Friday, October 05, 2007

508 Count Down!

Cathy and I drove for over 15 hour's straight to get here! We were fortunate not to hit big traffic issues through Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and then Los Angeles.

Paul is here as he and Cathy are getting the van put together:) We are still waiting for Bill to get here.

This is all so new and different to me. I welcome the new feeling of very new territory, never being in a bike race and having NO idea how or what I am going to feel like past 16 hour's which was my longest ride going into this.
Paul told me this morning that I have much less miles on my bike going into this race than anyone he knows that has finished the 508...well..time was a big issue and so was the back pain. We have decided that mental fortitude as we all know will be the key for me to be successful in this race.
We spent time this morning going over a race plan and thoughts about how it might all go..I feel good about it and I know that with Cathy, Paul and Bill crewing for me that I am in very good hands. Paul will be the one I will lean on most of the time due to his experience with the race. We will use hand signals to keep me on pace and the big deal is to not go out to fast. They won't have to worry about this from me. All of you who know me know that I really feel the go slow go fast is the way to go and that the 2nd half of the race is where the race is. In the 508 my race will start at 300 miles:)

Back pain is 50% gone, not great but I will take it. On the short bike ride Cathy and I did on Thursday the pain was almost gone, this morning it was back. So..we shall see. I have made it to this point I pray I will make it to the next point.

We are not staying at the race hotel, we are staying a few blocks away. I decided that I wanted to try and have some quiet and space to reflect on many things before starting this event. My fathers illness has taken it's toll on me emotionally. Feeling helpless and needing answers. Some answers regarding his major open heart surgery have been made known to us in the past day and I feel better having this information. My father has a 6.7 cm aortic aneurism, this is a very serious operation. I will do this ride for you Dad!!! I will think about and pray for you and this operation that you come through just fine. We will all be there with you and get you through this, one step at a time.
Our parents teach us so many things growing up and they continue to teach us many things as adults. I am one of 5 children.
I am the mother of 2 children. How is the world my parents raised 5 children is beyond me. The time, effort and energy it takes to raise 2 let alone 5!!! My parents taught me about hard work, commitment and follow through with things that are important to us.
I thank both of my parents for there endless years, days and hours or support to me for without this I would not be here about to ride a bike for 508 miles. I thank them for all the opportunities they gave to me as a child and for all the continued opportunities they continue to believe I can and should go for.

This one is for you dad..I love you to the heaven, the stars and the moon and back


Olga said...

May you father be safe, and you be safe, and all aorund you be in peace, Lisa, love.

Bob - said...

God Bless U Coach and also ur Dad, yes ur mental strength will be key for this one!

You can do it, we believe in you...


Greg Pressler said...

Without hope, what do we have? Answer: The power of love, especially from our family and friends. And with love, we are given hope.

So, by this circuitous logic, there really is hope in all endeavors. And with hope, we have (in endurance sports) the promise of pain giving way to mild discomfort, mild discomfort giving way to stasis, and stasis giving way to pleasure.

By my further fuzzy reasoning then, there really is no lack of hope for pleasure in endurance sports, as long as we know we have the power of love fueling our follies such as running or cycling through deserts.

Lisa, there are many people in this world who stand in support of your efforts. Remember this when times get the toughest...when you're 364 miles into the race and you think that you can't turn another pedal stroke, your butt is on fire, and you're doing everything you can to keep your eyelids open and moving forward faster than 10 miles per hour.

With love, hope, and can do it.

Anonymous said...

Go Lisa Go!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and support team!

Ben will be out at the turnoff of the Trona road onto the Death Valley highway just before you turn to head across the Panamint Valley and up Townes' Pass. We are praying that you will have a safe and successful journey.
We love you -
Denise and Ben Jones