Thursday, November 01, 2007


Wednesday was one week that my father had his surgery. On Tuesday we were really concerned because he looked worse than he did the day before and it seemed that one thing would start to look good and then another thing would go wrong.
The visiting hours in a critical ISU unit are only 30 minutes 4 times a day and during this time you are trying to talk to Doctors, Nurses..anyone who can give you some information.
Wednesday was Halloween and we told my father that we would be taking the kids trick or treating and that we would be back for the last visiting hour. They say that they can hear you even if they are not able to talk.

We came back at 8pm the last visiting time of the day and when we walked in the room my father turned his head to look towards us, his eyes were open.
As my brother Mike and I walked towards his bed I started to cry...I really just about fell on the floor with emotion. Trying to stay calm and listen to the advice of friends we walked over and talked to him about the trick or treating, told him what day it was and that it was a beautiful sunny day..needless to say we told him everything that did not have to do with the condition he was in.

My fathers first words were to ask about all of his kids and grand kids..where they were.
He asked where Annabella was first and I said..well..she is in the waiting room in her Halloween costume!! I asked the nurse if I could bring Annabella in (kids this age are not allowed in)
but she was as happy as we were about my father that she said yes.
I went to get Annabella and told her that her Poppy might not look the same way she saw him last time and about all the tubes. She assured me that this was ok and that she was here to help her poppy's heart get better. She also said she needed to tell him that he needs to get up because all the vegetables in his garden would not last long without him taking care of them.
I carried Annabella in to see her poppy and she took his hand and he took hers and she told him about the vegetables!!
I thought Annabella would be scared but she was not, she was so happy to see her poppy.
I could not hold back my tears as the words I love you were moved around the room, starting with Annabella telling my father that she loved him and he telling her she loved him.

My father came from the generation where the word love was the hardest word to say to someone you was just supposed to be known to you that you were loved but not verbally told. I know many of you have also grown up with this.
Come on..let's all admit that the words I love you are so, so powerful and so healing!!!

My father is still very critical and will stay in the ICU for some time but he has made the turn around the corner, he has run a hard race until this point, he is fighting hard to come back to us.

The last thing I told my father before he went into surgery was that he needed to be tough, he needed to do what he has taught me to do. His words to me were: don't you worry gal I will. I sit here and cry as I type this blog. You know me, I am a very emotional person.

The POWER OF PRAYER and the POWER OF LOVE...These 2 things are so key in our life and so key in the healing of us all.
Reach out and tell those you love that you love them..don't just assume they know you love them..tell them I LOVE YOU...

Watching what my father and so many in this critical care unit has taught me a great deal.
Families that were torn apart have been re-united due to a tragedy, people are coming together in the name of love!!!

We all have our races to run on and off the road or trails, one moment, one step, one mile at a time.

Thank you all from my family to yours for your prayers and love



Trace said...

Oh, Lisa.
I'm not normally so emotional, but your post brought me to a quivering chin and tears streaming down my face. It was so moving and so honest. Fortunately, I am from a family where we stil snuggle, say I LOVE YOU each and every day, and my mom and me are not afraid to hold hands when walking into a store. There is something more powerful than words can explain when you have this love, and the ability to both receive and give it.

I'm so happy to hear that your dad is talking, smiling, giving his love, and that you were able to have this amazing visit with him last night.

Hang in there! And, wish me luck at my race this weekend!
All my love and prayers to you and your family,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you and Bella could be with your father right now. How special that she could visit with him.

I am sending you and your family virtual hugs. Your family will be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-
Our prayers continue for your family. Continue to cherish each moment.
Jill D.

Anonymous said...

You and your family inspire us all.
Keep lovin the way you do.

Matt Hart said...

great post lisa. my thoughts are with you and your family.

Bob - said...

So Glad ur dad is talking and on the road to recovery...will continue to pray for him.

Great post & yes I can from a family that didn't say I love you that much either...

JMP said...

Lisa, I'm so happy to hear that you're dad is turning the corner. Baby steps - even the smallest step in the right direction, is a miracle.

Thinking of you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, This is good news today to read your blog. We hope each day will continue to show to be better.
Stay strong, don't forget to take care of youself. We all know how good you are at taking care of everyone else, I worry you are last on your own list.
Love you,

Olga said...

Yay for the turn around the corner, Lisa! This is where you came from - your father - so we all know he'll fight it through, and we will keep thinking of him and wishing him strength and sending all of you our love.

Trevor Garner said...

It's amazing how many lives a person can touch without even knowing it. Lisa, I want you to know that you've touched my life. And Jay, you too. And all your family and friends that have helped make you into what you are today. You are all so truly inspirational. I remember a not too distant time ago when I first heard about the Teton Races and had no idea who these people were that created this event, but I knew I wanted to do it and from that moment on, my life has had so much more adventure, I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought was possible for myself, and I have seen the people around me do the same. I have met more amazing people than I ever thought I would. So thank you. I love you all. And I love what you live for and how you live. I may be one of those people who just quietly does his own thing and doesn't say much, but this time, after reading your post, I wanted to say it. Here's to your father's rapid and full recovery. Glad to hear he's doing better. = )Go Dad!

Lora said...

So glad to hear your Dad is awake and talking. I'm sure Annabelle's visit with him was better than any medicine the Doctor could prescribe.

Nothing like the power of love. You're all still in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, Thanks for sharing this special time with your father. Annabella is one amazing 4 year-old!! You and Jay give her and everyone in your lives so much love. It is not surprising that her love for her Poppy and desire to help him get are so strong. -cathy