Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feeling good

Good morning!

Each day my back is feeling a bit better. It is numb and feels like pins and needles but the sharp pains are gone.
My knee pain is gone, the Doctor feels it is all nerve related.
Rest is a good thing! It feels good not to be training for anything right now and I will take an entire month off before I even think about training again. Injury's need rest and I do believe in active rest. Walking, the pool and stretching will be my best recovery and slow running if I feel like it.
To wake up and not have that..I need to train thought all day long is a good feeling. You know what I mean!

To be honest I miss riding my bike. I am glad I miss riding my bike and that I look forward to getting on it one day soon. I have gone for a few walks since the 508 with good friends and this has been a real joy. To stop and smell the roses. The Teton weather has been amazing. Sunny and 65 degrees. The fall colors are spectacular this year.

We leave today for Death Valley where 3 of us are putting on an invitation only training camp for Marathon des Sables runners. The camp is sold out and each camper coming is running the 2008 MDS! We are sold out with the number of runners we can take to Morocco next year and we are selling out fast for 2009. This race sells out because it is a journey of growth and exploring not so much about a race. It is an adventure and a trip of a life time.
It is a race that you can race to win or a race that you can power walk and still be successful.
The MDS is one of my favorite events for a few reasons. I love the desert, the people and the bonding of people that just does not happen on a daily basis. The organization is top notch and it is such a joy to see so many people learn and tap into deep wells of strength that they never knew they had.
My husband Jay has been the first American at MDS for 3 years in a row now, I have won the MDS so we feel very confident in our ability to coach and teach anyone who wants to share in this journey. Last year we took 75 runners to the MDS only 2 did not finish. One was sick and the other found out she was allergic to the sand!!! It is a race for you all to consider one day.
My job at this camp will be to stay with those who are going to walk the MDS..Jay is such a fast runner now that I can't even think about keeping up any longer besides I have only run 4 times since July and I am not sure I remember how!

As all of this is going on we wait for news about my father. Today he will see the surgeon and have many tests done. My sister Julie is with him which has made me feel better. The surgery was going to be this Thursday but they have had to change the date. Obviously if the surgery was going to be this week I would not be going to camp. God has the plan and I keep praying and trusting in his plan. I have a strong feeling I will be getting on a plane this weekend and the surgery will be the first of next week. It has been very emotional for me to know where to go and where to spend my time right now. We all have commitments in life, we all have a full plate and we all get torn in many directions. I pray about my choices and I pray that I make the right ones. The learning and growing these past few months has been worth it all.
Hold tight to your family and loved ones, take deep breathes, live in the moment and live each day to its fullest. Things may not always turn out or work out the way you hope them to but then again if we can see the learning behind it all, its worth it.

Have a great week.
Many Blessings


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa...
I read your blog about the bike race...tough...
I thought the bike was good for your knees!!
and your back I didn't realize you had back pain...eeeks...
but 400 miles is really great...
like you said most bikers couldn't do half of the badwater...

perhaps God let it happen so the people you train realize there are limits to even the best of athletes...

keep doing all the good you do...

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi coach,
we will keep praying for you and your family.
safe trip to camp.

Olga said...

Wish you a fan and worry-free weekend, Lisa

Anonymous said...

let me know when you have another camp, I want to go.
Brad M.

Dane said...

My thoughts are with you, Lisa. I hope your father is in fine shape very very soon.