Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sending E-Mails to MDS Competitors

Hi All!

Marathon des Sables begins tomorrow, on Sunday morning. I will continue to be doing daily updates on my blog and look forward to your comments. You can send all of the MDS competitors emails starting tomorrow and the emails get delivered to them at the end of each day.

This is the link to send the e-mails:

The e-mail service is in operation from March 29th to April 4th.

It is so nice to get these emails and it really helps each runner feel the love!!!

Here are the Dreamchasers race numbers:

Laurie Andrews 465
Ted Archer 466
Jeff Arricale 467
Jay Batchen 469
Kay Bellor 470
Mary Betts 471
Jeffrey Brandner 472
Van Bryant 473
Marc Caldecourt 474
Andrew Cohen 475
Damon Goerke 476
Stephen Jackson 477
Leigh Corbin 479
Aaron Davison 481
Marianne Demarco 482
Francis Dodd 483
Marc Duplain 484
Martin Edwards 485
Mike Ehredt 486
Ashley Ellenor 487
Jeffrey Fortman 488
Adwin Gallant 489
Peggy Gaudet 490
Paul Gladwell 491
Jeff Grant 493
Fleur Grose 494
Andrew Hackett 495
Jason Hogue 497
Chris Hornell 498
Jeffrey Hunt 499
Michele Jensen 500
Edward Kelly 502
Danny Kendall 503
Robert Kent 504
Joshua Kennedy 505
James Laing 506
Chole Lanthier Brandner 507
Michael Le Roux 508
Suzanne Lucas 509
Toby Luxford 510
Martin Mack 511
Terry Madl 512
Kira Matukaitis 513
Sandy McCallum 514
Meagan Mcgrath 515
Cliff Mckinley 516
Karen Meades 517
Morgan Murri 519
Rebecca Oliver 521
Stuart Paterson 522
Vincent Robert 523
Arthur Glen Russell 525
Gregory Ryan 526
Brendan Sainsbury 527
Markus Schar 528
Antony Shaw 529
Alan Silcock 530
David Simon 531
Mark Simon 532
Andrea Lynn Sloan 533
Georgia Stansell 534
Keith Sullivan 535
Patrick Tomada 536
George Velasco 537
Steve Ward 538
James Whelan 540
Stephen Wolk 541
Elizabeth Zaitzeff 542
Lara Zaitzeff 543


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
That is some list of people at the MDS. It is going to be a fun week following everyone I know.
Thanks for doing this.


Aran said...

Hi Lisa! I agree with Bob...that is a tremendous list and only goes to further underscore the greatness you and Jay bring to thank to the gym! :)!!! Aran

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

You are very right about the amazing list of people running the race this year that Dreamchasers took over! It is going to be one exciting race with people from all walks of life, walking and running.
Aran...your name is on the list to run next year! So happy you have already started the training.