Tuesday, December 02, 2008

IMAZ and more amazing journeys!

Hi all,

I hope you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did.I think between our camps and Thanksgiving it is time to cut back on thecalories!!! Wow..so much great food.

Last weekend I went to Ironman AZ to be with friends and students who were doing the race. I was not training for any race let alone theIronman (which I did sign up for) but really wanted to share the race with these people somehow. I got my mind set to pace through the Ironman which I have never done before. I can assure you it is not an easy task! Annemarie is now an Ironman!!! Will is an Ironman for the 3rd time!!!I am an Ironman!!!

Annemarie: I met Annemarie a year ago this week in Tucson, she was getting ready to run her first half marathon at the Tucson marathon and she did:) After the half marathon she and I started training together and a month later she ran the Rock and Roll marathon. At this time many of us were signing up for the AZ Ironman, these races sell out very fast. Annemarie asked me if I thought she could do a race like an Ironman and those who know me, I said..well of course you can!!!

Little did I know at the time Annemarie was not able to even swim 1 lap of the pool with her head down and she did not even own a bike let alone had she been on a road bike in many years!!!The end of May Annemarie started taking swim lessons, the begining of Sept. she got her first road bike!!! On Nov. 23rd Annemarie became an Ironman!!!

We did the swim together, the bike and the run and we crossed the finish line together!!! What a joy this was in so many ways. Annemarie had to overcome her fear of open water, her fear of riding a bike on the road with other people, let alone trying to reach for a water bottle while riding the bike!!!Many told Annemarie she could not do it, many were wrong.She ran through that finish line to glory, they put the medal around her neck and she smiled and said..I did it, I did it..I said YOU SURE DID.Annemarie moved around after the IM like she was not sore or tired at all, I was!

The 2 days after the IM Annemarie kept telling me, I can't believe it..I am not even that sore, I can't believe it..I did it!!We can all do so much more than we think we can. I thank Annemarie for showing us the way!!!

There are 2 other people that I adore that I would love for you to read about. Most all of you know them already. Marshall Ulrich and Ray Zahab!

Below is the press release with all the informaton on Marshalls amazing record run and...

...then our friend Ray Zahab who is running in the SOUTHPOLE right now. Visit http://www.southpolequest.com/ to follow Ray and his team. This is one amazing journey. The photo is of Ray today!!!!

Record-Setting Run Across America

Idaho Springs, CO November 23, 2008 –

Almost 117 marathons in52-and-a-half days. That is what ultrarunner Marshall Ulrich completedduring his 3,063-mile run across the United States. Ulrich started in SanFrancisco on September 13, 2008 and completed his run across America inNew York City on Election Day, with an official finish time of 52 days, 11hours, and 58 minutes. He averaged over 58 miles per day: that is twomarathons plus (almost) a 10K race, every day, for more than 52 days in a row.

Ulrich’s crossing is the third fastest ever on the Los Angeles or SanFrancisco/New York City route. He smashed the less than 47 mile averageGrand Masters (age 50 and over) record of 64 days. Amazingly, at age 57,Ulrich also broke the Masters (age 40 and over) record of almost 54 milesaverage in just under 53 days.

During his record-setting run, Ulrich ran between 60 and 70 miles on 43days, with injuries – including plantar fasciitis and a tear in a majortendon in his right foot – bringing his overall average to over 58 miles aday. Other challenges included knee, ankle, and Achilles problems as wellas an infection from one of very few blisters he had during the run.

Ulrich reports, “It was by far the toughest thing I have ever done; eventougher than climbing Everest.” Ulrich reached the summit of MountEverest, the highest peak in the world, from the north side on May 25,2004. “A hard day on Everest was like an average day running acrossAmerica,” Ulrich said. “I have never pushed my limits that far before.”Typically Ulrich ran 19 hours per day and slept 4 to 5 hours per night. Hewore – and wore out – more than 30 pairs of shoes and dozens of pairs ofsocks.

“Seeing how much Americans have in common was one of the greatest thingsabout the run,” Ulrich said. “We are all facing challenges, but we havethe strength to overcome those challenges if we support each other,” hesaid. “I couldn’t have done this run without the support of my wife, mycrew, and the sponsors, for example,” he explained. The run was sponsoredby Super 8, AXA Equitable, Vita-Mix, and VQ Orthocare.

“Dream it and do it” and “The only limitations are in your mind” are twothings Ulrich often says, and believes wholeheartedly. By completing hisrun across America, Ulrich hopes to inspire people to accomplish theirgoals, whatever they might be.

The United Way was the major beneficiary for the event. The Live Unitedcampaign encourages youth to be more active and physically fit, somethingUlrich obviously believes in. His level of fitness, at 57 years old, iscertainly inspirational to kids, baby-boomers, and beyond.

NEHST Studios filmed the entire event for a documentary called “RunningAmerica” set to be released in 2009. The documentary will offer a slice ofAmerica through film footage, photographs, and interviews with Americanscaptured along the way across the country. The production of the film wassupervised by NEHST's head of production, Dana Offenbach.

For more information, please go to www.runningamerica08.com<>

About Marshall Ulrich

Marshall Ulrich, 57, is the only person in the world to complete theTriple Crown of Extreme Sports: world class ultra runner, Seven Summitsmountaineer, and record setting adventure racer. His specialty is competing in extreme conditions including desert and adventure racing, aswell as mountaineering. In addition to running across America, Ulrich has:

- Completed 120 ultra marathons averaging over 100 miles each.

- Reached the summit of each of the Seven Summits, including MountEverest, all on first attempts.

- Completed 12 expedition length adventure races, including all nine EcoChallenge adventure races

– something only two other people in the worldhave done.

Ulrich has raised over $839,500 for various charities, including theReligious Teachers Filippini, an order of Sisters that promote the dignityof women and children in some of the poorest countries in the world – andhere at home – by providing an education to those who previously hadlimited opportunities and choices in their lives. For more informationabout Marshall Ulrich please go to his Web site at www.marshallulrich.com<
http://www.marshallulrich.com/> .

About NEHST Studios

NEHST Studios is a diversified film production, financing and distributioncompany headed up by Chairman and Founder Larry Meistrich producer ofSling Blade and You Can Count on Me and founder of indie film studioShooting Gallery and entrepreneur, CEO Ari Friedman. One of NEHST's goalsis to remove entertainment industry barriers and open up the pitching anddevelopment process to anyone with a great idea. The company, whichlaunched at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, is developing more than twentyfeature film, television, and web series projects. For more information onNEHST Studios, please visit
http://www.nehst.com/ .

For further details, please contact:

Heather Ulrich
Tel: 303-567-0727 or 720-320-2613

Photos available on request.

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Anonymous said...

how great for all

just mel

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Lisa and everyone. Truly awesome stuff!

- Ted

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. Like Annemarie I am not a good swimmer and hardly a biker. It is great that she was able to do both so well. I am impressed! Way to go all~

Becky said...

Wow, way to go!!!! Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

way to go for all.

lisa, were you even training for a ironman race?
it is going to be awesome following ray. it must be cold as you know what!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi All!!!

I wuld not say I was training for Ironman..I did swim 4 times and road my bike a great deal over the summer. What I had was a ton of fun hanging out with Colleen, Will and Annemarie..The memories of the fun and laughs is what I wanted and sure got it:)
Ray...is another story..it is cold here in the Tetons but it must be so much colder where they are. I am really looking forward to following the journey!
Good night..