Monday, June 23, 2008

My own training and other!!!

Happy Monday to you all!


I had a good week of training and was able to get close to 20 hours on my feet and on a bike. Some great long climbs:)

My new bike training is on my mountain bike with my 5 year old Annabella on her tag along right behind me and we now are able to hook the chariot up so I can also pull Gabby our 2 year old. I would love to thank all the people who sit around and design all the wonderful ways that us parents can come up with to bring our kids along on our training runs and rides! No excuse!!! Jay is happy because this means we can all go as a family. He can pull the girls while I ride or he can ride and I can pull the girls.

Annabella yelling go mommy go, catch up to that truck!!! Wow how thankful are we:)

It has been a good few weeks for so many friends and fellow Dreamchasers.We are still waiting for the results to come up on the Big Horn web site but I have spoken to or emailed with some!Ronda was 1st women...we don't know her time as of yet...But yeah...great race!

*Katherine Dowsen friend from town was 2nd overall for the women in here first 100 at Big Horn!

*Olga was 3rd women!!! With a PR of 3.5 hours!!!! Yeah, you go girl..I am sure Olga will have a great race report on her blog very soon.

*Michele was 4th women overall and said she had a great time even with her bad feet!!! Way to stick with it Michele you continue to inspire us all.

*Our buddy Laurie was on an amazing pace in the 100 when at 68 miles she felt very sick and about passed out…ended up with a fever and like I told her..MTRC..she made the right choice when she had to call it a day. What a great attitude she has...she will be back. Told me today that her stomach muscles are so sore from all the laughing she did once she felt better from her crew!! Live to race another day!

*Mike Evans ran to the finish line with Michele and was 1 hour ahead of what he wanted..27 hours.. Nice going Mike…we are very proud of you…and your crew Chandler and Erika!

*Katy Cotton ran the 50 mile race in just over 13 hours...Katy…the one you always see running with a smile!! Great going Katy!

We are still waiting for the Bighorn results to be posted on the web site but we spoke to our friend Matt Hart who is coming to our training camp this week here in the Tetons and he WON the 50 mile race...check out his blog post.

Mike Waridan running Western States this weekend....How will it go?Read his blog post!!!

Frank Fumich runs 50 mile in Ohio:) well done Frank!

Hi Lisa: The race went REALLY well. I did pretty much exactly as you said, except when you said from mile 15-30 to try to run up half the hills...well I was feeling so strong a lot of them I ran all the way up...not the super long ones...but any smaller ones, I just went the whole way up at points. I felt great up to about 37 miles and then started to feel it a bit. But with about 13 to go, I was at about 7:45 and really wanted to break 10 hrs. Never thought originally that I would have a chance, but once it was in position to from about 13 to go until about 3.7 to go, I ran the whole thing (with the exception of a couple steep hills that I power walked the upper portions) and there was a lot of ups...At 9.1 miles, I had 90 minutes until 10 hrs and so for the 1st 60 minutes I ran almost all of it which included some serious hills and couldn't believe I was getting to the top without walking...then I got to 3.7 miles to go but only had 30 minutes and it started with a big hill and so I just couldn't quite do it...and when I knew I wasn't going to break 10, I sort of eased up a bit and made it in 10:15....tied for 11th place out of about 50.On the very last steep downhill, (and I took it easy) I finally felt my quads sort of go, and I woke up to SUPER sore legs and my feet are really sore...and kind of my right ankle...but nothing is swollen and so I think it's just sore from the pounding but no big deal hopefully...but I was really pleased with how I did. It was the VERY FIRST time when it was ME that was actually passing people, powerwalking UP hills...that was a whole new experience...and not a single person passed me from mile 21.2 and I passed a lot of people doing both the 50 and 100.!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Congrats to Ted, Jeff, Ed and Thomas for there 47 mile rim to rim at the Grand Canyon! One hot hard run!!!

**Jeff Grant: you have to read one of his new favorite workouts and check out his blog!!!

Lisa,Did lots of paddling the past two weeks, including my first ever kayak commute to the office. It was perfect, 15-minutes of rolling the kayak down a steep hill, 1 hour of paddling to within two blocks of work, a short carry to the office, a long day of work, a short carry to the water, and hour long kayak home, and then a steep walk back up the hill pushing the kayak. I loved it! Also did the long rides and crossing-training during the week. JEFF..THAT IS SOME WORKOUT!!

WELL...THIS WEEKEND IS WESTERN STATES AND THE LINE UP is is going to be so fun to follow. Dreamchasers has several running and we will be with you every step of the way!!! Eat, drink, hydrate and keep on movin!

**Last but not least...I am honored to say I have been asked to be part of the Team Smith/Pearlizumi!!! Thank you Aric and that you Smith, Pearlizumi, Body Glide and Nathan!!!Check it out…

We have a sold out training camp this week here in the Tetons!! I will be posting lots of fun photos and reports. Hope you can join us for the next one.Guests are Matt Hart and Laurie out!

Have a wonderful week and stay tuned


Marie Boyd the race director of Bishop High races! Trains with her 2 year old babies!!!

Sandy Powell!!! Read her amazing story!
Surgeres, France – 48 hour race……………

by: Sandy Powell

I sit quietly reflecting on my second visit to Surgeres, France and think about reaching my goal of running over 200 miles. I was invited back to run in the world-class 48 hour run on May 16-18, 2008. The thoughts that consume me are so numerous and the experience is just like a dream. It begins with an invitation to participate and then from there you are treated like an Olympic Champion. When we arrived at Surgeres train station, having traveled almost three hours from Paris, the race director and his crew met us and transported us to what would be our home base for the next six days. We stayed at the same hotel as last year and it was so wonderful to see the owner and his wife again. Like others, we met up with some of the same runners and it was fun to share stories about the past year and catch up on what was happening in our lives.

The whole town of Surgeres is involved in the success of this race! The business people had a big celebration downtown on Thursday evening to meet the athletes and welcome us to Surgeres. Afterwards, we went to the Hotel Gambetta for a pre-race meal that was just what people say about French food – out of this world! We departed that evening to begin our preparations for the race that was to begin the next day at 4:00 PM. (Rain or shine)

I began my day planning and preparing my crew about all the “things” they would need to do for me as I began this 48 hour journey. I must say and would say a thousand times over, I could not have made it without my crew. My husband, Ben, my sister, Cindy and her husband, Dan Clymore have been there for me the past two years. We went to the race site and readied my camper for the everything I would need for the next two days. (Each athlete has their own camper/table/chairs to use throughout the race.) I felt content that we had made all the preparations so we went to the luncheon and then participated in the “Parade of Athletes”. Each athlete is introduced and then your national anthem is played. I think at this moment I am so honored to be invited to this race but more importantly I am so honored to be representing the USA. Shortly, thereafter the race begins and off we go around and around the 300 meter track for two days. We switch directions every six hours and each time you pass the scoring table you wave to your lap counter so they can record your lap. I had the best lap counters – they cheered me on and were so encouraging especially during the downpours of the continuous rain.
During my first 24 hours I followed my race plan. My coach, Lisa Batchen, told me to be patient. Do not follow the crowd – run your race! Of course, if you look at the leader board I was doing just that – being patient and waiting until the dawn of a new day to move out and start moving up the leader board. The first 24 hours of running for me had been fairly consistent. I was eating/drinking and experienced no problems. At hour 24, I took a short break to change clothes, shoes (my faithful and best shoe the INOV_8 F -Lite 335) and just rest a few minutes before I started the second half of my race! I am over half way finished this race I thought – and that was a good feeling. The second day would prove to be very interesting as I began to move up and started to pass people that on the first day left me way behind. Again, I focused on my goal and what I needed to do each hour. Into the second night proved to be a challenge as I experienced some problems with my knee but after my crew’s help and prayers I was able to get back in sync and kept adding laps to my total mileage. The second night when we had the worst rain storm there were about only six of us that stayed out and ran all night. We accumulated some valuable miles even in the downpour. As daylight came, I was revived and was eager to add more miles and finish the race. I kept watch on the leader board and stayed with my plan! I ran steady and moved up to fourth place and held that place until the end. I was also glad that Phil McCarthy from New York was there to run and represent the USA as well. He did a great job by placing third in his first 48 hour race.

The race was over and the feeling of just being able to run in this race and be a part of this festive weekend in Surgeres, France was more than words can describe. The support and help that you receive is just unbelievable! I love this race and really do enjoy the experience of running 48 hours! I reached my goal of 201.5 miles and look forward to the next race! I know that I want to go back because there is no other race experience like the 48-hour race of Surgeres. I want to add a thank you to my sponsors: INOV-8, POWER BAR and RIVERHEADS RURITANS.


Ray and Kathy Zahab are new parents!!! Mia Sahara Zahab came into the world last week.

We have all warned Ray about the sleep deprivation and how wonderful it is to be a parent!

Kathy...looks so beautiful, does she not after just having a baby!!

Welcome Mia!!

Had to share this photo below of Mia with her Canada visor on!!! Go team Zahab!


Anonymous said...

You might want to move the second part of this post up so it is better to read. The photos and stories are wonderful. New team? Good for you

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

wow..that is a long blog..looks better now thanks to colleen and her goodness..


Anonymous said...

Inspirational all of these people you write about. Do you coach all of these people. The baby Mia is darling, but so are those baby dogs. My gosh they are big.
Sandy ran over 200 miles in 48 hour's? That is something I can not even wrap my mind around. Where does she live?
Super post from superwomen!

Bob - said...

wow a lot going on in Dreamchasers land...congrats to all finishers and best wishes to those doing WS this weekend and also Becky out there treking the Primal Quest !

and what a CUTIE baby pic, Congrats Zahab's!

Anonymous said...

That is great that the whole family can join you on the bike training. What great stories! Congrats to all the runners and new parents :) Congrats Lisa on your new sponsorship.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Yes...Miss Sandy ran over 200 miles:):) and this was after dealing with a stress fracture in her foot! she is one amazing, wonderful women..a teacher! Sandy lives is west Virginia!
I have coached all those I spoke about..Ray is a very good friend and I coached him for 2 years..he is doing amazing things running for kids right now himself..!But the others I am coaching..Brain where are you from?
Have a great day

Mer...western states here you come:) and I am thrilled to be on the Smith/Pearl team..a real honor!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa !!!

You are such an inspiration...!
Maybe you can teach Mia to drag the tire someday, too !

Ray and Kathy

Anonymous said...


That's so great that your family no longer needs a car. Just hook up to mom's bike. Jay would look great in his own sidecar. He could wear his Wiley-X glasses instead of goggles.

Good way to avoid those high gas prices.

(How many pounds of little girls do Gabby & Annabella total, anyway?)

Anonymous said...

Buddy says, sorry that L. Andrews got sick at BH, we were pulling for her. I hope she will be at the Teton race this year even for us to just grin at her if you know what I mean, she is darn cute and what legs.
That is me Mr. smart butt but nice going to all the people you work with. Those dogs are babies? Yea right on ya.
Just from down under.

Anonymous said...

What a good post Lisa.
So many cool things going on in the life of the people you know. So happy to be one of them.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Buddy and the rest...Buddy where do you live down under? buddy Laurie got sick at BH but she will be back next year..she was having a perfect race..but as we all know..things happen and like we to race another day..
she will be with us at camp this week and is ready to go!
Happy day