Saturday, March 02, 2013

Come train with Lisa and Pam Reed for 5 days for FREE in the Grand Tetons!

Hi everyone! As you know I live in training paradise for all kinds of races! We may not have extreme heat but we have hot yoga, saunas and steam rooms. The one thing we do have is LARGE trails or roads with big, long and steep mountain passes to climb. Come train with us for your race this summer, bring your friends! This year I am fortunate enough to be able to give my 10th official Badwater race another try. Unfinished business is hard for all of us. My training is going really well. Pam Reed who also lives here in the Tetons is going for her 9th Badwater. How cool is that? Pam and I have both won the Badwater race 2 times and we would love for you to come and train with us Pam and I would like to invite you to come and train with us in the magic on the Grand Tetons on Tuesday June 4th through Sunday June 9th. This training is FREE to all of you and your friends. We will supply one airport pick up on Tuesday June 4th and one airport drop off on Sunday June 9th. The airport you will fly into is Jackson Hole Wyoming. There will be a small fee for the shuttle or you can rent your own car. You will either stay at Teton Springs Resort and Spa in Victor Idaho for a very reduced rate or we will find you a home stay with a local family. Lisa works at Teton Springs Resort and it is amazing! Located right at the base of the Teton pass where most of our training will happen. The Resort has a 25 meter salt water pool, golf, tennis, fitness center where we do all kinds of yoga and functional core training. Here is what your week would look like: Tuesday: June 4th: arrive to Jackson Hole Wyoming by 3 pm. MST. Meet for dinner at 6 pm. Night run up to 2 hours with headlamps starting at 9 pm. Wednesday June 5th: Up to 30 miles of steep hill training on the Teton Pass. We will start at 6,000 feet and climb to 10,000 feet doing repeats. Crew will be available to carry your supplies. In the evening we will do hot yoga Thursday: Up to 30 miles again but this time going from Teton Canyon uphill for 8 miles. We will be doing repeats. Crew will be available to carry your supplies. In the evening we will do yoga and functional core exercises for runners. Friday: Up to 25 miles on the “Old Pass Road” from Jackson Hole Wyoming. In the evening yoga movie Sat. Pam is the Race Director of the Jackson Hole Half marathon today and we are all going to run the half marathon and after the race go White Water rafting! Sunday: early morning up and down the Teton Pass for a total of 15 miles and then depart to airport. Your depart from the airport can be after 12 noon. Please let us know if you and your friends want to join us Happy feet Lisa and Pam


Runner Tammy said...

What a kind offer!

Unknown said...

Wish I could run those distances - what an awesome opportunity!!