Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thanks for Checking In!

Hi Guys,

I have had many e-mails asking about how Lisa made it through the night. I don't have word yet...

I tried contacting Cathy by mobile/ text, but Cathy, Lisa, Paul & Bill must be in an area where cell reception is unavailable.

So like you, I am going to the race website:
and waiting for a time to be posted for the next checkmark, which is about 252 miles into the course. Lisa will be halfway finished with the race when we get that confirmation.

I will post another entry to the Blog when I get word from Cathy, but for now I encourage you to keep checking the race website (once you get to the website address listed above, click on the section called ‘Solo and Relay Time Splits (updated throughout the race!)’, listed under Race Links on the left-hand side of the page)

Lisa - we're thinking of you and knowing the Empress Penguin stayed strong through night # 1!



Anonymous said...

From a tired, but triumphant student:

Hi Lisa - I finished the 24 hour race and came in 6th. It all hurts at the moment as I only finished 2 hours ago. Every time it got tough I thought of what you were doing and it helped me through. I will send you a proper update later on, but good luck to YOU this weekend!

Katherine Hay-Headle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates Colleen!!!!!!!!

Greg Pressler said...


Just when you think you can't...YOU CAN!

If I could slip you a Sharkie right now, I would!

Ride like you stole it!


Anonymous said...

Keep on ridin' Lisa!!!!

Unfortuneately, I had drop at mile 40 due to ankle issues.....oh well...VERY disappointed!!!! Will update more later!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

As I write this I just returned from my 2.5 hr. run- in 95F 98% humidity- I have no idea how you doing in Furnace Creek- but today when I felt like quitting- after about 10 mins (ok- maybe 15) I thought of you out there and knew that you were enduring- so did I-

It's not wheather you come in first, last or even finish- it's that you had the heart to be there at all-

See you in Tucson
Jim Simone

Tom's Blog said...

Hello Lisa,
You're an inspiration. Enjoy the beauty of the scenary, and the joy of being healthy. You've trained hard and long, and it all is coming together for a strong ride. You ROCK!! Tommy T

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! You are amazing!!!! I can't wait until you guys get to Tucson so I can hear the details about your latest adventure. You are truly inspiring! Keep on rockin!

Steve B-