Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nutrition Tip of the Week

I hope you are doing well and behaving at the start of this holiday season. Most Americans gain 2-5 pounds over the holidays- don't let that be you! Small steps over the next few weeks will help you stick with your new healthy life. Below are some tips for Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The average American consumes 5,000 calories at Thanksgiving dinner! That’s more than most of you need for the entire weekend. Use these tips when celebrating on Thursday:
· Have normal breakfast and snacks

· Chew gum while socializing around the kitchen to avoid the appetizers. (Mini quiche= 500 calories; Crudités with ½ cup artichoke dip = 600 calories)

· Eat slowly and savor each bite of the main course

· Choose only 2 side dishes ((1 cup) Mashed potatoes = 250 calories, Creamed spinach = 350 calories, Bread stuffing = 380 calories, Cornbread stuffing = 500 calories, Candied sweet potatoes = 400calories, Cranberry sauce, ½ cup = 200 calories)

· Realize there will be leftovers

· Share or skip the dessert ((one slice) Pecan pie = 520 calories, Apple pie = 420 calories, Pumpkin pie = 320 calories) One scoop of ice cream adds 150 calories. One dollop of whipped cream adds 40-100 calories

· Drink mostly water (8-ounce hot apple cider = 120 calories, 12-ounce beer = 150 calories, 5-ounce glass wine = 140 calories)

Have a great extended weekend and happy running!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Love it!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Love it Mel! Great idea about sharing food ideas for the Holidays..anyone please send us ideas on all the things you will cook!

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving and thank you for the great ideas.


Bob - said...

12-ounce beer = 150 calories....hmmm a 12 pack is ONLY 1800 calories plus 5000 in foood ahhhhh 6800 for the day , now that is a FULL Day :-) to be THANKFUL for!

Coach you know I am not a big fan of food so I might only have 3800--lol

Have a HAPPY Turkey Day" with your Family!!!!!

PS: My legs feel great after JFK so I will burn that off quickly, I promise :-)

sherpajohn said...

Opps... I guess I better run a double day for the crap I ate. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say thank you for your kindness and concern you showed to me on our meeting at the Tucson Expo Saturday afternoon. I truly have admired you for many years and it was a dream come true to meet you. I didn't get to run this weekend's Tucson's Marathon, but next year for sure. It will be a good training run for MdS 2009. Thank you again, Dianna

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thank you Dianna!

It was a joy to meet you to. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Keep in touch