race at Leadville after some very rough spots but the finish line was all hers.

Mark..3 out of 4, one left! Mark completed Leadville and said he felt great all the way! Mark is doing the Grand Slam!

Jeff: Completed the Inferno Tri. in Switzerland!!!

And Diana had a successful weekend at Pikes Peak! Below is Diana's letter for her "run with a purpose" and then her post race letter. She ran for such a great cause..Donations are still coming in!
I look forward to hearing about every ones journeys!

My weekend was great. I spent more time on my bike in 3 days than I did in a month training for Ironman..Sunday I rode with a very fast women and on Monday I was so beat up..guess that could be a good thing..Our good friend Cathy is here with us for a few weeks, she is on my 508 crew and it has been such a blessing to have her to ride with..let alone she took apart my bike, cleaned it and now it is riding like a machine:)
We have a very full plate right now getting ready for the Teton
It is not to late to sign up. Our house will be full of people, we can't wait!

Have a wonderful day

Hello Friends,
Many of you know that I love to run. Many of you know that I am involved with The Taylor Family Foundation at Camp Arroyo in Livermore.
I have learned from two very inspiring people to "Run with a Purpose" My purpose is Camp Arroyo.
My family has been involved with Camp Arroyo for almost "10" years. Camp Arroyo is a very special place, where children and their families can go
to camp and have a chance to be like every other child. These are kids who are always told "You can't do that"
At Camp Arroyo they are told "You can do that and soooo much more!" This camp was founded by a wonderful woman by the name of Eliane Taylor. The commitment of the Camp is to provide children with life-threatening diseases with the chance-of-a-lifetime to attend summer camp created just for them!
Ok, here is my goal!
*I will run PIKES PEAK ASCENT AND PIKES PEAK MARATHON on August 18th and 19th. For the "10th "time!
*Our family (our girls help at the camp!) have been involved with the foundation for "10" years!
* My goals is to send 10 kids to camp! (More than 10 would be amazing!) The cost for 1 child for 1 week is $500.00.
(Please know that any amount helps!)
Attached is a donation form:=
Please mail any donation to me or the foundation, I am grateful for any amount. They have a wonderful website to learn and see the many children they have helped at the foundation.
I want to Thank my friends Marshal Ullrich and Lisa Smith-Batchen for teaching me to "Run with a purpose" and more importantly, to
live life with a purpose.
Thank you for supporting me and the wonderful children who benefit from Camp Arroyyo.
Diana James
33 Kimberley Place
Alamo, CA 94507
PS; Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might be inspired as well:-)


Hello again,
I wanted to share with you my adventure. First of all I am overwhelmed with emotion from the response from my run and fundraising.
I truly could not have completed this run without having such a meaningful purpose.

The Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent have the title of "America's Ultimate Challenge" with a vertical gain of 7815 feet, to reach 14, 215 ft in each race. I had a wonderful run to the top on Saturday and I was inspired
by many on the climb up. I never expected the emotion I would feel when I hit the top, I was all alone and I began to sob like a baby when I realized I had completed the climb and more importantly I had made a difference in the lives of some families and children. I will leave out the ugly details about the drive down the back side of the mountain...let's just say, a school bus and a VERY winding road at high altitude are not a good mix for me...Good thing the bus driver was willing to stop and let me crawl out.
It was a very strange feeling to think I had to climb that mountain again the next day and then find a way to run back down! I really did not think about what I did the day before, only getting myself to the top again. Once again, the climb up I was inspired by many. Towards the top of the mountain and the journey back down I had to look outside myself for inspiration. This is where I began to repeat to myself (even out loud!) "RUN FOR THE KIDS" I had some stomach "issues" and some doubts entered my mind...I always had to believe I would finish- not for me but for a higher purpose, the kids. I had visions of an ugly finish...The final hour I helped a woman who had a terrible fall and I was so taken back by her "nothing will stop me" attitude. I fired up, I ran the last hour with all my heart and finished with tears (once again) down my face and a smile from ear to ear.
Thank you for helping make this dream of mine come true.
Please know that support for my run and CAMP ARROYO can still be made at any time, any amount helps!
with much love and much soreness!

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It will be great to see Michele race report. I saw her and she looked so happy.