Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost 500!

At the end of the day, Lisa will have reached 500 miles! Wow! She's been saying it will get easier after the first ten days according to what she's been told. We shall see right?!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in State College, PA. Lisa's pace was quick and she did great! Our State College friends were amazing! Sherry Tirko, a former coaching student of Lisa's in high school, housed us at her home about 25 minutes from Penn State. State Captain, Elizabeth Desser was there bright and early to meet us. The PA team was amazing! They brought food, drinks, hung inspirational signs around campus for Lisa while she was running, and were ready and willing to help us out in any way. What a great team! Thank you Team PA!

Here is a picture of Lisa and the crew in front of the RV in PA!


Unknown said...

Great job! It's so fun to watch your progress. Love the writing M! Lookin good Mike.

Go Lisa Go!!!

Brett said...

It gets EASIER?

Thats a sure sign she's starting to lose it. ;)

Jim said...


I hope to join you in Raleigh. I have a final exam that night, so I guess I better not procrastinate until the last few days.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thanks! It's actually Ashley writing =)

Yes, it gets easier! The body gets "used" to it and you get more in shape along the way.

Please join!

Unknown said...

It sure is amazing how our body works and surprises us sometimes as to how much more it can take than we could ever imagine.
Keep up the good work, Lisa and team! Funny how I thought of asking you to post a photo of everyone in front of your RV...and there you are!!
Love and hugs to everyone,

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Well great minds think alike Tess!

Thanks for the encouraging words and support from Lisa and the RHTA Team!


Unknown said...

M, where are your shoes????