Monday, March 09, 2009

You all have to read this book!!!

Hi my friends!!

You have GOT to read this book written by one of my coaching students, Ted Archer!

"Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil" is a story about the Marathon Des Sables, the 150-mile ultra-marathon through Morocco's Sahara Desert. has a photo slideshow, a video clip that ABC News ran on the race, and even excerpts of the book that you can download for free.

You will quickly see that it's an amazing story--and you'll want to buy the book! Ted, the author, is someone I met two years ago when he attended one of our running camps. He was a naturally gifted runner, but he was hilarious: He knew nothing about running.

He had finished a marathon without eating or drinking anything, and he had never heard of some of the most basic running gear. He went from this to finishing 16th (the top American!) in a field of 802 runners at the world's toughest footrace.

Look at the photos, read a piece of his story, and watch the video--and you'll need to find out how it ends.
One of the great things about this book is that it's a story, not a journal. It's a fun read, and it's inspiring to read about someone else's journey. You'll also get to know many other runners (of varying abilities) who struggled along with Ted through 125-degree heat, sand dunes, salt flats, and rock gardens.

Go to, look at the photos, read the excerpts, and buy the book!
Oh, and look for an interview with Ted to come out next week at -

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