Monday, September 29, 2008

2 posts in one day:)

To be honest the last post with all the photos sent before I was ready. I hate to delete it due to so many who get the posts via feed system!

The photos:) So many people are responsible for where I am today with the 810 let alone the 508 bike race.
As of today we have raised $435,000 since May 1st, our goal is $500,000!

The photos are just a few of them and those who have trained with me:)
Casey Cox: great friend and training partner

Colleen Woods: great friend and training partner: On the bike and what a shot on the mountain this weekend!!!

Annie Fenn: great friend and training partner

Cathy Crammer: great friend, lead crew person for the 508 and impossible for me to keep up with:)

Sister Marybeth: great friend and the entire reason behind the 810 project!

Annabella and Gabby: the loves of my life along with there daddy Jay! These 2 kids have let me
pull them on my bike so many times! How many people have a 5 year old that will say..hey mommy let's for go a bike ride and sit for 3 hours singing and telling me stories as well as this: GO MOMMY GO!!!

I thank: George, Scott, Annmarie, Leigh, Terry and Sister for there amazing work and help with the run section of the 810 project.

I thank: George, Jim, Janie and Cathy for stepping up and praying we all see the finish line of the 508!!!

I thank: Ed, Juan, Aran and Leigh for helping me get the bikes that will be the key to my success in many ways...

I thanks: Marriane, Ted, Colleen, Sam, Jerry for there endless work on the blog and letters sent out.

I thank: all of my sponsors for there endless belief in me!

I thank: Trevor and Mike for taking a large part of your weekend to help with the bikes and helping with our kids so we had the time to get ready to leave!

I thank: Jay who has bent over backwards to help get me ready for this race in more ways than I can ever tell you. I thank my kids for loving me just the way I am.

I know I have missed a ton of people on this list. I hope you will forgive me if I have not mentioned you and hope you know I am thankful. I sent this letter out on the weekend.

Well as far as I am concerned I am done training for the 508!!! I did 5 hours on Friday and close to 4 hours was a very strong head wind up the Teton pass. I about cried to celebrate when I got to the top knowing that it was down hill home..Guess what? The wind changed directions and it was a head wind home to!
Colleen road 4 hours with me on Friday and 2 on Sat. yeah...this was so great!
Sunday I will ride 2 hard hours up and down Targhee which is a good climb and then that is it. ( I did this ride and it took my 5 min. less than usual, a good sign:))
I am going to leave on Monday and head towards Calif. It is time for me to wrap my head around the 508 miles. I know I am going to be in pain, suffer, cry and it is going to be the hardest work I have ever done...Part of my is looking forward to the hard and to push myself to a new place...I am scared although I know fear is my friend. I feel I have done ALL I can do to train for this race. At the starting line I will have NO saddle soars, 2 amazing bikes thanks to Leigh and another friend..I am so thankful for these bikes you will never know!
To the run crew and to the bike crew and to all of you who have helped make this journey for me what it is today...I could have NEVER come to where I am today without any of you.
To my amazing family: I am thankful for all of you and thankful you continue to allow me to grow and be who I am. Thank you for your endless love and for coming along with me for the ride!
There are never going to be enough words to thank you. When I cross the finish line of the 508 you will all be with me and we can all share tears of hope and tears of joy knowing that we have been something part of history making as well as something extraordinary.
I ask you to all pray for me, for the crew,and for all those who toe the line at the 508, for the crews and families and then to all of you. Pray that God will lead me, guide me, test me and allow me an extraordinary race full of everything and then some...
Thank you.
God Bless and love you all Lisa
Hey..Happy Butt:)

It is not to late to make a donation!!!!
MY FRIEND JOE MADE IT TO LA THIS MORNING ON HIS BIKE!!!! Now this is something to celebrate.


Manners said...

Go get em Lisa! We are all behind you!

Anonymous said...


You beat me to the post.

Lisa may the wind be at you're back and your head be on tight with only thoughts of greatness.

We love you

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

ha..ha...God love you Mel:)

Thanks to all for everything..I am getting in the van right now..we had to get new brakes put on has been such a day..annabella is so happy..

Wind at our back would be nice..keep those thoughts will you

More soon

Anonymous said...

Have a great race lisa!

Anonymous said...

To Lisa and crew,
Best of luck everyone.
You are so ready Coach, you will be amazing!!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

You are so ready for this race! Go out there and kick some butt!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em Lisa!

Everyone whose lives you've touched, through offering your training support as well as showing what humans can accomplish with enough perseverance, shows what kind of person you are. We're all cheering for you. You WILL see the finish line!

Wishing you a safe, memorable and successful journey,


Olga said...

Best to you and your crew!

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you, and following along on the webpage.
Love to all of you out there, and be careful.
Take your time, eat and drink well, and most of all- have fun!

Anonymous said...


It's wonderful to read how well all of your training has gone. It looks as
though you'll enjoy the ride this time as well as go wild on two wheels!!!!

I hope the challenges are rewarding and I can't wait to see your finish

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Dear sound good...and very ready...
I will start special prayers and sacrifices for your success...
not only that you finish ...or that you make lots of money...
but that many graces will be sent your way for all the good you have done for the children...and that many graces flow their way so they might have lives of dignity!!!

God bless you...

Anonymous said...

my hero

we love you all the way from down under.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thanks to you all for the love, support and belief in me..I am going to do my very best and God willing see the finish line.I trust and I am ready.
Love to all