Thursday, June 10, 2010

RHTA 42nd State Las Vegas, NV

Pictured above Riley and Richard (barefoot) running the last lap with me.

Thanks to Ernie Rambo our 42nd state run in Las Vegas was a great success! Thank you to all who came to run. Also, thanks to the people who stopped by to greet and wish Sister Mary Beth and I good luck with the project.

I’ve always said that when I have people around me that I know and that understand the experience and can give me my space, it changes my whole attitude and keeps me energized and motivated. This was certainly what happened in Las Vegas!

I was able to do my last laps so quickly because Richard was running ahead of me, and I would just kept listening to the patter of his bare feet to keep the pace.

Richard said that during the last laps he kept listening to my feet hitting the pavement that helped him set the pace!

I am so grateful for a massage given to me by Rudi! He is an 83 year-old master's division Olympian sprinter who also has given massages to Jack LaLane!

Thank you all for your prayers and kindnesses to me and the Running Hope Through America team. Continue your prayers as we quickly are approaching the end.



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