Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lisa Tamaki runs ALL of New Zealand in 44 days!!!

I was sent this letter from my friend Mario...way to go Lisa, way to go!

Dear Friends,

Lisa Tamaki ran all the New Zealand in 44 days. To see the complete journey...... check the link :

Read Below the last day.....
Day 44- 14 December 2009

After an eventful night in Auckland...Jason and I were on the same flight from Auckland to New Plymouth as my main sponsor Murray Dick and his wife Jane from Taranaki Engineering. I thought it was quite fitting to share a flight back home so we could run the final leg together.We arrived at New Plymouth airport, and even though I was feeling rather jaded by not only the accumulative distance of run NZ but also the pre finish party at the Hilton, (thanks guys), however that jadedness disappeared once inside the terminal building to the wonderful reception from my supporters.In particular I acknowledge the attendance of those fantastic oldies from Riverview, complete with their handmade banner it was a fitting welcome back to the naki...but I wasn't finished yet.After a quick change we gathered outside to begin the final run into New Plymouth. There were quite a few runners, Kelvin from Frontrunner, the harriers, Kylie and his navigator on his tandem bike (good on ya mate), and many others of whom I am sorry I cannot name you all. After a quick safety brief from Megan we were off, at rather a slow pace until we all warmed into it.Sadly our trusty Toyota Prius's were not with us as some of the crew were rather late up this morning and we had to manage the final leg without our support vehicle, all was not lost though as Kelvins Front runner vehicle and Peggy managed the task well.It was amazing to be running down airport drive, people tooting and standing waiting for me, it was just such a special feeling. Led by Megan we turned onto the main road and the tooting and waving of the passers by again filled me with the drive to get to the end, so much so that Megan had to tell me to slow down as we were too far ahead of the scheduled finish.We picked up quite a few extra's as we headed into New Plymouth and before I knew it we were at the walkway where even more joined in.I am blown away by the support of the Taranaki people and felt proud to be running home with my mates and my sponsors at my side.
Sadly one person that was not there was my project manager, and sponsor, Jaron Mumby from Fire Design. He was away representing Taranaki at the North Island Surf Lifesaving IRB Championships so he had a worthwhile excuse! He and Chris Scott won 3 Gold Medals, so congrats guys on another great performance.Megan announced the final K to go and as we neared the windwand I could see more people waiting to cheer me on and share with me the moment of completion of this massive task.
As I ran onto Puke Ariki landing I could see Mayor Pete standing there waiting, we all ran, arms in the air, laughing and some were cheering here it is, THE END!.
I had done it, the finish...all those days and nights, all the work, the pain, the organising and arranging, and here I was, I had conquered the beast.... how do I feel... I don't really have the words to describe it... I am numb, excited, exhausted, so very grateful.
After the necessary formalities I needed to head home to change for my appearance at Christmas at the bowl. It was such a special moment to run into the bowl and be cheered on by the crowd. I was then welcomed onto the stage by Mayor Peter Tennent and treated to a special traditional Maori welcome and blessing, which was just such an honor, thank you to you all.
I would just like to thank all my amazing sponsors who helped make this dream a reality. Firstly to the NZ Run naming rights sponsor Murray Dick and Taranaki Engineering, your company sums up Taranaki! Your commitment and determination has meant everything to me. You your influence helped get me to the finish line and with your support this campaign would not have happened. To Kevin Gray and James Crighton from Tasman Toyota and Mark Young from Toyota New Zealand, your generosity and commitment to this campaign has been exceptional. The Toyota Prius vehicles you sponsored were amazing. If anyone is thinking of buying a new vehicle, please see the team at Tasman Toyota in Taranaki or any Toyota dealer nationwide if you live outside Taranaki, as Toyota really look after you and are the best people to deal with.To Bartercard, thank you so much for your amazing support. Barter is such a fantastic way to trade with businesses throughout NZ. If you are looking for a way to promote new customers within your business, then give Bartercard a call!Thank you so much to Pams for all the amazing food you sponsored, your amazing food kept me going through the length of New Zealand. Thanks to Steelformers for all your support over the last year. Always great to have such a proud Taranaki Company in behind you!Thanks to Kelvin and the team at Frontrunner and also the team at More FM for all of your great support.Thank you so much Interislander, Maui Campervans, Nature Spring Water, Mobilize and Waitara Travel. A big thank you to all the Motels and Hotels throughout New Zealand who sponsored accommodation. You were all such amazing people and I look forward to catching up with you all again one day soon. Thanks to Marco and the team at Buff for your support and manufacturing the official NZ Run Buff. If you are keen to buy a buff please click on the link on the home page. Buy a Buff and become one of the NZ Run team!Thanks to BIG Media for all of your promotional work. You guys are amazing. If you want your business to get noticed, call David Casey and the team at BIG Media as they are passionate about Taranaki and want your business to get noticed!Thanks to Jaron Mumby and Fire Design for all your creative input. You guys are just amazing and you seem to be able to find a creative solution for any problem throw your way! Lastly, thank you to my amazing crew. I owe you all everything for what you have all sacrificed to ensure I made it to the finish line. No one person can take on a task as large as what I did without having the best people in behind you to make it happen.
. Please keep spreading the word as we will keep fundraising to ensure we can help make a difference for these two amazing charities.Well! Here is the challenge!If I can run the length of New Zealand, then I know you may also be ready to take up your own challenge!If you think you can run, walk, crawl or roll a km per day for the next 14 days then we would love to have you on board with your own K PER DAY Challenge!Please click on the K PER DAY CHALLENGE link on the website and download your form!I know you can do it! It might just help your health, and by raising money through the process you might just help the life of a child affected with illness!So lets get to it! Start today! All it takes is a k!
Love to allLisa


Julia Harpston said...

Hey Lisa,

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your effort inspires me :-D

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thank you!!!!