Monday, January 14, 2008

Las Vegas Running Team!

Good morning to you all! We had such a great weekend. I paced 2 students through there 1st marathon in Phoenix. 5:24 with easy running and walking. It was such a joy to watch Mike and Annemarie accomplish something they never dreamed possible. Mike has lost about 20 pounds in less than 2 months. They both did the Tucson half marathon and I challenged them to do the marathon and they did!!!! Yeah to you both and yeah to all of you who ran and walked races this past weekend.

Below is a letter from a very good friend of mine. Please read it, read the links and then if you feel the love copy it and pass it on to others of even post on your own blog. Dan Campbell is such a wonderful man and has given and done so much for the running World. We pray he makes a come back and that we can all help make a difference to help he and his family in some way.
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Hi lisa!
Thanks for asking for more details about Dan Campbell and our fundraiser for him.

Dan Campbell, creator of the Las Vegas Running Team ( and director of many races in Las Vegas, Nevada, suffered complications from an aneurism on Nov.11. Through most of December, Dan was in a medically induced coma as his brain attended to repairing itself. In late December, we finally began to see improvement in his condition.

Muscles that were dormant for over a month are now able to support Dan as he sits upright in a chair and focuses on lots of physical and speech therapy. He remains in the hospital, but we hope that he will soon be moved to a rehab center where he will receive intensive therapy until he’s ready to return to home and the Running Team! Understandably, Dan and his family (wife and three boys, age 6, 8, and 16) have numerous medical bills to pay and the running community is assisting in many ways.

Beginning at noon on Friday, January 18, Eric Herdman, local ultrarunner and shoe store owner, will take on a team of 24 others in his One vs. the Many Treadmill Challenge. Eric will run on a treadmill for 24 hours. The “other” team is made up of 24 runners; each will run or walk on a treadmill for one hour during Eric’s 24 hours. The team compiling the most miles at the end of the 24 hours will be declared the winner – and the winner decides which of three charities proceeds from the race entries will be donated to. Eric’s charity is the Dan Campbell Medical Fund. The other team members could choose from the same fund or from Friends of Feral Felines, Karno Kids, and Opportunity Village – Las Vegas. Eric Herdman is well aware of the national record for 24 hours on a treadmill and is suggesting that one team or the other should strive to break the record. More details about the race are available at the Live Webcast site:

I’ll be running from 1 to 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. I can’t think of a better way to honor Dan and all of his contributions to our local running community. If you can check in on our progress, I know that all runners would appreciate it!

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Dan is such a good man. Thank you for this post. I do hope other's that read your blog will send it on to more people so we can raise money to help Dan the way he helps so many others.