Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Our life these days on the road to HOPE

As St. Paul says, suffering leads to endurance which leads to hope.

Our experience these days we have come across many people who are suffering. Some externally who have suffered physically and many who are suffering internally, either from the death of a loved one or sickness that has ravaged their families.

But all, even though they are suffering they give us hope from their endurance.

My long time friend Dan Jensen who had his leg blown off when he was 21 from stepping on a land mine in Viet Nam came to run all 50 miles.

Lisa and Dan ran the Marathon des Sables together 13 years ago and Dan gave Lisa great strength during this run as she watched him run with one leg. Having two legs certainly put it all in perspective! This man is more than extraordinary, he has something so special that it can't be put into words.

On Nov. 5th last year Dan lost his beautiful wife Robin to brain cancer. Lisa found about this as she and Dan ran together in North Dakota. Lisa was very quiet all day and in such a somber place. She wanted to run the last 3-5 miles alone. Once the day was over Lisa had an out pouring of emotions thinking about Dan, Robin, their children and most of all the amazing love they shared for 35 years of marriage. Dan and Robin were always together at all the races and the joy they shared for life and love was always such a bright light for everyone. Lisa ran in Robins honor all day long and we will continue to do so as we run through the rest of America.

Suffering comes in so many forms these days, it puts life in perspective and reveals more than Lisa can bear at times. Her feet hurt but what is this in comparison to someone who has lost a spouse or a child? So many have lost jobs, homes and come to Lisa and Sister Marybeth to ask for prayers of hope.
Lisa said, "I am not suffering so others can have a better life". "I am suffering physically, emotionally and spiritually by choice to help others." At the end of the day I get a shower and a meal and perhaps a bed. At the end of the day so many have none of this.

We all have our sufferings at this very moment. What will you do about yours today? How can we help each other through to a newer and higher level?

Lisa has been helped by so many along her journey of HOPE.
Dan, Roy, Dale, Albert..all who have come to share their stories about suffering and stories about how they have or are getting through to the next level.

Taking an ice bath is NO fun you know, but it helps the suffering from the day on your feet.
Try it, you may find some wonder yourself in the cold hitting your skin!

We are praying for all who are suffering in all ways. Emotionally, physically and spiritually.
You will forever be in our hearts and on our minds as we continue our run through America for the children of the WORLD.

Love you all
Team Running Hope

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Anonymous said...

It's allway's surprise for some people when they see how much some will suffer for so little payback " crazy ultrarunners"!