Sunday, April 25, 2010


M here again.

Yes, I'm a little late. In fact, we're on Day 6, and I'm only just now doing a Day 3 report. But it's hard keeping up these Hollywood types.

Lisa's really changed. Now that people recognize her on the street (folks recognize her from CNN) she's taken to wearing sunglasses at all times. Even at night. You wouldn't even believe Sister Mary Beth. Yesterday she punched out a photographer that got in her face. She's started hanging out with Sean Penn, too.

Avon, Connecticut was great -- weather was perfect and the run was an out-and-back on a Rails to Trails path. The only damper was a call from Sister Mary Beth who had been in New Jersey the previous night and was driving up from Morristown to Connecticut; she told me her car had broken down right by the Tappanzee Bridge. But I knew better -- Sister's always in rough shape the morning after when she hangs out with Lindsay Lohan.

Meanwhile two Shenipsit Striders showed up and banged out a good 50K with Lisa and Sister Mary Beth while Mike and Mike set-up and handled logistics, Ashley made one PB&J sandwich after another and I fielded requests from the media (seriously.)

Sister made her way to the run thanks to her good friend Pat, who not only picked her up and brought her to Avon, but was nuts enough to drive to Providence as well.

CT NBC showed up for an interview, a link to which I can't find anywhere - I promise to call the producer today. Then the lovely Kristine Thompson from the Orphan Foundation of America called with an interview request from CNN.

The day ended around 6:30 and Lisa came back to Juan's for a few sips of wine (I thoughtfully finished the glass for her so she wouldn't look ungrateful), an ice bath, a great spaghetti and turkey meatball dinner and a drive to Providence, RI.

The next morning while we drove to the location at 4 in the morning, Pat drove Sister Mary Beth back to Morristown so she could receive an award from the Girl Scouts of America that evening. I suppose it was just a "coincidence" that the Sisters were having a rave at Villa Walsh at that time.

I'm telling you- things have changed. But of course I'll keep you updated about that.


Sharon Schmidt said...

You all are sounding a little loopy.... Maybe you should get earpieces and sunglasses for Mike and Mike and have them wear all black since they'll probably have to be bodyguards now!
LOVE hearing how everything is going- take care of yourselves!!
Sharon Schmidt

Unknown said...

M, as always you never fail to entertain and make me giggle! Keep the updates coming. Meanwhile, my prayers go to Lisa and hope her shin feels better soon.