Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Your all invited!!!

High Sierra Desert and Mountain Ultra Training Camp
Lisa Smith-Batchen and Marshall Ulrich are pleased to invite you to their training camp in beautiful Death Valley, CA May 3-7, 2006.
Sign up NOW! Space is limited!
During the five-day camp you will learn ? and experience ? more
than you ever thought you could
to improve your running for all types racing, including
road, desert, stage, mountain, and trail ultras!
Say yes NOW and save 10%!
If you respond BEFORE February 28, 2006 and commit to this camp,
you will save 10% on the camp fee!
E-mail us NOW and sign up!
This is a LIMITED TIME offer!
Your Hosts and Trainers
Lisa Smith-Batchen and Marshall Ulrich are ultra running legends. At the High Sierra Camp you have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from their combined almost 40 years of experience! In addition to amazing individual accomplishments, Lisa and Marshall have raced together for more than 10 years, including runs across Death Valley and adventure races around the world?and are dear friends.
Through the years Lisa and Marshall have learned that the real successes in life come when you do for others. They find great joy in teaching others and sharing their life ? and training, running, and racing ? experiences with people like you!
Lisa and Marshall also share a passion for fundraising to support education for women and children around the world ? empowering them to improve their quality of life. Empowering others is what their camps, and their lives, are all about.
Come experience the empowerment for yourself!
Lisa, the force behind Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventure Club has 19 years of coaching experience and has completed more than 20 ultra marathons, 90 marathons, and 7 iron-man triathlons. She has completed the Marathon Des Sable twice, and is the only American women ever to win the women?s division. She has competed in the Badwater Ultramarathon 7 times, winning the women?s division 3 times. She is also the only women to have completed the grand slam of ultra running, and Badwater, in the same year.
Marshall, a founder of Team Stray Dogs has more than 20 years of ultra running and extreme sport experience. He is the only person in world to complete the Triple Crown of Extreme Sports, having completed over 113 ultras averaging over 100 miles each; competed in 16 expedition-length adventure races, including all 9 Eco Challenges; and reached the summit of each of the Seven Summits, including Mount Everest, all on first attempts. Marshall has completed a record 13 Badwater 146 races, and has won the Badwater Ultramarathon a record 4 times. He has crossed Death Valley a record 18 times, including a solo and 586-mile quad crossing.
What You Will Do, Experience, and Learn
Whatever your goals, this camp has something for you! And, you get to experience it all in one of the most beautiful places in the country: Death Valley!
Lisa and Marshall will teach you using:
* Training runs
* Cross training sessions
* Classroom sessions
* Formal Q & A
* Informal discussions
* Other camp participants (everyone has knowledge to share!)
Come learn! Come train!
You will learn how to:
* Train for the heat of desert racing
* Prepare for road, mountain, trail, or stage races
* Compete in desert races, whether on the road, like in Death Valley, or across the dunes of the Sahara
* Train and run on trails
* Train for mountain running, including handling altitude and cold
* Improve your running style through gait analysis
* Hydrate and fuel yourself for training, racing, and recovery
* Power walk effectively to improve your race results
* Use cross training techniques such as core strengthening and deep water running
* Face and overcome obstacles through effective troubleshooting
* Take care of your body and feet, including clothing and equipment selection
* Prepare and work with pacers and crew
* Maintain a balance a in your life. (No?it?s not all about the running.)
When, Where, and What?s Included
The camp is May 3-7, 2006 in beautiful Death Valley National Park.
Lodging at Stovepipe Wells, in Death Valley, is included. Breakfasts and dinners at Stovepipe are also included.
Join us in Death Valley May 3-7, 2006!
We will provide one pickup at the Las Vegas airport at 1:30 p.m. on May 3 for transportation to Stovepipe. We will also provide one return trip to the airport, departing Stovepipe at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, May 7. You are also welcome to drive. If you are unable to make the scheduled pickup for any reason, including a delayed flight, you will be responsible for your own transportation to Stovepipe. The drive time from the Las Vegas Airport to Stovepipe is approximately 2.5 hours.
Training runs will be held just outside of the park. Transportation from Stovepipe to each run location will be provided. You are also welcome to drive. A support vehicle, with ice and water, will be provided for all road training runs.
It?s all here for YOU!
We provide a high quality camp with two of the best, most qualified trainers in ultra running: Lisa Smith-Batchen and Marshall Ulrich. The camp, set in beautiful and awe inspiring Death Valley, includes instructional training runs, active cross training sessions, illustrated classroom presentations with take home materials, restful lodging, meals, and transportation while at camp.
Sign up NOW!
The registration fee is only $1,295 USD per person.
There are only 20 spaces available on a first come, first served basis.
Bring a friend and save 10%
If you bring a guest, and share a room
? with your spouse, pacer/crew member, or running friend ?
the double occupancy registration fee is only $1165 per person.
(Only ONE discount applies per participant.)
Please send a deposit of $650 (minimum) or full payment with your application (available soon on line). 
Please send completed application and payment in the form of check or money order to:
   Attn: Lisa Smith-Batchen
   P.O. Box 912
   Victor, ID 83455
For more information (coming soon) about Lisa and Marshall, the camp, application form, schedule of events, location, lodging, meals, transportation, and policies see or
Remember?space is limited!
Sign up NOW!!
Contact us with any questions.
Lisa: or 208-787-2077
Marshall: or 303-567-0727
Save 10% if you say yes NOW!
If you respond BEFORE February 28, 2006 and commit to this camp,
you will save 10% on the camp fee!
(Only ONE discount applies per participant.)

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