Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Running Cruise? Seems like a great adventure!

Our friends Jan and Linda are taking people on a running Cruise and they asked the Batchen family to go along as there guests...how could we say NO to this!!! We have never been on a cruise:) We have no finical gain here so don't feel we are trying to sell you to go on this Cruise. I just think you should take the opportunity during these hard economic times to look at the web site for this Cruise let alone the price of the cruise. This is something all can enjoy as a family and besides end of Nov. is a great time to get out of most places into the sun and fun.
Check it out..we will be there, hope you will be to.


Most of us that go to the Islands have a goal of many hours just soaking in the sun on the world’s most beautiful beaches. I now give you another way to see the Islands.

Runners and walkers are a different group all their own. This group now has the opportunity to run or walk on more than one island, which gives their vacation a whole new experience. A seven-day vacation with four scheduled runs and walks on four different Islands.

This will give runners and walkers of various ages and abilities from all over the world to come and have fun. Not only will they enjoy scenic views they will have the opportunity to run with the local running clubs. What a fantastic way to see all of the sites and be active all at the same time.

You will not find a better value for a cruise than the one we are offering at this time. The cruise alone is huge but the cake is the run/walk routes. The icing however is guest speaker Lisa Smith Batchen. To have Lisa share her expertise and passion is a rare opportunity that does not come by to often.

The price for this cruise is $693.00 CDN all taxes and port charges included. (Inside cabin) Depending with the exchange rate at the time of booking it will be around $600.00 US with taxes and port charges. (Inside cabin) This rate will go up as of July5/09 and this fantastic price will be gone. A $530.00 deposit per cabin is all that is required to secure this price which is totally refundable up till Sept.5 /09. You will not find a better price for this cruise.
Also include is a $50.00 US shipboard credit per cabin.

I invite you to run and walk the Islands and Leave Your Footprint. Please visit our website and see what lies ahead on the ultimate running vacation.


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Unknown said...

That is a great deal for the cruise. Thanks for sharing the info!