Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Past Transcontinental Runs: 1984 - Annabel Marsh and Caroline Merrill

Cathy who is part of our crew for the Run Across America was fortunate enough to get to meet 2 of the women who have done the run! What inspiration this is for Louise, myself and the rest of us!! I look forward to meeting them in person myself!

Annabel Marsh and Caroline Merrill were featured speakers Friday night for the 2007 Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent. They gave an excellent slide presentation about their 1984 run across the United States. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend.

Annabel and Caroline started their crossing in Boston on April 14, and finished in San Francisco on August 21. Annabel, did not take up running until she was 47, and celebrated her 61st birthday during the run. Caroline was 42 when they did their run and had been running less than 6 years. They covered 3261 miles, running 6 days a week; 15 miles in the morning and 15 more in the afternoon. They stretched morning, evening and during their mid-day break.

Caroline Merrill and Annabel Marsh at the 2007 Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon

They woke up every morning at 4am and had coffee, banana and chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. They ate a lot of milkshakes. They went through 12 pairs of shoes each and had many shirts, etc. They said they had to throw away the shirts they were wearing when they ran through an area that had just been hit by a tornado because they got so covered in mud and grime that they could not be cleaned. They also went through a section of oiled pavement in Nevada and said their shoes got trashed.

Later in the route Caroline's mom and sister showed up and brought along a sewing machine to repair clothing. They also sewed sleeves onto their t-shirts when they were having problems with the sun.

Someone at the presentation asked Annabel and Caroline if they ever doubted they could do it. "No." : )

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i am really looking forward to your adventure. i will be watching. see ya in a few. Leigh