Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please consider voting for Jenn!

short film "Wyoming Yodeler" is in the running for "people's choice" for the Wyoming Short Film Competition. If you could find the time to vote on-line for Jenn and her co-producer, Marni Walsh, I would be eternally grateful. Voting ends on May 22nd (TOMORROW!!!), so please vote soon! The website is:
If you have trouble voting, please let me know. If you read the instructions, I don't think you HAVE TO watch the film to vote. You can go to the 5th icon from the right of the volume slider - "socialize" - click "vote" and register to vote - then go back to the "socialize" icon again and select "vote" again - you want to vote for "Wyoming Yodeler" - it is the first film of the 25 on the website.
Thanks for you support. If you can persuade anyone else to vote for her that would be great.
Jenn of course really would like to win .

As Jenn says:
"Ain't too proud to beg for votes,"
Jennifer Tennican

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Anonymous said...

that was a cool video!