Tuesday, November 04, 2008

HE DID IT!!! Marshall Ulrich Masters Champ of the WORLD!!!!!

From Ecuador to NYC people all over the World have been following Marshall Ulrichs amazing Run Across America finish as well as the Presidential election!
I have been going from one computer to another, from one TV to another to follow both!

MARSHALL IS IN NYC..I hope sitting down with his feet up and cold drink of his choice..celebrating the way he has dreamed of for many days..
All of Ecuador is here cheering for you Marshall and is awe of what you have been able to accomplish...
Tears of joy have filled my key board a few times this week finding out about the final miles and all you have gone through to be where you are right now at this very moment.

Here is the blog post about the finish..I hope you will all go and post some more to Marshall.

At 7:10pm today Marshall finished his trans continental run. He broke the grand master’s as well as the master’s record. Marshall averaged 58 miles a day over the entire 3045 or so miles. That’s 58 miles every day for 52 and a half days. Equal to just over 116 marathons.
Marshall was especially honored to have Frank Giannino who still holds the world record for running across the country there at the finish. It was fantastic to have him there, he is great and he still holds a very solid and amazing record.”

And here is the link to post a comment.

Thanks to all


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!!! Way to go, Marshall!


Anonymous said...

your turn!

Anonymous said...

Yes Lisa it is your turn? Are you and Lousie still going to do the run?
If any women can do it you can.


Anonymous said...

Charlie got hurt and decided to ride a bike to New York City.
By the looks of reading his blog post he was going to meet sponsors and not Marshall. What up with that?

Joe G.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

I have no idea why Charlie did not wait for Marshall...I guess go to Charlies web site..

Louise and I will let you know of our plans!

Happy day

Dane said...

Super kudos to Marshall. I hope our paths cross someday soon.