Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update from the Big Apple!

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This is Lisa’s friend, Colleen Woods. I had the opportunity to see the Run Hope Team yesterday as they came through NY. It was awesome to see them and it was really cool to see Lisa going so strong. As she looped the Reservoir of Central Park many times, she was smiling and happy for all the friends who came to run with her…including one student who completed all 50 miles.

So Lisa has now completed 100 miles (50 in New Jersey and 50 in NY) and is she is in Avon, CT to bang out another 50. Ay caramba!

Here are a few things I noticed this week:

FAMILY: Lisa is so happy that she has been joined by three of her siblings for the start of Running Hope through America. The Smith siblings have been enjoying a great reunion!

ENERGY: The energy of each state seems to be building already. Lisa was glowing about NJ, so touched by the Villa Walsh Academy girls that showed up at the start with her, the friends who did all 50 miles, and the “freshies”, the term the group started to use as new people came and joined in for some miles.

Read more about the NJ 50 miles.

GENEROSITY: The generosity of people who come to see Lisa is enormous. People were arriving with chocolate chip cookies, warm out of the oven. One woman just up and gave Lisa her iPod so Lisa would have some new and interesting music for the miles to come. Her students brought watermelon and sandwiches. And the contributions to the special charities that will benefit from the run are mounting already.

In fact, there is so much generosity going on, it’s hard to keep track! But maybe I’ll just mention a few of my friends here…including:

For sending Lisa off with high hopes and much love, the Teton Valley gals (Heather, Nancy, Susy, Tammy, Sharon, & Corina) who just scored their own hardware in Las Vegas

For making sure Lisa had a great arrival to the East Coast, there’s awesome Will Abrams

For hosting a big party at a great bar in Manhattan to mark the start of this epic adventure, there’s Heidi Weinkam

For supporting the idea of this whole big adventure, there’s Ed Mafoud. I wanted to make a special shout-out to Ed and his company, Damascus Bakeries…and it is not just because yesterday Ed gave me the most yummy pitas that I am munching on right now with some hummus! Ed lives in NY and I met him out in the Tetons back in 2006 when he came out for a Dreamchasers camp. Actually, we first met even earlier when we were both training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Team in Training group. Ed is a guy who is so generous…his family is clearly his priority, and he accepts his responsibility as a role model for his children so gracefully. He contributes his time and support to numerous charities and his special connection with Sister Mary Beth is really touching. Ed did 50 miles in NJ with Lisa and came to NY yesterday to bring her in for the last 10 miles in NY. Go Ed!

And Connie Carpenter, who called her brother Daniel Carpenter of Simsbury CT., who donated the ride from Perfect Rides Limo company Way to travel in style!

CAMARADERIE: It is so cool to see how people show up and bond with each other – reminds me of ultra races. People are coming out in numbers to show their support, including runners, walkers, their spouses, their kids, even some unsuspecting work colleagues who want to check out what this is all about.

THE CREW: I am sure each crew member will be acknowledged as the miles build, but I just want to point out how generous it is of these individuals (Marianne DeMarco, Mike Smith, Mike Evans, and Ashley) to contribute their time and energy to making this happen. I am sure it will be a dare-to-be-great experience for them, too!

Keep on truckin’…you guys rock!

ps – Thanks to Lucimar Araujo for the great pics from NY!


Stephen Spada said...


Best of luck to you! I'll look for you in North Carolina...Stephen

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!! We are thinking of you ALL the time! Stay strong and take care of yourself and the same to the "crew". Love ya!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Colleen, for the update. I have been thinking of Lisa and crew since they started on Monday. I'm so pleased to see you in some of the photos in New York. Sure wish I was there too!
Go Lisa, go!!!

Unknown said...

You looked great on CNN today. We're so proud of you!